Shakti 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nani forbids Soumya to go to kitchen

Shakti 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Harman if he will give him a grand son. Soumya is in the kitchen, Nani comes to her and asks about her date. Preeto signs her 3. Soumya says 3 and tells that she cooks food for everyone. Nani says tomorrow is 3. Preeto says she will not cook food until you are here. Nani gets upset and says she made the house impure, how God will bless her. Soumya asks Preeto what Nani is saying? Preeto says first I will make Maa understand and then you. She goes behind Nani. Shanno gets happy. Preeto says we don’t believe on all this. Nani says all ladies of the house shall follow this and says when she became british from Indian. Harman hears them and asks Harak Singh if he told Bebe about woman queries. Nani tells Preeto that even she became impure. Preeto says you came on 10th and she was fine then. Nani takes a sigh of relief. Preeto asks Shanno to come to room.

Harman tells Harak Singh that he will tell everyone that his wife is a kinnar and don’t burden her with woman duties. He says my wife can give motherly love to a baby. He says he doesn’t know even if villagers kill them. Preeto slaps Shanno and asks how dare you to raise doubt on Nani’s mind. Shanno says I am not afraid of you and I have burnt the letter. She says even my parents made me have almonds. Preeto gets letter photo copies and says I have so many copies which I can send to your father’s house. She calls Veeran. Veeran says I am coming. Preeto asks her to pick it before Veeran sees it. Harman is with Soumya. Soumya says don’t know what would have happened if Maa ji was not with me. Harman says I will save you from Nani. Preeto asks them not to worry until she is with them and asks Soumya to stay far from Harman for 3-4 days.

Veeran comes to Preeto’s room. She tells him about the work which Preeto asked him to do. Veeran asks what is in the paper and takes it in his hand. Preeto takes papers in her hand and asks him to give clothes for ironing. She asks Shanno to have almonds and do as she says.

Later, Soumya asks Preeto what nani was saying. Preeto tells about the pain which woman faces in a month, which means she is suitable to become a mother. Jeet tells everyone that he wants to make Soumya have food with his hand and tells that she is lucky for him and he has learnt about fulfilling duties in relations from her. He makes her have food with his hand. Soumya smiles. Raavi says my brother is super lucky to have Soumya as his wife and she also feeds her food. Preeto also feeds her and says I got a good bahu. She asks Shanno to make Soumya have food with her hand and says Soumya did right for you also. Harman asks Harak Singh to make her have food. Nani says sasur don’t have bahu eat food with his hand. Surbhi sees Varun bringing tiffin and thinks to follow him to know where he has kept him captive.

Soumya tells Harman that they shall search Aditya, if he would have been with us then this wouldn’t have happen.

Nani meets a sadhvi . She asks Soumya to wear a saree and go to other room. Preeto says it is not right. Nani says adharm have happened.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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