Shakti 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Lovneet as Gulabo

Shakti 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The police arrives at the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal tell them that someone tried to kidnap their patient but as soon as they heard the sirens they left. When police has left as well, Mr. Kaushal discuss that Suomya isn’t safe anymore. They must shift her to their home.
In the room, Preeto asks the doctor to treat her well. She has to find her son and needs to be fit. The doctor assures she will soon be fine and tells her to take some rest. Harak Singh comes out with doctor. The doctor says she is in a state of shock, and needs to take some rest.
Suomya wakes up in her room and was shocked to look around wondering where she is. Mr. and Mrs Kaushal come to greet her, they say Khushi will now live here as their daughter. Mrs. Kaushal offers to make tea for her but Suomya insists upon preparing tea for them all. In the lounge, Lameet join everyone and meets Suomya well.
In the hospital next morning, Suomya finds Harman write Gulabo on the walls of hospital. She forbids him. Harman asks where she had been all night? Suomya says Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal have taken her home. She tries to rub the Gubalo from the wall but Lameet stops her hand. She tells Suomya he has written her name, she is Gulabo! Harman smiles towards Suomya who looked annoyed. Lameet asks Harman to come outside along her, Harman warns Suomya not to rub anything from the wall. Suomya picks her fields irritated. Harman returns and says he only remember I love you, nothing else. He is only checking this girl if she is real Gulabo or not. Suomya comes to Mr. Kaushal’s house and asks why their daughter has become Gulabo? Mr. Kaushal explains that Lameet is writing a thesis on psychology, she decided to be Gulabo to remind Harman about his past.
There, police comes with arrest warrants of Jeet. They claim Jeet has done fraud of worth millions in the company he works. They have warrant and all proofs against him in a strong case. Ravi cries but Harak assures to get him back soon. Shanno curtly says that since Ravi has conceived there are only troubles in their family. Preeto beats the back of a pan to get everyone’s attention, she demands to bring Preeto Singh as she is the biggest curse in the family.
Dadi tries to purchase vegetable from a vendor but the vendor wasn’t ready to sell it to them. Nani gets a call from Surbhi. Maninder takes the phone and says people have made it hard for them to live here. They can resolve their matters if she returns.
In the library, Harman swirled over the chair. Lameet gets a few books asking if he has read any? Harman says yes he has. She asks if he studied till 7th? Harman says Gulabo must have known already. Lameet says she wants Harman to remember by himself. Harman was annoyed and throws the book towards the library door. Suomya comes inside and says she was sure only Jolly could do this. They argue over Suomya calling him ‘Dhakan’. Harman throws the books over the floor and throws one on the window as well, Suomya contine arguing. Lameet shouts at them both to shut up. She collects the books and leaves the library angry with Harman. Suomya turns to leave but Harman questions if he could only find her in the whole hospital? Suomya agrues. Harman clutches her neck out of rage. She coughs. He at once leaves it.

PRECAP: Harman was in disguise of a male nurse and collects some medicine to give to Suomya. Only then he can run from this hospital. He watch Suomya fell faint over her ward bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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