Shakti 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh brings Lavneet as Gulabo

Shakti 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum saying she knows how she is feeling and asks her to ask Sameer to take her to the house where her parents used to live. Sameer comes and asks her to have hot samosa. Soumya says I want to go to my parents’ house. Sameer says we will go there and asks her to have samosa first. Soumya says my head is paining thinking about them. Sameer asks her to freshen up and get ready. Soumya goes to get ready. Sameer asks his mum if she provoked Soumya. His mum says if you had not given me promise, then I would have kicked her out. Sameer asks her not to say that. Raavi comes to Bebe’s house and tells her that Harak Singh brought Harman back, but he didn’t tell about Soumya. She asks her to search Soumya. Bebe says why we will search her. Raavi says what are you saying and

asks where is Nani? Bebe gives her Preeto and Chintu’s promise and asks her not to tell Nani. Nani comes and asks did you have any work? Raavi says I was going from here, so came to visit you. Nani asks if Harman and Soumya are found. Raavi says not yet, but I am sure that your puja will work. I am sure that Harman and Soumya will return although many enemies are behind them. Bebe smiles.

Preeto comes to Harman and says good morning. Harman says good morning Maa. Preeto says you have searched my beta and bahu and asks where is bahu? Harman asks Harak Singh where is my Maa’s bahu. Preeto says you didn’t search her still. Harman says bau ji said that she is here. Preeto says you both went together so shall return together. Harman looks surprised. Preeto asks Harman if he remembers how bahu looks? Harman says no, but remembers the name Gulabo. Harak Singh says I told you many times that he lost his memory and asks Preeto if she remembers how her bahu looks like? Preeto says I remember and says I will make her pic. She tries to make Soumya’s sketch. Shanno tries to stop her. Preeto asks her to move back. Preeto says I am making bahu’s sketch and says you all are fake. Everyone panics. Preeto tries and tears the papers when she couldn’t make the right sketch. Shanno smiles. Preeto tears all papers and throws on Harman’s face. She says you don’t remember how your wife looks like, and says I will not accept you as my son till you bring my bahu back. Harman says I think everyone is lying infront of me and asks where is my Gulabo? Harak Singh says all Gurdaspur called you as Harman. Harman says my Maa wants her bahu back and if I didn’t get my Gulabo then I will leave. Harak Singh thinks Preeto doesn’t remember Soumya’s face and she will not identify if I bring fake Gulabo. He gets Sameer’s call and comes to room. He asks him to say.

Sameer brings Soumya to a house and asks her to come. He rings the door bell. A man opens the door and asks them to come inside. Sameer tells Soumya that her parents used to stay in the house on rent. Man tells that they have flushed all the memories of the house in river as pandit ji told, but have kept some toys and sarees with us. His wife brings sarees and toys. Man says this is your parents last memory. Soumya takes the stuff and cries. Sameer asks Soumya to handle herself and come. They leave. Sameer looks at the man while going. Harak Singh is hiding inside and thanks the man for his acting. He gives him big amount. Man thanks him. Sameer asks Soumya to stay there till he brings water. He comes to the man’s house. Harak Singh smiles and signs him. Sameer brings Soumya to his house and says I can understand what you are going through, but this is truth and you have to accept it. Naina song plays…..Harman misses Soumya and thinks of her.

Next morning, Raavi gives lep to Harman and says Vaid ji gave this to me so that you will get back your memory. She says I will apply. Harman asks what is her relation with him? Raavi says I am your sister? Harman throws it and says I just need my Gulabo. Harak Singh says she is waiting for you in the room. Harman says if I don’t find her then I will change everyone’s names. Veeran and Shanno are shocked. Raavi gets happy and asks if Soumya came? Harak Singh says Gulabo is bahu of the house and I have brought her.

Harman rushes to his room and sees a bride sitting on the bed. He asks if she is his Gulabo? Woman nods her head. Harman says since I gain consciousness, I remember just my Gulabo and God made me meet you. He lifts her ghunghat and sees Lavneet. He is taken aback.

Harman runs out of room. Lavneet follows him and says she is his Gulabo. Harak Singh says she is your Gulabo, your own wife. Harman says she is a betrayal girl and I am just a subject for her. Sameer tells Soumya that he wants her marry her as soon as possible. Soumya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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