Shakti 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman takes Soham home

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Shakti 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to come and asks what does she want? Soumya says we have done our work and asks for Nek? Harman says you want Nek and gives her money. Harak Singh asks him to come. Harman says no and gives money from his, Harak Singh and Veeran’s pocket. He asks her to keep it all. She takes the money and leave with the kinnars. Harman gets angry on the people there. Kinnars come back to their house. Saya asks Soumya to do a favor on her and asks her to go from there. She says we can’t keep you here any longer. A man comes there and says there is a court notice for Soumya Singh. Saya receives the notice and sees divorce papers. She gets shocked and thinks Harman can’t send this, but Preeto is against Soumya, may be she sent it. She thinks if Soumya sees these papers and signs thinking Harman sent then? She thinks to hide it and talk to Rajat about it.

Harman tells Harak Singh that Soumya is not innocent like they think. Shanno says he said right. Harak singh says mistake is ours and tells Preeto that they have done the mistake and humiliated her badly and says she is a human and felt pained. He asks Shanno if she ever thought her as human and says she bear everything and danced on our tune. He says she is bahu rani of the house and asks what wrong did she do if she danced. Harman says I am going to take her home, if she comes then its ok. Harak Singh stops Harman and asks him not to go. Harman goes to his room and drinks. Soumya comes to the room and cries thinking of Harman’s words. He gets angry and throws her stuff. He picks her lip gloss and says it is of Soumya and thinks not to keep anything in his room which reminds him of Soumya. He sees Soham’s clothes in the cupboard and thinks what he might be wearing there. he packs his clothes and leaves.

Soumya sings lullaby for Soham. Harman comes there and calls her as param guru maa Soumya. Soumya asks why did you come here? Harman says I came to give your stuff and gives Soham’s clothes to Soumya. He says you don’t worry for Soham, but I am worried thinking what my son will wear? Soumya thanks him. Harman says if she will stand like an idol. Soumya asks him to talk in low tone and says you can send whatever is left there. He asks her to come with him. Soumya says I don’t want to go anywhere and listen again that I am a kinnar. Harman asks her to forget. Soumya says you are here to remind me. Harman says I am already worried and asks her to come. Soumya says I will not go back, I have many responsibilities and will fulfill all my duties. Harman says then do your responsibilities and takes Soham. Soumya asks him to give Soham back. Harman says Soham will go with his father and says good night. Kinnar asks Soumya to do something and says he might harm Soham. Soumya says Soham is his son and is safe with him. Harman comes home with Soham. Soham wakes up and cries in his lap. Harman says I am your father, not your enemy. Everyone comes hearing him crying and get happy. Raavi brings milk and gives to Harman. Harman feeds him milk and asks him to sleep. Preeto asks him to give Soham. Soumya comes there and asks him to give her son. Harman asks her to come inside. Soumya thinks about Preeto calling her kinnar and asking her to leave.

Soumya says I am not bahu of this house and that’s why can’t enter here. She says Soham sleeps with me in the night and that’s why I am helpless to come here to take him. Harman says Soham will sleep with his father. Soumya asks him to give Soham. She says I wish you could have understand how it feels when you forces someone. Harman says Soham will stay here, if you want to stay with him then stay here. Police comes there and asks Harman why did he take the boy forcibly here. Everyone is shocked. Harman thinks Soumya called Police. Soumya thinks who called Police here.

Precap: Harman imagines Soumya in his room and calls her Gulabo. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..He dances with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This episode clearly shows how good harman is..and last two episodes showed us thw selfishness of soumya. Lol she worries about her responsiblity. Did she know what it means…only good thing soon she ll realize her fault for creating this drama. Instead creating this drama by eloping from the house. She might talk with harman and make him understand. He is a good one not like . Only for your overreacting attitude he is going to suffer with you. Cannt see his sufferings. Please realize your mistakes and come back soumya

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