Shakti 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bansal appoints Soumya as caretaker of Vedant

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Shakti 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Kinnars’ house and says he is already stressed. He climbs inside through the window. Saya says doors are always open for you. Harman says it is fun to hide from saalis and says I am their only jija. Soumya asks him to go to room and meet Soham. Harman asks if I can’t come to meet someone else. Soumya says no, as nobody is related to you other than Soham. Harman goes. Soumya asks kinnars not to mingle with Harman much and asks Saya not to call him again if Soham cries. He takes him out and says I will tell you what happened today. He says my Mother wanted to take me to my Nani’s house so that I don’t meet you and your mum. He says then your Dada acted to have sprained his leg so that Preeto don’t leave him and go. Saya hears him and thinks Preeto has done so much which you are not aware of. Preeto massages Harak Singh’s feet and smiles. Soumya calls Harak Singh and tells that Harman came there. Harak Singh sends Preeto out to get water. He asks Soumya to keep phone on loudspeaker and asks Harman why did he go there when he went to chemist shop. Harman says two mothers are not letting me meet my son. He gives soham to Saya and leaves. Saya says you have thrown the simcard, but didn’t forget sasur ji’s number. Mr. Bansal sends money to Soumya. Soumya reads the letter in which Mr. Bansal writes that he can’t give her job and asks her to accept the money.

Preeto and Shanno meet two kinnars and say until your Gurumaa get divorced from Harman, how she will do your betterment. Kinnar asks for her gain. Shanno gives her money. Preeto smiles. Vedant refuses to have any nurse at his side. Nurse says I was given money to take care of you. Vedant throws money on her and asks her to take the money and leave. Soumya comes there and sees Nurse leaving. He asks what are you doing here? He asks if she needs money. Soumya says I came to return your money and says your father sent this money, so I came to return it. She says anybody’s value and goodness can’t be judge with money. Mr. Bansal hears her. Vedant asks if the money is less and tells you people go to houses and get charity. Soumya says we get nek. He says I don’t know why Dad wants to save me. Soumya says because he loves you. Vedant asks her to go and not to lecture him. He couldn’t pull his wheel chair. Soumya tries to help. Vedant asks her to back off. Soumya helps him and asks him to solve his problems with calm mind and asks him to think of her words with calm mind. Mr. Bansal comes there and says it is good that you met him first. He asks her to make Vedant have tablet. Soumya says he don’t want to see me. Mr. Bansal says I am trusting you and asks her to try. Soumya goes to room and asks Vedant to have medicine. Vedant asks who are you and what do you think of yourself. Soumya throws tablet in his mouth and makes him drink water. He asks what is this misbehavior. Soumya says sorry for misbehavior and thanks for eating tablet. Mr. bansal gets impressed with Soumya. Vedant asks her to get lost. Chameli calls Rupa and Sona and asks them to come inside. They say they want to talk to Saya. Rupa tells that there was a speculation that Gurumaa shall take divorce and have to leave her old world. Sona says she shall take divorce from Harman ji.

Soumya is leaving. Mr. bansal stops her and says you are not taking money. Soumya says she don’t want to take money. Mr. Bansal says it is an advance salary and appoints her as Vedant’s caretaker. He asks her to accept the job and money. Soumya says ok and takes the money.

Saya asks did you meet Preeto ji and asks them not to worry. She says we shall also get advantage and then only we will convince Soumya for divorce. Chameli says that’s why we have sent all kinnars out. Rupa shows the money and says they got this much. Saya slaps her hard and says Soumya is working hard to give us a better life and you both sold yourself to Preeto. She warns them not to come. They apologize and leave.

Veeran comes there and tells that Harak Singh has sent the money to take care of Soham. He says we don’t want you to be burdened and asks her not to feel bad. He says Soumya shall not know about this and hopes Harman and Soumya unites soon. Saya looks at the money. She goes to meet Preeto. Preeto comes from outside and asks why she came? Saya says your world people are unique. Preeto says we have nothing to do with you people. Saya taunts and holds her hand. Preeto looks angrily. Saya says even now you need our help. She shows the money and says you have given this money to Rupa and Sona. She says you can’t separate Harman and Soumya. She says your husband sent the money worrying about bahu and grand son. She says Soumya is capable to handle her son and herself and don’t need this money. She asks her to buy peace and happiness for Harman with the money. Preeto asks how dare you and lifts a stick to hither. Saya holds it and tells that even she can lift it. She walks away. Preeto thinks to kill everyone. Shanno comes and asks where is she going? Preeto says she will confront harak Singh. Shanno asks her to do her work and not to talk to harak singh.

Soumya comes home and tells Saya and others about her job. Saya says you have accepted the job and distributed the advance among the kinnars, but did you think that the guy Vedant is very arrogant, how will he treat you. Kinnars ask her to take the money. Soumya says you had only said that you need money to start a small business. She asks them to think that this is their money and asks them to start their business and life. She says if we can face this difficulty then we don’t have to go homes and claps.

Preeto meets her lawyer and tells that Soumya told Rajat about the divorce. Lawyer asks her to forge Harman’s sign on the divorce papers. Harman tells harak Singh that whenever he is angry, he wants to divorce her, but love comes inbetween and the anger seems small infront of his love.

