Shakti 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer’s first day in Virat’s house

Shakti 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto waking up in the morning and thinks to call Virat. She thinks she shall go to Heer’s room and sit for sometime, to calm her heart. She is about to open the bolt of the door, when her phone rings. She rushes down in a hurry and falls down from the stairs and gets injury on her forehead. Harak Singh comes to her rescue. Preeto asks him to attend Virat’s call. She picks the call and asks about them. Virat says both Heer and I are fine. He ends the call. Daljeet comes home and tells that case is solved. He apologizes to Virat for not attending his marriage. Virat says its ok. Parmeet says your wife might be thinking herself as a daughter of this house and didn;t wake up till now, its 7 am. Heer comes there and says she couldn’t wake up early and promises to wake up early from next day. She says sorry. Parmeet throws water on her face from the jug shocking Heer and Virat. She tells Heer that only daughters have the right to be in sleep till 3 hours after getting up and not bahu. She asks Gurwinder to teach her house rules for bahu. Gurwinder says ok.

Later Heer gets ready after a bath and thinks she has to wear bangles. She turns and water splashes on his face from her hair. Virat looks at her. She asks him to go and take bath. Virat says I will go, first let me see you. He asks her to wear his favorite color saree. Heer says blue color. He gives her saree. Heer says ok. She wears it. Virat helps her pin her saree and fills sindoor in her maang. He says now you are looking as Heer Virat Singh. Heer thanks him for the morning, she wished. They come downstairs. Parmeet asks Heer to come for puja. Just then kinnars come there and claps.

Sant baksh says we had given you nek already. Saya says bride’s mayka and sasural came in our area and that’s why we came to get nek. She asks him to give. Sant Baksh says ok, we will give. Heer asks him not to kick them out and tells that they are not just kinnars who comes to take nek, but they have old relation with me, they used to come to my house also. Parmeet asks what is your relation with these kinnars? Everyone is shocked. Parmeet says this is not your mayka, where they come. She says kinnars shall not come here and says our food family bahu can’t have any relation with kinnars. Virat asks why Maa? If good family people don’t have humanity, says kinnars are human too. He asks why do you forget everytime that my life is saved by a kinnar. Heer says they used to come to my house also. Sant Baksh says they used to come to your house, as their bahu was a kinnar, but we don’t have any kinnar at home. Saya is shocked. Sant baksh says what people will say, if they come here. He says I don’t want my respect to get ruined. Parmeet says Harak singh’s family might not get affected with people’s taunts, but we get affected as we have respect in society. She asks Virat to give nek to them and asked them to go, and asks Heer to ask them to stay outside the house, next time if they come. She tells that only man and woman can come in this house and kinnars will stay outside the house. Heer asks Saya and others to go and says she will meet them outside. Sant Baksh asks why does she want to meet them outside the house.

Virat asks his dad if Heer will not live her life, as she got married. He tells that Mallika aunty is close to Heer because of Soumya. Simran tells that a daughter can do as she wishes, but not a bahu. Heer holds Saya’s hand and takes them outside. She asks them to leave, tells that she is Singh’s family choti bahu and wants them to go. She then steps out and hugs Saya and takes her blessings, shocking Parmeet and Sant Baksh. Heer tells that daughters can do as they want and tells that very soon she will become the daughter of the house, then will come to meet them outside. She comes inside. Virat asks Parmeet to give nek with her hand and tells that he will be happy. Sant Baksh asks Parmeet to give them nek and ask them to go. Parmeet gives nek to Saya. Saya is about to bless her, but Parmeet stops her and asks her to bless her from far. Saya blesses Parmeet and her family and leave. Heer says sorry and apologizes to Parmeet for waking up late. She says she will not give any chances to mummy ji to complain. Virat says you don’t need to wake up early, a mountain will not break if you wake up early. Heer asks him not to interfere between mummy ji and her. Parmeet says atleast bahu is understanding us and tells that we can’t compromise with our rules in home and respect in society. She asks them to come for aarti. Virat holds her hand and asks her to wait, says we will spend some romantic time. Heer tells that he stayed away on wedding night and asks him to think about her dadi’s conditions.

Saya comes to Preeto and tells that Heer is understanding and behaving like a good family bahu. She tells that she is learning and tells that she is saved because of your three conditions, else we know what might be the consequences. Harak Singh comes there. Saya asks them to take care and leaves. Rohan comes there and tells that Virat has made video call to him. Preeto gets happy seeing Virat and Heer doing aarti in their house. They all get happy.

Parmeet asks Heer where is she taking aarti plate. Heer tells that she is taking the aarti plate to ward off all evil powers from the house, as her Gulabo used to say this. Parmeet asks her to go ahead. Simran comments on Gulabo. Gurwinder tells that she shall not comment as Heer was close to Soumya. Parmeet scolds her and asks her to make arrangements for karwachauth. Virat thinks to keep fast for his Gulabo. He asks Heer and Gurwinder to come with him to buy Karwachauth stuff. Heer asks him to buy stuff for her with his choice and tells that she is excited to keep the fast, will have sargi made by mummji and later she will break it seeing his face. Parmeet tells that she will not make her sargi as she is not her bahu.

Precap: Parmeet makes a call to Preeto and tells that she will make sargi for Heer if she shots at herself. Heer shots at herself. Everyone is shocked at Preeto’s house and shout Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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