Shakti 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer foils Harman’s plan

Shakti 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Sameer if he truly loves her. Harman comes to Mata Rani temple and says you know that I love Soumya very much, and even her Aravan devta know about this. He says she forgot my love, I have to make her remember her memory within 10th days and asks her to talk to Aravan devta also. He says he will give similar bouquet to her and propose her on 11th day. He keeps the bouquets on Mata’s feet. Soumya asks Sameer to reply. Sameer says you know how much I love you and asks why are you asking this. Soumya asks did you ever lie to me or hide any truth. Sameer thinks of lying about her parents and says I never lied. Soumya says then why are you worrying? He says once Harman’s illusion breaks then he will leave from our lives. She says she will make ginger tea for him.


tells Veeran that they have enmity with Harak Singh and Preeto and now they have to give away half of the property to Balwinder and Varun. Veeran tells her that once he makes harak Singh go away from his way, he will make them move from their way too. He signs and gives the papers to Lawyer. Lawyer makes Varun and Balwinder sign on the papers. Balwinder asks Shanno to make lassi. Varun asks her to make sweet lassi. Shanno asks him to make it himself. Varun thinks I need all property and thinks to end them. Balwinder also thinks the same. Harak Singh talk to the neighbors again and tells that my own brother has done wrong with me. Neighbor asks him to stay in their house for some days. Harak Singh says either I will stay in my house or on the road. Other neighbor gives him money. Harak Singh refuses to take it and returns the money to him. He folds his hands and says I thought you will find some way, but I can’t find any hope. He asks Preeto to come.

Sameer recalls Soumya asking him if he really loves her. He says I really love very much and admires Soumya while she is sleeping. He thinks to end Harman’s nautanki. Harman thinks Sameer will do everything to separate Soumya and me and I have to make her remember everything in 10 days, else my life will end. He tells Mata Rani that everything is in her hands now. In the morning, Harman comes to Soumya’s room and wishes her good morning. Soumya gets up and asks how dare you to come here. Harman says I thought to meet your family. Soumya says my parents are not alive. Harman asks who told you this? Sameer…He asks her to come with him and meet her family. Soumya refuses to go with him and says she will call Sameer. Harman says lets go and reminds of the 10 days challenge. Soumya says I will inform Sameer. Harman stops her and says these 10 days are ours, nobody shall know. Soumya gets upset and goes to get ready.

Harman brings Soumya to Maninder’s house and says this is your house and lawn where you were grown up. He says I met you here and once kidnapped you too. He calls Papa ji. Maninder comes and asks if he came to threaten them. Bebe comes and says we will not call her as our daughter. Harman asks what are you saying? Soumya asks Harman to come and end his nautanki. Nani comes there. Harman says Papa and Dadi don’t leave any chance to take revenge. Nani looks at Soumya and says you have come. Harman asks do you believe now that you belong to this house. Nani asks are you alive? Harman tells that I am trying to make her remember the past. Nani calls her Mata Rani and asks Harman why did he bring her here and asks him to take her to temple. Harman asks what happened to you Nani? Maninder says Nani’s mental state is bad. Harman asks Nani to tell truth. Sameer is hiding and smirks. Soumya asks Harman to stop it and says you will not prove anything. She apologizes to them. She says I will not go with you again, it is a limit. Sameer smiles. Soumya goes. Harman also goes. Sameer claps holding the gun in his hand.

He comes inside and says you acted best than I hope and says I lied to kill Soumya. Nani cries and says my Soumya came after many days, and I couldn’t hug her and lied. Sameer tells Nani that Soumya will have happiness in her life and says I can’t lose. Nani says you will lose and says Harman and Soumya’s love is not dependent on Harman’s defeat. She says I didn’t tell her as I wanted your illusion to break after 10 days and she asks him to go. Sameer goes angrily from there.

Harman tells Soumya that I didn’t give them money and asks her to ask the neighbors. Soumya says I don’t want to ask anyone. Sameer comes and says you can buy all neighborhood. Harman says people can be bought with money or can be made silent with threats. He asks her to come with him to his house. Sameer says she will not go anywhere. Harman says she will do as I say for the next 10 days.

Harman comes to the ironsmith and asks him to make kataar with the gungroo like Nimmi had done. He then asks Soumya to keep knife with her always and tells that it is her Shakti. Soumya gets flashes of Nimmi and her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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