Later he comes to Soumya’s room while she is sleeping and wishes her happy birthday Gulabo. Soumya wakes up and it is her dream. She says the birthday is not good without him and says you used to wake me up at 12 am. Harman talks to her pic and says they are distanced today. He says I am wishing you from far and wishes her happy birthday Gulabo. Sindhu and Raavi smile and go.

They make arrangements for the party. Harman says if I kidnap and bring her here, then also she will go. Raavi says it is enjoyable on the same day and not on any other day. Harman brings Soumya. They wish her happy birthday. Harman asks what did you think that we will not remember your birthday. Raavi says how we couldn’t be with you on your birthday. Soumya thanks them and cuts the cake. He tries to make her eat cake. Soumya says I am Guru maa now. Harman says you will be my Soumya always and asks her not to leave him. Soumya says I will not leave you. Harman wishes her happy birthday. Soumya hugs him. (imagination scene of Harman)

Next morning, Soumya gets ready to go to work. She doesn’t apply sindoor or wear mangalsutra. Kinnar Dasi comes and asks if she don’t want to wear it. Soumya says she can’t keep it away from her heart and asks her to take care of Soham. Soumya comes home and asks where is Vedant. Mr. bansal says he is sleeping. Soumya takes flower from helper’s hand. Sindhu asks what Soumya likes. Harman tells that Soumya likes to wake up early in the morning etc.

Precap: Soumya tells Vedant that she is his caretaker. Vedant thinks to insult her badly so that she leaves. Harman plans to bring her to his house for birthday celebrations.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There is no logic in shakti.without Harman there is no shakti for her.he was the only one person who was,who is & who will be there for this without Harman there is no astitva shakti for kinner tarana or so called gurumaa.when he came to know about her truth he hated her but in few days because of her innocence he liked her & then loved her.she made him mad with her beauty.because of Harman she lived with her woman get up.toh who uski pichli zindagi hain, grumaa aur apne astitva rehna yeh uska abhi decision hain so how can she come again in woman get she is always a selfish human being.aise hi usne kitne ladko ki zindagi kharab kar di.pehle Harman,phir sameer,then school teacher now this vedant.she flaunts her body in front of them with low waist saree & as it is being a kinner she is beautiful.this is wrong.usko job chaiye tha jo use mila but apne astitva ke saath chaiye tha then why did she changed her get up as woman.she is a care taker then she must have done the job with her gurumaa get up.which her astitva is.she always used Harman.duniya se apne astitva ke liye ladai ki who possible tha sirf Harman ke wajahse.jab Harman soham ko apne god main leta hain its so adorable.he is the real father who does his responsibility but saaumya doesn’t.she just wanted a mother tag which she got.kinner gurumaa assistant look after soham like servants.actually Harman must get soham custody & he must take care of his son.soham deserves to Harman not real life a woman never get such a partner like Harman & being a kinner she got such a partner but this kinner having such attitudes.why she has to spoil now this boy vedant life.he will start liking her that the art of this kinner is.then he will come to know about Harman and to get her he will start creating misunderstanding so that Harman leaves her & for this preeto will shake hands with him.and then again might saumya will choose him to get away from Harman & then leave him also after hurting Harman & this boy will turn mad in her love.this way she spoils every boys life.such a dirty track by shakti makers.this is what kinners mentality are which is shown by shakti makers.

  2. SsiyAa

    ahead story is love triangle of vedant, soumaya and harman. seriously!!!!… band karo…. bas.. stop it.

  3. Disgusting shameless is saumya.she does not deserve harmans love.that man he is insulting saying kinner kinner & this woman is going on laughing so easily .but when Harman was so disturb & he just shouted her & did not mean it.and people shout to them whoare very close to them.harman ke samne uski pagal maa apna sar divar pe phod rahi thi saumya ko dekh ke.aur woh saumya ko humiliate hote nahin dekh sakta tha isiliye he told her just move from front.but this idiot foolish kinner what will she understand his love.still remember the scene where she had such attitude she just raised her right hand as a prime minister & asking people to listen her.disgusting character.ek maa apne bache ke future ke liye kuch bhi seh leti hain.bada sa bada torture,but this brainless woman left the house with the kid without thinking of its future.harman jis bache pe apni jaan deta hain woh uska khoon bhi nahin hain.ek asli baap bhi apni aulad se itna pyaar nahin karta jitna Harman apne bache se karta will never get such a partner in your entire life.aur ek kinner ko aisa life partner milna ek dua se kam this mad woman is a care taker of a scyco man who is going to be a more scyco because of this kinner flaunting in front of him.and she also will start liking him more than Harman because he will respect & love her more than Harman use to do.and he will also adopt soham & be a more good father than Harman & he is more richer than Harman too.and this woman wants to take revenge from Harman also for insulting her or might be a sacrificed woman of leaving Harman & spoiling another guys life.kya nahin kiya Harman ne is kinner ke liye.apni puri zindagi Harman ne sirf saumya ke liye de di.shakti makers have just lost it.same as sameer did all misunderstanding between Harman & saumya.and now again mastermind preeto will shake hands with him.harak singh malika & team must stand against these evils.but saumya character is only useless who never loved Harman.

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