Shakti 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat wins the bet and proposes Heer

Shakti 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer tying her dupatta on Virat’s head and asks him to open his eyes. She asks someone to give water. The receptionist gives him water. Heer sprinkles water on his face and asks him to open his eyes. Virat opens his eyes and looks at her. He says I came on time and will come tomorrow also on time, I promise. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Inspector comes there. Heer says this is wrong and tells that Virat is hurt. Harak Singh asks Inspector to arrest him. Virat asks under what charges and tells that I came to meet my would be wife. He tells Harak Singh that he did right to get him beaten as he came to know how much Heer loves him. Inspector says I will tell you all the sections in the Police station. Harak Singh asks Inspector to take him. Virat snatches his gun and tells that nobody can stop me before tomorrow and says he will have no problem if they hang him too after 2 days. He tells Heer that he got a strength seeing her concern for him. He says I love you Heer, now nobody can stop me. He asks them to move back. He runs out…Harak Singh asks them to catch him and tells Preeto that they have to leave from here also. Heer looks back.

Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that Virat threatened him to go. Sant Baksh says he is again mad in love with heer. Parmeet says don’t know why he loves her. Daljeet hears them. Gurwinder gets Virat’s call and attends it. Virat tells that he ran away snatching police gun and tells that he came to call that he found Heer and have to search her one more day. Gurwinder thinks just one more day, Heer will come here as her Dewrani.

Shanno thinks as Harak Singh is not here, then Soham shall snatch all his property and home. She thinks this is a good chance. Sindhu brings tea and says you have my tea in your destiny, I will be with you. Shanno is about to go. Sindhu says Rohan is coming here and bringing some news. Rohan brings the papers and tells that Nanu and Nani talked to the lawyer last night and named all the top floor on Sindhu Maasi’s name. Sindhu asks Shanno not to threaten her to leave else she will call Police and will show this paper. She asks her to drink tea. Shanno asks her not to make her helpless and looks angry. Harak Singh, Preeto and Heer come to the other hotel. Harak Singh asks room Service guy not to tell anyone about them if anyone enquires. Preeto asks him to lock door from outside. Harak Singh gives him money. He thinks Virat shall not come tonight. Virat comes to the temple and asks Mata Rani to help him search Heer. Heer takes her clothes and tells that she will take bath and come. Harak Singh tells Preeto that he don’t think that Virat can reach here. A sadhu baba comes there and tells that if Mata Rani is not helping you then think that love is not complete and Mata Rani doesn’t wish for this. He says we will go and do whatever she wants. Virat pleads to Mata Rani to show him way to meet Heer.

Harak Singh and Preeto look at the watch. Preeto says just 2 mins more for the clock to strike 9 pm, tells that Virat will lose the bet. Harak Singh says it is 9 pm, now he will not come. Heer and Preeto smiles. Harak Singh says think that we got rid of him and tells that the door is locked from outside, nobody can come here. He says I want to sing song. Virat comes inside through the window and dances behind Harak Singh. Harak Singh turns and is shocked to see him there. Tera Ishq hai plays….Heer is surprised to see him. Virat says what did you say it is 9 pm, so I have time. Heer says you came here also and asks him to go. Virat says I will go with you. Heer says I don’t want to go from you. Virat says I have won the bet and asks Harak Singh if he can take her for 5 mins. Heer says I don’t want to talk to you. Virat says sasur ji, just give permission for 5 mins. He takes her from there forcibly. Harak Singh and Preeto are upset.

Virat brings her out and tells that he wants to talk to her. He shows thank you message on the wall with mirchi lights written and says if you had not helped me then we wouldn’t have met again. A fb is shown, Heer goes to the bathroom and calls Virat, informing him about their hotel and room. Virat thanks her and says your Ranjha is coming. Fb ends. Heer tells that she was scared and thought that he will not come or will get late. He says I have reached here and got late to do these arrangements. He says your Daku Dadu asked everyone not to tell their room no. to anyone. Heer says you have to manage for me. Virat says I want to say two more things to you and shows sorry written with LED or mirchi lights. He says sorry for hurting her. Heer says she has forgiven him. Virat presses the remote and I love you appears with LED rights. She finds the LED decorations all over the place and gets surprised. Virat says I love you for all births. He promises her that their love story will be more big than Harman and Gulabo, he will never leave her and will love her always. Heer smiles and gets emotional. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Virat takes out ring and bends down on his knees. He proposes her for marriage. Heer recalls their moments. She holds his hands and nods her head in approval. She says yes…and says you have to promise me that you will not leave me again and will never change. Virat says I promise…Heer gets teary eyes. Virat says I will not change even after knowing you. Heer says Promise. He says yes. Tu hi mera Khuda plays…..Heer hugs him. Tu hi mera khuda plays…….They hold each other hands and dance. They have an emotional and passionate hug. Harak Singh and Preeto come there and get shocked seeing their hug. She breaks their hug and slaps Heer hard angrily. Heer is shocked.

Precap: Virat brings Preeto near a cliff. Preeto asks him to go away from Heer. She can’t let them be together because of her identity. He says history won’t be repeated again. He will be back for Heer. He jumps off the cliff saying I love you, Heer. Heer and others come there. Heer screams VIRAT!!!!

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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