Shakti 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Daljeet changes the reports, Heer takes a stand for Gitu’s justice

Shakti 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that she wants to talk about something important. Harman asks her to say. Soumya says you gave POA to balwinder ji so soon and says we all know what he had done with us, and I don’t think that we shall trust him so soon. Harman says I didn’t give him POA for the entire property, just gave it for Mehta and Mehta sons’ deal. He says I will go and meet Heer. Balwinder comes there and tells Harman that he made the papers of the POA and asks him to sign. Harman is about to sign. Soumya asks him to read once and says she will read it once. She reads it and asks Harman to sign. Harman signs on the papers and says this contract is very important for our company and asks him to make sure. Balwinder says trust me, I will not break your trust.

Virat tells Heer that Gitu’s reports have come. He says I will see. Harman comes there. Sant Baksh and Parmeet looks at Heer angrily. Heer gets surprised seeing Harman. Virat asks Harman to come inside. Harman greets Sant Baksh and Parmeet and says sorry for coming without informing. He says Heer told me about whatever happened yesterday, I was very worried and that’s why come. Heer thinks why did you come Harman ji. Parmeet says the truth is not proved yet and asks to how many strangers you have told. Harman says I am not stranger, but your samdhi. He says we had called Heer and Soumya sensed it and asked her forcibly, then only Heer told. Parmeet says but she told. Harman says she had shared her pain with her father, I am not an outsider. Just then Constable comes there and gives medical reports to Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh opens the report and reads it. Daljeet gets tensed.

Raavi tells Preeto that she will cook the rice. Preeto says ok. Balwinder comes to Harak Singh and asks for his blessings for the first deal. Harak Singh blesses him and asks Raavi to bring sugar. Balwinder touches Preeto’s feet. Preeto blesses him. Raavi makes Balwinder have sugar. Balwinder says you will be proud of me and takes Mata Rani’s blessings to win everyone’s truth and to give happiness to Raavi. Soumya comes there. Balwinder asks if you will not wish me, it seems you are still doubtful on me. Soumya says once Mummy ji, Papa ji and Harman trusted you, so there is no question of doubt, and says good luck. He thanks her and walks out from there.

Sant Baksh seems shocked. Virat takes the report and is equally shocked. Parmeet asks them to tell what is written in the report. Virat says according to the reports, Veer ji is not involved in Gitu’s molestation case. Parmeet and Gurwinder take a sigh of relief. Gitu recalls Daljeet’s attempting the crime. Daljeet acts and thanks Mata Rani for proving him innocent and looks at Heer and Gitu angrily. He asks Heer if she wants to see the report or get more of his tests done. Gitu says I didn’t lie, he has done….with me. Daljeet says you are lying and calls her a mere Servant. Gitu says I am not lying. Daljeet says you want to tell that I have changed the report and it is dake. He thinks thank god, I am saved, Daljeet. He recalls going to the hospital and taking the real report from peon and asking him to give fake report to Constable. Fb ends. Parmeet asks Gitu to leave from here. Heer tries to stop her. Sant Baksh says today you will not stop Parmeet and says I am a Police officer too and can’t bear this. Parmeet accuses Gitu for accusing her son and tells that she will get her hanged. Gitu says I am not lying, he was the one. Gurwinder says you don’t feel ashamed and says Mata Rani has done justice and you are exposed. She says my husband haven’t done anything, why did you accuse him wrongly. Parmeet says I will not let you stay here for a moment more and drags her out. Heer says Gitu and stops her holding her hand. Shakti song plays…..

Heer tells Parmeet that Daljeet haven’t molest Gitu, but someone else have done this and wrong thing have happened with her. Parmeet says this girl is wrong, she must have provoked someone. Heer asks what she would have done and tells that she would have laughed and felt this house safe. She says if someone will think it as an invitation and come to do wrong with her. She asks why a girl is held responsible in molestation case. She asks why only girls are told such things, not to go out, don’t wear such clothes, etc. She says why nobody makes their sons’ understand and asks why don’t they teach their sons not to think the girl as an object, and not to be molestor but a protector. Sant Baksh asks what are you talking about, we have given good values to our sons. Heer says neither this accusation is wrong nor Gitu’s state. She says you all have wrong thinking. Parmeet asks her to stop accusing them. Heer tells that when a guy plays with a girl’s body, he plays with her mind too. She tells that she can’t see a girl as victim in her house and will investigate the case. She says FIR will be filed and the guilty will be punished. Shakti song plays….

Precap: Virat and Heer go to police station to file an FIR. The inspector says that the FIR shouldn’t have Daljeet’s name. Heer calls Guru for help. Virat, Heer protest in police station. Guru and other students join them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow! Writers can’t even adjust the episode to give justice for the present cast. Now they are introducing new tracks and new characters. They are diverting so much from the storyline.What is the advantage of Heer’s kinnar identity for the story. It is not a surprise Shakti is going off air. Wriers diverted stoyline long time ago. Now it seems like they are also lost in somewhere. Even the indroduce Rubina for the second time to comeback to its main storyline, but in vain. Atleast I hope they will give a proper ending. Even if they don’t give a proper ending, I am not surprised. What happened to my favourite show😭

  2. les woodcock

    The original show lost its was because the writers lost their way…they have no imagination or ability to produce what continues to be interesting & entertaining. This happens in ALL TV shows in India….lack of proper writing skills. Perhaps reality soon creeps into these shows ie cheating, lying, spite, dishonesty etc. Perhaps indian culture revolves around these negative qualities. As is said, the “truth” is hidden in “fiction”.

  3. What happened with gitu actually l miss some ep

  4. Though I may or may not agree to the comments going on in this section, but the truth is VIHEER STORY is Taking Turns ONLY for WORSE. HAYA ke Maamle mein HARMAN FAMILY utni negative nahi thi, jabke VIHEER ke case mein Poora VIRAT FAMILY, SH*****TTY TOXIC. Sahi mein VIRAT ke ghar waalo ne Ek Pal bhi FEELING nahi Ralhi ke HEER ko Maukaa Zaroor Milnaa Chaahiye. Unko Pataa Tha ke HEER KINNAR hai. Isliye GITU par Atyaachaar Karne ke peechhe HEER ki Barbaadi Ka Maksad Rakhaa hai PARMEET aur DALJEET ne. HAYA waale mein itna just Balanced hi tha, par VIHEER ke STORY sirf Worst TURNS le rhi hai. I DON’T KNOW WHY????

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