Shakti 8th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Parmeet brings marriage proposal for Heer

Shakti 8th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh and Harak Singh separate Heer and Virat’s hands. Heer gains consciousness and looks at Virat as he is taken away by his family. She calls his name. Nutan leaves. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Parmeet asks Doctor to do something and asks why is he not coming in his senses? The doctor says he must gain consciousness by now. Heer wakes up and asks how is Virat? She asks Soham and Rohan, if Virat is fine. Raavi asks her to calm down and take rest. Heer asks them to make her talk to Virat. Soham feels bad for her. Heer goes to the inhouse temple and takes a lamp in her hand. She asks Mata Rani if she doesn’t believe in her love even now? Gurwinder prays for Virat’s well being. Shanno makes a video call to Gurwinder and asks her to see what her grand daughter is doing for their son. Gurwinder takes the mobile and shows to Parmeet, asking her to see what Heer is doing for Virat’s betterment. Heer prays to God and her voice is audible to Parmeet on call. Gurwinder says now God has to make him fine. Heer asks Mata Rani to make him fine. Virat gains consciousness and calls Heer. Parmeet, Sant Baksh and others get happy. The doctor says now he is fine, I will leave. He leaves. Parmeet tells Sant Baksh that if their son can drink poison for a girl then they shall get him married to her, atleast he will be alive, we have to drink the poison. Sant Baksh asks if she is in his senses. Daljeet asks her not to be emotional. Parmeet asks Sant Baksh to agree. Sant Baksh tells that today’s kids don’t think about their parents and drink poison for a girl. He says we will dance in the marriage and goes upset. He asks her to do whatever she wants. Parmeet asks Gurwinder to make the shagun thaali ready and asks her to keep the money in it. Virat gets happy and hugs her. Parmeet thinks to talk to Preeto about the alliance and something else too.

Preeto asks Heer if she is fine? She asks shall I bring juice for you. The neighbor guy tells that this thing can be repeated, think carefully then only we will leave. Harak Singh asks did you know the importance of a daughter. He asks if you will bear your daughter’s insult? Preeto says you all are our family, if you stand against us then how we will manage. She says Heer is a little girl and has done a mistake. Parmeet comes there with Gurwinder and says the time has come to rectify the mistake. She comes inside and says even though she didn’t want to fix alliance in this house, whom bargains in the market for vegetables. She says diamond has fallen in your lap. Preeto asks her to handle her son. Parmeet says parents lose infront of their kids. She says atleast we have won from you, have understood that our son loves her and we have accepted it. Neighbor Teju tells that even Harak Singh and Preeto understand their love. Shanno gets happy that the alliance came for Heer from Parmeet’s house. Preeto says Corona Virus’ fear is going on and you are talking about marriage. The neighbor asks them to get the marriage fixed. The lady asks her to accept the shagun thaali. Parmeet keeps the shagun plate in Preeto’s hand and tells that marriage mahurat is after 3 days, Pandit ji asked to make the marriage arrangements. Preeto and others get shocked. Parmeet insists to talk to her. Preeto and Parmeet go to side to talk. Parmeet says I will talk straight, your first bahu was a kinnar. A fb of Soumya as a kinnar is shown. Parmeet says we all know that Heer spent her childhood with her and that’s why we want to get her shuddhikaran done. She says she doesn’t want any inauspicious thing to happen. She says she will bring Pandit ji for the shuddhikaran tomorrow morning and says bye to everyone. Gurwinder blesses Heer and tells that she is happy as she will be her Dewrani. Preeto thinks they want to get Heer’s shuddhikaran as she spent her childhood with a kinnar. They hate kinnars so much. What will happen when they come to know that Heer is a kinnar herself. She thinks what she has to say to Heer and Soham that their Gulabo was a kinnar.

Nutan comes home playing dhol and calls Mallika and Chameli, says there is good news. Saya comes and asks what happened? Nutan tells that Parmeet took marriage alliance for Heer and now she will get married. She says all your efforts went in vain. She tells that she will dance. Saya reminds her that Heer will go to Virat’s house, then her truth will be tested. They will know that she is a kinnar, till then celebrate. Nutan says she will dance only. She dances. Chameli and others pray for Heer’s happy married life.

Preeto comes out and meets Parmeet who has just come to her house. Parmeet asks Preeto to call Heer. She tells that first Shuddhikaran will happen and then marriage. Heer comes down.

Precap: Soumya returns home. Heer realizes seeing her and comes out running, informs Preeto and others that she had seen Gulabo in her room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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