Shakti 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen professes Harman and Soumya’s separation

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Shakti 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh coming to Jasleen and says he wants to talk about Harman. He asks her to handle Harman and says until an understanding girl holds his hand, that kinnar will not go away. He holds his hand. Jasleen asks what you are doing? Harak Singh says only you will understand him and says he understands her childhood love for Harman. He says you have kept childhood memory till now and came here. Jasleen gets emotional.

Varun comes home drunk and tells neighbors that wine is solution to every problem and taunts Surbhi. Maninder asks him to come inside. Bebe asks him why he is doing tamasha. Varun says tamasha and tells that Soumya is a kinnar, but takes care of my brother fully and Surbhi… ? Maninder asks him to go to room.

Preeto does the aarti in the morning. Jasleen comes and says good morning. Preeto asks did you talk to Harman. Jasleen says yes, I talked to uncle also. She says she will talk to everyone and have to call Soumya’s family also. Preeto says I am sure that you will end the distance between them, and will call her family. Nani asks Surbhi to wake up Varun. Surbhi says let him sleep and tells that he has a misunderstanding effect which will not go so soon. Varun comes and asks her to pray that he shall sleep for forever, and says you have an option now of Sumit. Preeto calls Surbhi and asks her to come.

Kareena brings Police to Saya’s house and asks Inspector to arrest everyone. Saya says 1 min and says you said that we can’t go anywhere, we are waiting here since 4 days. Inspector says Raveena is missing and says you have the motive to kill her. He arrests all kinnars staying in Saya’s house.

Harman and Soumya’s family gather in the hall. Jasleen asks how many of you want Harman’s betterment and questions Soumya. Soumya says she wants his betterment. Jasleen questions Nani how she blesses Harman. Nani says she prays for him and prays for Soumya and his happiness. Jasleen says Harman is her childhood friend and talked to her freely. She tells that she heard everything about their love story, and knows that no man loves his wife so much, but you all know what has happened with him and now he don’t want to stay with Soumya. Shanno smirks. Preeto says Soumya is a human and not a thing. Jasleen says divorce are common and says Harman has the right to separate from Soumya. Harak Singh blesses Jasleen. Jasleen asks Soumya if she don’t want his betterment. Soumya says I love him and knows that our togetherness is for our betterment. She says Harman is angry, but loves her a lot.

Jasleen says Harman is not angry, but shattered. She says Harman has realized that you both are not destined to be together, as you both are different. Preeto asks Jasleen to think from Soumya’s perspective and says you are thinking wrong. Surbhi says you are saying anything, you don’t have the right to say this about my Di. Harman gets up and folds his hands and says now he can’t stay with Soumya. Soumya cries and asks what you are saying. Harman asks shall I drink poison, and then you will believe me. Surbhi asks why you are saying this. Nani asks what happened to you. Maninder smiles.

Harak Singh tells Jasleen that she said right and did a right thing for her family, says she wants to see Harman happy. Maninder tells Bebe that whatever happened is good.

Harak Singh gets Kareena’s call who tells her that all kinnars along with Saya is in jail and says you will get the money. Harak Singh gets happy and thinks Soumya will get weaken now and thinks to separate her with her other supporters. Preeto hears him shockingly.

Precap: Harman throws the tea. Soumya smiles. Harman tells Harak Singh that she is teasing us and smiling, can’t mingle with us. Soumya says today tea is thrown and it means hatred is melting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Butchering Harman’s character is not fair… atleast Harman should get monologues to justify the acts…

  2. Today Jasleen plays 3characters in her court , judge , lawyer for Harman and witness too Harman is a victim Who’s she ? Who gives her the right to judge of something she doesn’t know about? Where’s Harman’s love for Saumya gone? He didn’t talk about this friend before ,Suddenly she came and take a great position not only in Harman’s life but in the whole show , Cv makers please get Saumya out of this house very soon for us because we don’t want to see this rubbish anymore , you ruined Harman’s character which we adored it and everyone wants to be as Harman , I feel so sad to see this much pain and anger to see this Jasleen between Harman’s arms , this place only for Saumya no one else , I doubt she is not in Canada for 20 years and still have this bad mind ,What about Harman’s love for Saumya ?It was a lie ? Please respect our minds and our feelings we are normal humans not sadistic people .

    1. Jolly & Friends

      Yes, we all Harman’ Fans agree with you. Where was this stupid girl all this time. Actually who is she to interfere with whole family. What she knows about Harman, Soumya’s Love. We all were very happy to watch the previous Harman’ s loving character. Now, we all hate the whole family, especially Jasleen and harman too. We fear that Harman will lose all his fans because of this show makers. No one can accept Harman’s present character. It is better makers should change the track. Through Jasleen out. They always bring Villains in between Harman and Soumya every time especially Soutans.

  3. Am soooooo angry am boiling what’s happening to this show, need to take a break from it.

  4. Pls. bring soumya back in harman life.

  5. Pls. bring soumya and harman together.

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