Shakti 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun shakes hand with Balwinder

Shakti 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman to go. They hear Nani coming there. Harman hides behind the curtain. Nani gives water to Soumya and asks her to drink fully. Soumya drinks half of the milk and Harman drinks remaining glass saying he is more tired than her. He takes to room and makes her have food. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Harman says don’t know how much Bebe will trouble you and says he will change the address so that she don’t return. Soumya says Maa has always kept Surbhi and her separated by a line, and tells that she felt like a woman in that room. She says she is making fun of her identity today and says I am acting to be the one which I am not. She says she has pain of hiding her identity and hugs Harman. Next morning, Preeto knocks on the door and asks Harman to wake up Soumya as Maa has woken up. Harman tries to wake her up. Nani thinks to talk to Soumya and tell her what to do.

Harman tells Preeto that Nani had mixed some medicine in milk, because of which Soumya is drowsy. Preeto asks her to lift her and take her to room. She takes Nani to side to divert her and tells her about throat pain. Nani asks her to make kada. Harman makes Soumya sit on stairs and goes to her room. Nani goes to room and sees someone sleeping and thinks Soumya is sleeping. Raavi tells Preeto that Soumya is unconscious on stairs. Nani is about to lift blanket. Preeto asks Nani to let Soumya sleep. Nani says ok. She comes out. Soumya wakes up and is going to her room. She sees Nani and hides. She comes to her room and sees someone sleeping. Harman wakes up and says boo..Soumya shouts…and smiles. Harman says your love has done limits, made Harman singh as Gulabo. Soumya smiles. Tu hi mera khuda plays. She pushes him and goes.

Varun asks Surbhi to sleep beside him. Surbhi asks him to get up and leave. Varun says don’t you know what I can do? Surbhi asks him to show. Varun checks on his mobile and sees Sumit escaped. Surbhi asks him to leave before everyone comes. Nani sends all men to room and tells Preeto that she met Sadhvi and thought to do function for Soumya. Preeto is skeptical. Maninder, Nani and Dadi come home. Surbhi tells them that Varun left and says she will make tea. Preeto calls Surbhi and tells her something. Surbhi asks Nani and Dadi to talk to her. Preeto tells Harman that it is their try for Soumya. Harman says until when we will lie? Preeto says we have to fight without injuring your father. Nani gets a call and tells Preeto that her younger son is coming to take her. Preeto tells Harman that it is a matter of 2-3 days now.

Dadi tells that it is wrong. Surbhi says we have to go and asks them to get ready. Varun is sitting on road side when Kishan Lal and Balwinder come there. Varun shakes hand with them to take revenge on his enemies. Preeto asks Nani to let Chintu comes inside. Nani refuses. Kishan says 1 2 3 and tells that if we three unite then can take revenge. Varun asks Balwinder to either hunt tiger or his weakness. He says tiger is Harman and his weakness is Soumya. Sadhvi does puja. Nani asks soumya to wear a saree.

Soumya dances in the ladies function happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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