Shakti 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Maninder saves Rajat Singh’s life and melts his hatred for Soumya

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Shakti 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and Soumya drinking tea served by the boy and appreciates him for making good tea. Soumya says your mummy is lucky as she got a loving son like you and asks him to take care of her always. Boy says you are lovely like my mother and asks Harman not to leave her hand and be with her always. Harman says kids are future and they will accept you and has accepted you now itself. Boy takes selfie with them.

Saya tells Rajat that society’s view towards Soumya changed after her truth is out. Rajat says after hearing all this, I can say and wish that even society should have seen you all with the good sight with which I am seeing you all. This is not only your fight, but of everyone. He says he will fight till the end for them.

He gets up to go. A kinnar asks can I take

selfie with you. Rajat says yes, but I am not a film hero. Kinnar says you are fighting for Soumya’s rights and you are not less than a hero for us. Rajat asks them to stand near him and take selfie.

Doctor checks Maninder and says there is an improvement in him. He says he shall walk him a bit. Preeto says my bahu’s kada is more effective than your medicines. Doctor says your bahu will give us holiday. He says he will come next week. Beeji asks Maninder to start walking fast and says we will not stay for another week. Maninder thinks of Preeto’s words. Soumya comes to him and says Doctor said that if you try to walk then will become fine soon. Maninder says I don’t want to walk. He is about to pull his wheel chair. Soumya says Papa, and says you don’t want to walk as your daughter is asking you. Maninder asks why are you troubling me and asks her to go. Soumya says I am doing my work and gives her hand. Maninder recalls his bad behavior with Soumya. Soumya says all the world hates me, and asks him to lower his hatred a bit. Maninder tries to get up angrily and is about to fall, but Soumya holds him and asks if he is fine. Maninder tries to leave her hand and is about to fall again, but Soumya is still holding his hand. Soumya says when you used to make choti walk holding her hand, I couldn’t feel that happiness and asks him to let her feel this happiness and let her make him walk for a while. She asks him to think of her as daughter or kinnar atleast. Maninder thinks of Nimmi and Harak Singh’s words.

Harman looks at them and smiles. Maninder holds her hand and tries to walk. Shakti song plays…..She says I know you are feeling pain, but you will be fine soon. Beeji, Preeto and Harak Singh come there. Beeji asks Maninder what is he doing? She brings his wheel chair near him and asks him to sit. Maninder sits on chair with much difficulty. Beeji then scolds Soumya for making him walk. She asks if she don’t want him to walk all his life. Harman asks Soumya to make sweet kada for Dadi, and says may be she will start speaking good after drinking it. Beeji asks Maninder to come to room. Maninder looks on, melting his hatred for Soumya without realizing it.

Beeji takes Maninder to room. Maninder says I don’t want to stay here. Beeji says I will take you from here in the night. Sukha and Varun are drinking wine outside. Sukha says Rajat Singh is fighting for them without any advantage and here we are giving so much money to Chaddha. Varun says may be Rajat Singh wins the case. Sukha says he wants to kill him. Varun sees Rajat Singh’s bike, and says bakra came to butcher, and says we will kill him, and nobody will doubt on us, as he has many enemies. They come infront of Rajat Singh. Sukha aims gun at Rajat.

Beeji and Maninder are going from there and see Sukha about to shoot Rajat. Varun asks Sukha to kill Rajat. Maninder tells Beeji that he is Rajat. Beeji says it is good if this lawyer dies, then he will not be alive to fight kinnar’s case. Varun asks him to shoot. Rajat tells that he is coming from kinnar’s home and has so many statements to present in court. Varun asks Sukha to kill him right now. Sukha is about to shoot him, when Maninder hits Sukha with a rod. Sukha is about to shoot him again, but Maninder hits him. Soumya comes to Maninder and Beeji’s room and tells everyone that they are missing. Preeto asks family members to search them. Varun is about to shoot Rajat, when he beats him. Beeji tells Maninder why did he save Rajat? Maninder says today he could walk because of her and says whatever is in her destiny will happen, and says he couldn’t look in Soumya’s eyes and asks her to take him away from there. He gets teary eyes. Rajat calls Harman and tells him about seeing Maninder there, and tells everything. Harman says I will inform you when he comes home. Rajat says he saved my life today. Harman tells Soumya that Maninder went far from her, as he realized how to look in your eyes.

Preeto talks to someone and says I will inform. She tells Soumya that her Dadi called. Soumya asks where are they? And asks how are they? Preeto says they are at some relative’s house. She asks Soumya not to worry and tell that whenever Maninder meets you, he will meet you like a father for whom you have been yearning all life. Soumya gets teary eyes.

Precap: Chaddha tells in court that Rajat clicked pic with kinnar, but was hesitant to stay close to them. He calls Preeto in witness box and asks her if she tried to kill Soumya many times. Preeto is shocked and accepts that she tried to kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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