Shakti 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Preeto to play a game for Heer’s future

Shakti 6th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Raavi if she has seen what Soumya did and says this shall not happen again. She says don’t leave Heer with Soumya alone, she has become stubborn and tells that they have to go against Soumya. Raavi says may be Soumya is thinking something better for Heer which we couldn’t think. Preeto asks what Soumya has? She asks Sindhu not to let Soumya be alone with Heer. Soumya comes out of house and sees Heer sitting sadly outside their house. She gets icecream for Heer and tells that her Heer likes it and just as she eats it, her anger goes away. Heer says you gave me a big tension, how to eat icecream. Soumya says yes, and then says sorry, asks her to eat it else it will melt down. Heer starts eating icecream. Sindhu comes out and sees them. She calls Preeto and says they are having icecream. Preeto asks her to keep an eye on them. Soumya asks Heer why did she get scared of her when she was wearing such clothes. Heer says she is not scared of them, they are her aunties, but she don’t want her to be like her. She says you are different then why did you say that you are like them. Soumya asks her to remember always that both of them are like them. Heer says I know they are humans and I have no problem with them. She asks her to come inside. Sindhu hears them.

Later Heer is running on the road, when Saya, kinnars and Soumya come there clapping their hands. Heer shouts Gulabo and keeps her hand on her eyes. It turns out to be her dream. She wakes up shouting Gulabo and comes to Soumya and hugs her. Rohan and Soham come behind her. Soumya asks did you see any bad dream? Heer says yes and tells that she saw Gulabo as kinnar and she is coming towards me, and I was scared. Preeto asks her to come to her. Soham says they are dangerous and scary. Rohan asks him not to say that. Preeto asks her to hold her brother’s hands and sleep. Rohan and Soham take her with them. Preeto tells Soumya that they doesn’t want Heer to get scared even in sleep. Soumya thinks there is only one way now.

Later Preeto calls Soumya. Sindhu says she is not at home. Preeto says where did she go? Shanno and Mahi say if she left. Saya comes there and says Soumya came to my house. Preeto thinks she have to collide with Soumya. Soumya tells Chameli that she has to make Heer ready so that she don’t get scared of kinnars.

Heer says may be Gulabo is angry. Saya says Soumya is very stubborn and will agree if Heer convinces her. Heer says you are her Saas and asks her to scold her after she brings her here. Mahi says mummy ji is unwell. Heer says ok, I will go and call her. Preeto stops her and tells that she will come with her. Kinnars tell Soumya that they shall be strict with kids sometimes. Preeto and Heer come there with Rohan, Soham and Saya. Heer asks Soumya why she came here? Soumya says I came to stay here, so that you don’t get scared seeing me as them. Heer asks kinnars to make her understand. Soumya goes to the room. Heer thinks Gulabo is very stubborn than me. Preeto comes to room and asks Soumya if she thinks this is Heer’s betterment. Soumya says the dream which she saw, is her reality and says if she cries seeing the dream then how we will bring her up. She says if she accepts her identity then she will live her life courageously. Preeto says she is very small to understand this, I am just asking you to wait the right time, but not now. Soumya says you have promised me to stand with me to bring her up and tells that she will not go against her and will not take any step without her consent, but she can’t bear wrong thing happening. Saya comes there and says Soumya is a kinnar and think betterment of Heer better than you, whatever she is doing is right. Preeto says if we thought is different then how we can bring her up together. Saya says we shall leave everything on Mata Rani. Soumya says give 3 days time, if Heer stays here with kinnars comfortably then we shall tell her truth on the 4th day. Preeto is shocked. Soumya says after that, she will bring up Heer like she wanted. Saya says if Soumya don’t succeed then you will bring her up as per your thoughts. She says we can play this game for Heer. Preeto says ok, and tells that whoever gets defeated shall agree to the winner’s decision. She asks Soumya not to argue with her. Soumya swears on Heer and says I will not stop you.

Precap: Soham tells Preeto that he will not let Heer stay with kinnars. Soumya thinks Heer will come to her. Rohan and Raavi help Heer leave from home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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