Shakti 6th June 2019 Written Episode *Maha* Episode Update: Soumya rescues a distraught guy, Preeto and Shanno join hands

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Shakti 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya walking on the road with Soham and a kinnar lady. She asks her to take Soham home and says she will come in sometime. Noore Khuda plays…..Just then a speedy car comes and meets with an accident nearby. Soumya runs towards the car and calls for help. She calls Saya and tells about the accident. Saya and others rush there. Soumya tells them that they have to take the injured man to the hospital and don’t have much time. Soumya asks Roma and Chameli to take care of Soham as she takes the man to hospital.

Harman, Sindhu and Raavi are standing on the terrace. Raavi and Sindhu plan Soumya’s birthday. Raavi asks Harman to smile and says don’t act that you don’t love Soumya. Harman looks at Preeto. Raavi sees her and asks Harman to go and sleep. Preeto says you was talking about Soumya. Harman says can’t we talk about her and asks her to leave Soumya freely. Soumya takes the man to hospital. Doctor asks her to write Patient details. Soumya says we don’t know about him. Inspector comes there and asks Doctor to start treatment. Doctor goes to ICCU. Inspector asks Soumya about the accident. Soumya tells him. She gets a call and goes home. Saya calls Harman and tells that Soham needs him and crying, as Soumya is not at home and asks him to go there. She thinks she won’t let Harman and Soumya get divorced. Chameli and Roma are trying to handle Soham. Soham cries. Harman comes there and makes him quiet. He says Soumya can’t take care of her husband and son well and became Gurumaa. He asks him to scold his mum when she comes home. Soumya comes home and sees Harman. Harman asks Soham to tell her that he came to make him quiet. Soumya goes to room.

Doctor comes out and tells that it was good you brought him to hospital at the earliest else it would have been difficult to save him. Inspector comes and says patient is bansal’s son and he is coming. Harman sings lullaby which Soumya used to sing. Chameli asks him to just make him sleep and says he will wake up with your lullaby. Harman asks do I sing badly? Soumya looks at him. Harman also looks at her. Soumya stands behind the window. Harman says you will not change. He sneezes repeatedly. Soumya comes to him and gives medicine with water. She asks him to gave medicine and go home. Tu hi mera khuda plays…She thanks him for not doing tamasha. Harman holds her hand. Soumya asks her to leave her hand. Harman asks about the injury on her hand. Soumya recalls getting injury while trying to open the car door. Harman holds her hand and applies ointment. Noore Khuda plays…Soumya thanks him. She says I don’t know if you will believe me or not, but I didn’t call Police.

Harman comes home. Raavi asks him to tell what happened. Harman tells everything that Soumya heard him sneezing and gave him medicine. Sindhu says she is concerned for you. Harman says she thank me for not doing drama. Shanno hears them. He asks what to do now. Raavi shares her plan.

Saya is going somewhere. Rajat stops her and calls her. Saya tells that Soumya saved a guy yesterday and she was going there to see him. Rajat says Soumya cares for everyone, but nobody sees her goodness. She asks what did Preeto say? Rajat says Preeto challenged me to get them divorce. Saya asks what will we do now? Rajat says we will do something and asks her to make sure that Soumya don’t sign on the divorce papers. Saya asks if divorce is possible. Rajat says yes. He says I will meet Harak Singh.

Soumya gives tea to Saya and asks who told Harman that Soham is crying at home. Saya says I told him, Harman is Soham’s father and he likes his lap after yours. Soumya asks about the patient. Saya says he is better. The guy comes to kinnars’ house with ward boy and asks if this address is right. Ward boys says two kinnars came with a girl, who brought you to hospital. The guy asks who is Tarana? Soumya says you should be in the hospital. The guy asks what are you doing here, you should be in your house. Soumya says this is my house, I am a kinnar. He asks why did she help him if they have any relation. Soumya says no. He says he tried to commit suicide and because of her, he has to live his life in paralyzed state. He says you gave me the life of sympathy. Soumya says we helped you for humanity. The guy asks her to help those who needs help and says death is more important to him than life and says I am seeing your for last time. Saya says Tarana saved you and you are scolding her. The guy says I am trying to make her realize her mistake.

