Shakti 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Sameer get engaged

Shakti 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman checking the clothes to be worn for Khushi’s engagement party. Harak Singh asks Lavneet to do as he made her understand. Lavneet nods her head. Harak Singh goes. Lavneet comes to his room and asks where is he going? Harman says he is going to Khushi’s engagement. Lavneet asks him not to go for fraud’s engagement, her death etc. Harman pushes her and says I will trust only Khushi, and her name is Khushi, she will be happy always. Lavneet says I am your wife and will show right on you. Harman says I will not accept you as my wife. Lavneet says you can’t refuse the marriage things, sindoor, mangalsutra. She tells that she will go and tell everyone that he refused to take her along with him. Harman asks her to go and inform whoever he wants. She comes out and asks Harak

Singh to do his share of work. Soumya shows rudraksha bracelet to Sameer and says Dr. gave me this in hospital. Sameer says it is mine. Soumya tries to make him wear, checks size and says it is not yours. Harak Singh comes to Harman and asks him to convince Lavneet, and lie to her that he is going out for some work and not for Khushi’s engagement. Harman asks are you really my father, you are teaching me to lie. Harak Singh asks him to change his clothes and come.

Soumya comes to temple and tells Pandit ji that Doctor gave this bracelet to her when she got consciousness. She says she thought to give it to the person whose bracelet it is. She says she will keep it so that it reaches the right person. Sameer comes and takes it, cooks up a fake story. Pandit ji says Mata Rani sent the right guy. Sameer says all thanks to mata rani, I got bracelet and you also. He asks her to make him wear it. Soumya makes him wear it. Sameer asks Pandit to pray to God on their behalf. Harman wears suit and comes downstairs, he says we shall go out and have food and wine. Lavneet says you are doing as I thought. Harak Singh says we will enjoy. Pandit ji is about to make Sameer wear garland.

Soumya asks him to cover his head. Just then the fire catches the garland, and she says it is inauspicious. Sameer says it is just superstition and takes her from there. He introduces her to his fake relatives and silently asks them to bless them else he will not give the money. The fake relatives bless them and say we wish your parents would have been alive. Lady says we wish you stay happy all life. Sameer’s mum looks at them from far. Soumya asks about Harman. Sameer says he will come. Just then Harman comes. Soumya runs to him and is about to hug him, but stops herself. Harman also stops himself. Dil kyun song plays….Harman gives her gift. Soumya thanks him and asks how is he? Harman says I am fine. Harak Singh says he is happy since he met Gulabo. Soumya asks where is his Gulabo and says I would have meet her. Sameer says you can meet when we call them on dinner, but lets get engaged.

Harak Singh stops Harman from telling Soumya about Lavneet. Preeto thinks to keep an eye on fake people and fake bahu. Sameer gives same clothes and jewellery to Harak Singh and says it is same as that of Soumya. Harak Singh asks Lavneet to wear it fast. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to come for engagement. Preeto finds the door locked and peeps in the room, she thinks where did fake bahu go at night? Sameer holds Soumya’s hand and makes her wear ring. Harak Singh claps. Sameer gives his hand. Soumya makes him wear ring. Harman looks on sad.

Harman and Soumya dance in the engagement function. Lavneet thinks Harman will hate this kinnar from today onwards and smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The are prolonging this unnecessary..its so stupid..

  2. Alister La Frenais

    The whole serial is going to sink like the Titanic. Firstly, the whole charade of loss of memory, then the introduction of false spouses and finally the lack of common sense displayed by the Mother and sister. Added to this, why is it taking the four villains to play their trump card and usurper the property and business from that dopey Harak Singh; who has devoted all of his time in the destruction of Soumya.

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