Shakti 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Heer escapes from goons and sees Soumya on road

Shakti 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun asking Heer to go home and tells that he will leave her aunty. Heer says I will go, but leave my aunty. Soham asks Varun to drop Heer home. Varun says she will go by herself. Soham insists asking him to drop her. Heer says when you worry for me so much, then why don’t you come with me. Varun asks Heer to come. Soham asks Varun to drop her in the house. Shanno asks the goons to stay outside and kidnap Heer, so that everyone doubts on Varun and not me. Varun asks Heer not to come and meet Soham again and leave. Shanno asks the goons to kidnap Heer. She asks them to kill her and throw her somewhere. The goons kidnap her and take her in jeep. Shanno smiles and says Harak Singh’s generation ends now. The goons stop the car and tell each other that they shall throw her down from the cliff. Heer asks them to leave her hand, recalls Soumya asking her to run where she feels she is going away from her. Heer bites the goon’s hand and runs. Tu hi mera khuda plays….The goons run behind her. Heer hides. The goons are about to run to other side. Heer feels pain and shouts…The goons run behind her again. She runs till the morning. Gayatri brings Soumya to the park. Heer hides behind the well. The goons tell that the little girl made them run all night. Heer thinks where are you Gulabo?

Reet asks Gayatri to give money and goes to buy Jalebi. Gayatri asks Soumya if she feels fresh after a morning walk. Heer comes running. Soumya is in the park. Tu hi mera khuda plays….heer sees Soumya and says Gulabo. She gets happy and recalls their moments. Heer shouts Gulabo and comes running towards Heer. Gayatri looks at Heer. A fast speedy car comes. Heer stops on the way and closes her eyes. Heer opens her eyes and couldn’t see Soumya. She gets shocked and calls Gulabo. Gayatri is taking Soumya fastly. Reet asks why you are walking fast and tells that her leg is paining. Gayatri asks Reet to be with Maasi and goes to Heer. Heer is searching Soumya still. Gayatri asks what are you doing here? Heer tells that the goons had kidnapped her and she ran from there. Gayatri is shocked. The goons see Heer and come near her. Gayatri asks Heer if they are the same goons. Heer says yes. Goon asks Gayatri to leave the girl. Gayatri shouts calling the people on road and tells that they want to kidnap the girl. Heer tells that they wanted to kidnap her and asks them to put them in jail. The people beats up the goons. Heer searches for Gulabo. Maninder comes there and sees Soumya and Reet. He asks Reet to come with them and tells that her Mamma went for an emergency case. Gayatri runs behind Heer.

Preeto gets worried for Heer and scolds everyone. Door bell rings. Preeto asks Veeran to take out the car and says they will search Heer. Gayatri brings Heer there. Sindhu opens the door and finds Heer. She tells Preeto. Gayatri looks at Preeto. Preeto thinks I asked her to stay away from our family, what she is doing with Heer. Shanno thinks what Dr. Gayatri is doing here and what Heer is doing with her. Preeto asks Heer, where she went? Heer tells that she has seen Gulabo today.

Preeto asks where? Heer says she saw her on that side of road. She says I was running towards her, but then she got missing. Gayatri tells that Heer told that she saw her. Heer tells that she was her Gulabo. Gayatri says if she was your Gulabo then would have meet you. Preeto asks why did you go at night? Heer says sorry and tells that she went to Varun uncle’s house to meet Soham, but he didn’t agree to her and haven’t returned. She says varun locked Saya in the room and then came to drop her home on Soham’s saying. She says Varun dropped her outside the house, then goons came and kidnapped her.

Precap: Maninder cries and says I was a bad father. Soumya says Papa is not bad, but good father. Preeto and Maninder smiles. Heer asks Soumya to get up. Soumya calls Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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