Shakti 6th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer keeps the karwachauth fast for Virat

Shakti 6th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soham telling that he will make Heer and Virat elope. Harak Singh slaps him hard. He asks him to be in his limits. He says we are alive now, take the decisions when we are dead, till then have patience. Preeto slaps Nutan and asks her to remember that she will not let Heer become Soumya, even if she has to give her life. Nutan replies that she don’t want Heer to be like Soumya as Harman and Soumya’s love story was incomplete, and she didn’t want Heer and Virat’s love story to be left incompleted. Preeto looks on angry. She comes home and sees Heer’s hand injured, gets concerned for her, but Heer refuses to take her help. Heer goes to the window and talks to the moon. She tells that she wants to keep karwachauth fast to pray for Virat’s well being and asks will you help me? Shanno comes near Heer’s room door and asks for her phone. Heer returns her phone and tells that she wants to keep karwachauth fast. Shanno gets surprised and tells that there is no karwachauth fast tomorrow. Heer tells that whoever has kept the fast first, had not seen the moon or any mahurat before keeping the fast. She tells that she wants to keep all the fasts for Virat’s well being. Shanno smiles and thinks let this kinnar keep the fast, as this will bring her closer to Virat. Heer asks how to keep this fast. Shanno smirks.

Police team brings Virat home. Sant Baksh opens the house and says I asked you to stop him, not to bring him home. Officer says he is your son, where to take him. Virat asks if you are not informed that I am no longer his son and he has disowned me. Gurwinder asks Sant Baksh to get him treated by the doctor. Sant Baksh shouts at her and says Virat will get himself treated. He closes the door.

Parmeet comes to Virat and tries to bandage his wound. Virat stops her hand and tells that he don’t want anything from her. Parmeet says I feel bad seeing your condition. Virat asks her to understand him, else she will be only Sant baksh’s wife and not his mother.

Shanno asks Heer to hurry up and finish the sargi fast before someone comes. Heer asks her to tell what to do. Shanno explains to her about the fast and says she don’t understand how Virat will come. Heer returns the sargi bowl and asks Shanno to inform Virat to come and break her fast. She says she will show intensity of her love to Harak Singh and others. Shanno thinks Heer’s love is more intense than her father Harman Singh. Heer finds the knife meant to cut wood and recalls Preeto’s words. She determines to meet Virat and break her fast. She thinks she will prove infront of the world how much they both love each other.

Nutan comes to Virat and asks him to have some food. Virat recalls Heer’s words. Nutan gives him some clothes and asks him to change. Virat takes it and tells that he was in misconception about kinnars, but he understood them because of Heer. He takes the tea given by her. Shanno comes there and gives him Heer’s message asking him to bring the neighbors to their house to break the fast. She says Heer wants to show the power of her love to everyone. Virat thinks we will not elope, but convince her Dada and dadi, else will die.

Parmeet recalls an old incident and asks Mahi to bring the Pulao for Heer. She tells Harak Singh that she wishes to tell Heer that she is a kinnar, even if they were common people, so that nobody bothers them. Heer tries to cut the rod of the window with the knife. She recalls her marriage with Virat and tries to cut the rod again. Preeto comes inside and gets shocked. Heer manages to hide the knife. Preeto asks what were you doing standing near the closed window. Heer replies that she was seeing until when this closed window can stop Virat from coming there. Preeto asks her to eat Pulao. Heer refuses to eat Pulao. Preeto says how to make you understand. Heer says she don’t want to understand and asks her to go. Preeto asks her not to ruin her life and goes out, locks door. Heer cuts the rods and comes out. She comes to the road and calls Virat.

Precap: Virat makes Heer break the fast with his hand in Harak Singh’s house. Virat tells that they will not let them live together so they have decided to die. They consume poison and collapse in the hall. Harak Singh and Sant Baksh’s family are shocked. A woman resembling Soumya is seen coming to Harak Singh’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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