Shakti 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer all set to leave Gurdaspur

Shakti 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat asking Preeto and Harak Singh not to be afraid of anyone, as nobody has the courage to even scratch his Heer. He tells that he will leave. Heer asks him to open the door and come out to talk to her if he has courage. Preeto is shocked and wipes her tears. Virat opens the door and says you shout so much, go inside. Heer says I will go inside, it is my house. Preeto tells Virat that you said right, Heer will get a job if not today then tomorrow, but we shall not cancel the party. Heer asks what are you saying? Preeto asks Virat to come to the party at the right time and says you have to sing and dance. Virat says I will come if I don’t come then who will make the party interesting. Heer asks him to go. Preeto says if I don’t call him then also he will come. Heer says who keeps the party for waiting list students. Mahi says whoever trusts their child’s capabilities and tells that they shall go and decide the party dress. She says this time even her Mamma will dance with her. Shakti song plays………Virat is sitting on the chair and thinks whatever Heer says, but she loves me so much. He thinks he has to meet her in the evening and eats laddoo. Heer tries the dress for the party. Virat thinks still 6 hours more, how to wait. He dances to celebrate. Tu hi mera khuda plays… Mahi selects a dress for Heer.

Preeto tells Harak Singh and others that they shall get Virat drunk in the party and take Heer from there, far away for a year till Heer gets a job. Harak Singh says if Heer will agree? Preeto says she will agree now, but not after seeing Virat’s acts. Rohan says Soham will not tell anyone about Heer if you are not here, and Shanno also will not do anything. Harak Singh tells that they shall leave and tells that Virat, Shanno and Soham shall not know about our plan. Sindhu says yes. They shake hands. Shakti song plays….

Daljeet asks Parmeet to call Preeto again. Parmeet says if she wanted to pick the call then she had done that. Gurwinder comes and asks what to make in food. Parmeet asks her to wrap their insult in besan and make pakodas. Gurwinder says it is my bad destiny that everyone thought me wrong even though I thought of the family’s betterment. Parmeet asks her to go from there as they will get Daljeet to remarry soon and will send her good news laddoo. Gurwinder asks Daljeet to say whatever he wants to. Daljeet says he had to pay for the decorator and asks her to go inside. Gurwinder thinks she won’t let him remarry.

Heer comes to the party wearing a nice dress. Virat comes there and says you came again and says hi. Virat says you are looking very beautiful and tells that he will play good songs for her like a good DJ, as Preeto dadi called him. He shows the Pendrive and asks everyone to get on the dance floor as their only granddaughter passed in the test. He plays the song and dances with her. Heer also dances with him. Rohan also dances with him. Virat takes everyone to dance with them. Preeto signs Rohan. Rohan goes to make drinks and adds medicine in the glasses. Someone takes his pics in the mobile. Rohan thinks bye Virat from Heer’s life. He brings the drinks and signs Harak Singh. Harak Singh takes the drinks and goes to Virat. He appreciates him for his dance and gives him a drink. Virat gets happy. Harak Singh and Virat drink the drinks. Preeto signs Raavi to go. Raavi goes to the table and makes a drink, adds medicine in it. Someone takes her pics also. Sindhu comes to Raavi and takes a drink from her. She gives the drink to Shanno, thought the latter refuses to take. Sindhu insists. Shanno drinks and gets drowsy. She rests on the sofa. Sindhu asks her to get up and takes her to the room. Shanno says she is feeling much sleepy. Preeto smiles. Shanno tells Sindhu that she is feeling tired and sleepy. She asks her to be in the room and tells that she is feeling like fainting. Sindhu covers the blanket on her and asks her to sleep. Shakti song plays…..

Sindhu comes out and signs that the work is done. She joins everyone and dances. Virat falls down being drowsy in medicine effect. Rohan holds him and asks him to sleep here itself. Virat calls him Heer Singh and tells that who stays in Sasural before marriage. Heer says he is not Heer Singh, but Rohan Veer Ji. Virat says I will go now and will come in the morning. Rohan asks are you sure? Virat says yes. He says I love you, Heer Singh, I will marry you only and says good night. He walks towards the door. Heer looks worried and upset. Virat stumbles and leaves. Heer tells that she will go to her room as the party is over. Preeto stops her and says you shall not sleep as you are leaving Gurdaspur with Dadu and me. Heer asks what? Why suddenly? Harak Singh says we have decided this all together. Preeto and Harak Singh try to make her understand. Sindhu and Rohan try to convince her, which is muted. Mahi says we all want this, you have to take the decision, we will not take you forcibly. Heer says ok, I will go and pack my bags. She says I can focus on my studies if I am away from Virat. She says I think that if I go away from him, then his heart will break and he will marry Jharna. She says she will bring the bags. Sindhu says don’t worry, I have packed all your bags. Heer says ok, I will go and change. Shakti song plays….

Virat is walking on the road and thinks he didn’t drink much wine, this might be the effect of Heer’s love. He sees the bench on the road and thinks to sleep for some time. He thinks he doesn’t want father’s home or sasural house, he just wants someplace in Heer’s heart and prays to God. He sleeps. Harak Singh, Preeto and Heer are going in the car from there. Heer spots Virat on the bench and asks Preeto to get the car stop. She tells that she will cover him with a shawl and come back. Preeto asks Harak Singh to stop the car for a minute. Harak Singh stops the car. Heer gets down from the car, keeps his hand on his chest and covers him with her shawl. Tere Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays…..Heer says I am sorry Virat, I have to go from here like this, but maybe this is right for us. She asks him to take care and comes back to the car. She sits in the car. Harak Singh drives off. Virat is still sleeping on the bench.

Precap: Virat comes to Heer’s house as a chef. He tells Preeto and Harak that they can take Heer as far as they want in 48 hours. If he doesn’t reach to her, then he will go away from her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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