Shakti 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh refuses to take Saya’s help

Shakti 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that he remembers everything and knows that that she is Soumya, his Gulabo and he is Harman. He says he can prove this. Soumya says you can prove anything by bringing fake parents, fake relations, but you can’t prove that you are right in my view. Harman asks her to give him a chance. Soumya asks him to prove whatever he wants, but leave following her. She takes an auto and leaves. Harman thinks I am really a bad guy and would have not hurt your feelings if I was a good man. Saya comes to Preeto and Harak Singh as they are sitting on road. He asks them to stay in her house thinking it as Harman’s sasural. Harak Singh asks her to keep quiet and says I will die, but I will not stay in your house. Saya says this is our love and respect for you all. Harak Singh

says he don’t want that. Saya asks Preeto to make him understand. Preeto says she can’t go against her husband wishes. Saya says our doors are always open for you and asks them to come whenever they want. Harman calls Preeto and tells that Soumya don’t remember Harman, but remembers Jolly’s misbehavior. Preeto asks him to convince Soumya and bring her home. Harman asks her to tell Harak Singh that he will come and settle scores with Veeran and Shanno. Harak Singh is about to tell him, but Raavi stops him. Harman says he needs their support. Preeto gives him strength. She tells Harak Singh that he planned conspiracies against Soumya and fell in one such conspiracy. She asks him not to conspire against Soumya when she returns.

Sameer asks Soumya about her day. Soumya says it was good and tells that she learnt to take out coffee from coffee machine. Sameer goes to sleep in other room. Harman calls Soumya and tells that he has heard that true love can make the sky bend down, and says he will prove his love. He says he will make her remember their past and says nobody’s love can be more truthful than his love. Soumya gets upset and lie down on the bed to sleep. Harman knocks on her window. Soumya sees Sorry message with the candles. Harman holds his ears and says sorry. He starts doing sit ups. Soumya goes inside. Harman thinks she went inside, now he can’t shout or call her, else people will come here and then hungama will start. Soumya comes out and asks him to do hungama. He tells her that he is her husband and she is his wife and says he came to make her remember their marriage. Soumya asks him to stop the tamasha and says she don’t want to hear him. Harman says ok, don’t listen to me, but ask your heart once and asks if it wants the same. He says why we were in the same hospital side by side and asks her to think what happened. Soumya recalls from the hospital incident. She tells that the man who rejected my identity can’t love me and asks him to return to his house. Harman says I don’t remember everything then and says I will make you remember everything.

Soumya says I am Khushi, a kinnar and asks why is he trying to unite with her, when she can’t give him anything. Harman says I don’t agree that you don’t want to tell anything and says your heart knows about our relation. Soumya sets off the candles with her hand and says she is making him believe that they can’t have any relation. Harman looks sad. Again Saya and Chameli come to Harak Singh and Preeto. Harak Singh asks them to go. Saya says we have brought blankets and food for you, it is our duty. Harak Singh says I don’t want and asks them to go. Preeto asks him to understand once, but he refuses. Saya picks the bag and then comes to Preeto. She asks her to give some money. Preeto gives some money. Saya makes mud Chula with Preeto’s money and says it is your money. She says I am leaving blanket here, and asks Preeto to buy ration and make food on Chula. She says we will not feel good, if you stay hungry. They leave.

He is walking on the road and thinks of Soumya’s words. He sees some men sitting near the bon fire and playing guitar. He comes there and sits. Jaan nisar song plays….He thinks of Soumya. He takes guitar from someone’s hand and plays it. He continues to think about Soumya. Song plays……Harman gets up and goes near the bonfire, and keeps his hand on the fire. The men sitting there stop and hold him. Harman looks on.

Harman comes to Soumya as she comes to restaurant. He says good morning. Sameer asks Harman why he wants to take her back. Harman says we love each other. Soumya gives him 10 days time and asks him to leave on 11th day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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