Harman thinks of Soumya standing in his balcony. Preeto comes there and says bitter past can’t be forgettable like this. He asks how? She says she made gulab jamun for him and asks him to eat. Harman asks her to leave him alone for sometime. Preeto refuses and asks him to taste gulab jamun. She asks him not to hold the time and says I don’t want you to repent for wasting it and asks him to move on. Shanno again spies and hears them. She thinks I won’t let him move on. She thinks I will give air to the fire until you all get burnt. Harman says this time separated me with her and asks how to move on without her. Preeto thinks once she gets divorced done then she will talk to him. She asks him to go to Nani’s house. Harman asks her to give toys. Harak Singh hears them. Preeto says lets go there. Harak Singh shouts telling that his leg sprained. Preeto and Harman come to him. Veeran asks what happened? Harak Singh says leg is sprained. Veeran takes harak Singh to his room.

Rajat comes to meet Harman. Harman is surprised to see him. Rajat says he came to have coffee made by Soumya. Harman says she don’t stay here. He walks out of house. Rajat follows him and asks him to tell what happened? Harman tells that Soumya left home and not returning. He says I will stay without her now. Rajat says she don’t want to return and you want to live life without her. He asks him to divorce her.

Harman asks divorce and says I don’t hope this from you. He says we have a fight and I am waiting for her to calm down. He says you know our relation well, I don’t hope this from you. He leaves. Rajat asks Preeto to come out and asks if she heard what Harman said. He says I suggest you to fear your son. Shanno comes out and asks what happened? She says you would have met him at home and tells that she is with her and can help her. Preeto says I want to get Harman and Soumya’s divorce but Rajat is stopping it. Shanno asks her to play a new game and says we can get some Kareena and Raveena who trouble Soumya and takes her signatures on the divorce papers. She says once Soumya signs, Harman will sign himself.

The guy tells ward boy that he don’t want anyone’s help and asks to stop the taxi. A car comes and an old man Mr. Bansal gets down from there. He calls his son Vedant and asks him to lets go home. Vedant says you are not with me. Mr. Bansal asks if he attempted suicide. Vedant asks if he left business and started spying. Bansal calls someone and says he needs caretaker for his son.

Harak Singh calls Veeran and asks if he is with Harman and Soumya, or against them. Veeran says I have done many mistake in past. Harak Singh says everyone does mistake and says they have hurt her very much. Veeran tells that Harman did wrong by insulting Soumya’s identity and says he wants them to unite. Harak Singh asks him to give some cash to Saya and asks her to take care of Soham.

At kinnars’ house, Mahi tells Soumya that the guy was selfish to scold Soumya. Soumya says we don’t know his situation. Mr. Bansal comes there and says I am his father whom you are calling selfish. He says he came to meet Tarana. Saya says she is Tarana. Mr. Bansal thanks Soumya and offers money. Soumya says we have saved him for humanity and not for money. Mr. Bansal says I can understand and asks him to take the money. Soumya says you talked to us nicely and that’s enough. She asks him to give them job. He asks her not to mind and says your profession is to dance and give blessings. Soumya says if we get a chance then we can work also. Mr. Bansal says I will call you. Soumya asks him to increase his son’s confidence. He says he will. Harman comes there.

Precap: Harman admires sleepy Soumya and wishes her happy birthday. Soumya opens her eyes and smiles looking at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again the same old story which will be full of negativity & Harman saumya will be hurted very badly.preeto & shanno will play full of negativity with corrupt other kinners.all misunderstanding episodes with Harman & saumya which will be created by preeto & shanno.all positive act of harak,veeran,raavi,sindhu,her husband,malika,chameli,rajat will turned into negative by makers.shakti makers always showed negative people strong.saumya will be care taker of that new entry,then slowly the new entry will fall for saumya & then Harman will be hurt very badly & that advantage will be taken by preeto & shanno.very sad makers must not have changed preeto negative.and in the end Harman & saumya will part ways taking divorce.harman is a short tempered person & preeto knows it very well & finally this time she will separate Harman & saumya.for saumya Harman & family always humiliate her but at a same time when she stays with other family they are very nice for her.they are humans for sameer & family,Bangkok family,now this new family.makers have always shown saumya selfish.atleast this time she should have seen the poor baby,how much Harman loves it.he wants a sweet family with saumya & his kid soham.atleast for Harman & soham she must have stayed with she will also hurt Harman very badly staying with this new entry.verbad show.ruined everything.lost all interest with this show.

  2. Please dont let them get divorce

  3. O god what’s going on?

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