Shakti 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat learns the truth about his family

Shakti 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Preeto not to cry. Preeto says until when we have to give sacrifice, we are giving sacrifice of one child to give justice to another child. Harak Singh says Soham has a hot mind, he will return once he calms down. He says it is our duty to protect Heer and her identity. Preeto asks what about the promise which I made to Soumya? Harak Singh says I will look after him, don’t worry. Preeto says she will tell Heer about Soham leaving the house. Pandit ji asks Gurwinder to sit in the circle with her face towards the east. Gurwinder sits down with her face towards the east. Daljeet brings the hot boiling water. Gurwinder recalls Daljeet telling that he doesn’t want to lose his respect by telling about his incapability. Pandit ji asks Daljeet to hold her hands and dip in the boiling water. Gurwinder gets up and tells that she will not do this. Pandit ji says when you have problem then you will only bear the pain. Gurwinder asks Daljeet to say something. Parmeet asks Daljeet to bear the pain. Gurwinder insists. Daljeet holds her hand and ask her to bear the pain for now. He says once we become parents, then all life will be happy. Gurwinder asks what are you saying and asks him to stop? Daljeet puts her hand in the boiling water. Pandit ji says two more times. Gurwinder is shocked to see Daljeet putting her hand inside hot water. Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Simran smiles.

Heer thinks about Virat while leaving from the college and thinks of his words. She sees Gurwinder coming to the temple and goes to meet her. She finds the burn marks on her hand and asks what happened to her hand. Gurwinder tells that an imposter Baba asked her family members to immerse her hands in boiling water to get the child. Heer says they look so modern yet they are so superstitious. She says she has aloevera gel and applies it to her hand. Gurwinder gets touched and appreciates Heer. Virat is going from there with Jharna. Jharna says she wants to spend her life with him. Virat sees Heer with Gurwinder and gets down. He asks what is she doing with his bhabhi? Jharna calls her shameless to be after Virat and his family. Heer tells Virat that if Jharna argues with her then she will break her mouth. Virat asks Jharna to be quiet and asks Heer to say. Heer asks if he can’t see his bhabhi’s hands and says it is burnt. Virat gets shocked. Heer asks him to ask his family why did they do this with your bhabhi? She says why you will ask anyone, as you can’t realize anyone pain and knows to give pain. Jharna asks who are you to interfere? Gurwinder tells that she is nobody and tells that this is the girl who came to help him for humanity sake, not like you who takes revenge, and asks them to go. Jharna says your bhabhi speak to you like this. Virat says he can’t hear anything against his bhabhi. They leave. Heer prays to God and asks her to make Gurwinder, a mother soon and tells that she will offer prasad to her. Gurwinder prays for Heer to get a good family and become a mother. Heer says she will not get married. Gurwinder says I want you to get married and become a mother.

Heer comes home and asks why you are upset? Preeto says Soham has left this house. Heer is shocked and looks at them. She says what do you mean? Why? Harak Singh says he is stubborn, and argued with us. He says he left in anger. Heer says where to search him and asks Rohan to come with her. Rohan says he must have left Gurdaspur till now. Heer asks if he is not worried for Soham. Harak Singh says we are much worried for him as he is our blood. Heer says why he got angry and left home. Shanno is about to say. Preeto eyes her angrily. Heer asks Preeto to say truly and asks if I don’t know something. Preeto recalls and tells that your brother thinks that we don’t care for you and we don’t care for your happiness. She says he said that if we had agreed for your marriage then you would have married Virat by now. She says he argued with us and left. She asks Heer not to worry and tells that Soham will return. Heer says he is my brother and I will go and search him. Preeto asks Rohan to go with Heer and bring her home. Heer and Rohan find Soham’s ID card on the ground. She says he might have gone from this way and tells that they will check in the bus stop. A guy tells that there is no bus or train now. Rohan asks her to come home and says Soham might have left by now. Heer says Soham can’t leave us on rakshabandhan day and tells that she will go back only when she finds him. She goes to bus stand and calls Soham.

Precap: Shanno tells Soham that Surbhi was married in the same house as Soumya was a kinnar and asks if he don’t want to know what is the secret related to Heer. Soham gets angry. Heer is coming closer to Virat, oblivious to her identity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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