Shakti 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya dances in the party at neighbors’ house

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Shakti 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts in Kinnars’ house. A man comes there and asks kinnars to come to Navjot Singh’s house and dance. He asks them to bring the head Guru Maa and says you will get more money. Saya asks if he has gone mad. She says Navjot’s Singh’s house is beside Harak Singh’s house and tells that they want to insult Harak Singh and his family by calling Guru maa there. She says we will not come there. Soumya comes and tells the man that she will come surely and all the kinnars will also come. She asks man to do the arrangements. Saya tells Soumya that her decision is wrong. Soumya says she is Gurumaa and is thinking about the kinnars clan. Chameli asks her to think about Harman and asks what will he think? Harman says he already knows everything. Saya asks her not to go if she ever thought her as her mother. She asks her not to break the relation fully and don’t make the relations worse. Soumya still insists to go and asks them to get ready. Saya says she will see how she will go. Soumya says she is the head Gurumaa and asks everyone to get ready. Saya feels insulted and hurt and asks them to get ready. Chameli asks her to handle herself.

Veeran tells Harak Singh that Navjot Singh called us as his son Jeetu got married. Harak Singh says we will not go. Preeto says we will go there. Harman says she is right and asks everyone to decide what they want to do. Harak Singh refuses to go. Preeto asks Shanno and others to get ready.

Guests come to Navjot’s house. Lamba greets him and asks about Harak Singh’s family. Other guest asks if he called Harak’s kinnar bahu. Navjot’s wife says they have thought to make their tamasha as they have humiliated the society. Preeto and others come there. Navjot’s wife asks about Harman and Harak Singh. Shanno says Harman is worried so he stayed at home and that’s why bhaisaheb stayed with him. Navjot’s wife says bad thing happened with you that your kinnar bahu left you, for whom you have supported going against the society. Preeto says we have understand that we have to follow society norms. Soumya gets ready. Shakti song plays….Chameli asks Saya to get ready. Saya says don’t know why she wants to ruin her home and says if I tell her anything then she brings Guru maa’s position between us. Chameli says we will talk to her once she calms down.

Harman comes to Harak Singh’s room. Harak Singh says you are looking sad and asks what he wants to say. Harman says I agree that I scolded her badly, but she shall have made me understand if she had loved me, when I went to return her stuff, she took it. Harak Singh says she loves you very much and says whenever there was a fight, it is husband’s mistake. He asks him to go and bring Soumya, says he will convince Preeto.

At the party, A guest lady asks Navjot if he didn’t call a kinnar for the blessings. Navjot says I called them. Just then kinnars come there dancing. Soumya makes an entry shocking everyone. Sindhu and Raavi are shocked. Sindhu tries to talk to her, but Shanno stops her. Shanno tells Preeto that Soumya is humiliating them. Soumya looks at Preeto and recalls her words, Preeto asking her to leave calling her kinnar. Soumya goes to stage and blesses the newly weds. Navjot’s wife and others smile. Saya is upset. Others kinnars go and bless the couple. Soumya and others are about to leave. Navjot’s wife asks Soumya to dance. Raavi asks why you want to insult our family. Navjot’s wife says your bahu joined the kinnars’ community and you are blaming us. Soumya says if you had called a bahu then I would have replied, but you have called Gurumaa here. She says she will dance and take the nek.

Soumya dances on the song ghar more pardesiya……Harman comes there and holds Soumya’s hand stopping her. Harak Singh also comes. Soumya looks at Harman. Harman asks her to stop everything and come with him. Soumya asks him to leave her hand. She says this is not your Gulabo’s hand, but kinnars’ community Gurumaa’s hand. She says many kinnars will gather on her call and asks him to leave her hand. Shakti plays…..Kinnars are coming towards Soumya. Harman says this is the matter between husband and wife, nobody shall interfere.

Precap: Harman takes Soham to his house. Preeto asks him to give Soham to her. Soumya comes with kinnars and asks Harman to return her son. Harman says if you want to stay with Soham then stay in this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman it is the time to take preetos advice. She made mistakes then but what she is doing is ri8 ples give up that idiot soumya. She ll live her life as a senseless gurumaa and spoil other kiners too. When they realize they will get her out from there. Then she ll ubderstand her senselessness dont pamper her anymore. Start to hate soumya like anything

  2. U must b jealous of soumya thats why u tok so negatively about her despite being a woman yourself. All wifes deserve love and pampering from husbands soumya isn’t an exception just cos she’s inters*x she’s human too! When her in laws constantly call her kinnar it hurts her I don’t blame her going back to her community whats so bad about that? Harman said she takes advantage of her kinnar identity but now she’s doing things independently and doesn’t need no rude hurtful man like harman to bring her down when she needs him the most!

  3. If you watched todays episode harak singh even sed its harmans fault soumya has left him so yeah. Get your facts straight and watch the serial properly lol

  4. I am not blaming her because of her identity just because of her iresponsiblity as a bahu and a lover. Writers trying to show soumya as a positive character bcoz she is a protagonist so that they made sensless other characters to support her. Then y she has too wear that sindhoor by insulting her family identity. Let it be. What else this stupid is doing to kinner community empowerment . Just go and asking for nek in a makeover like pr*stitutes. If she really love harman then she will remember him before doing these kind of senseless things. Coward soumya left the house without even telling harman about her decision . And so cunningly took soham without ant sort of guilt. And she wants harman to console her. If she stayed at home he might console her at once but what she did. She wants Harman to ne a most responsible empathizing husband no fault in expecting these things as a wife but she should empathize him too. She never did that. Harman is good human being but his fate made him to fall for this sensless kinner. I am not at all blaming all the trangenders. chamelli, mallika and others who knows her life understand the sitatuation in the better way. But she is once again taking advantage of being gurmaa this time she is going to spoil Soham and her community. Then you will understand what Harman said is ri8 abou her useless stubbornness. Before caling harman inhumane remember he is the only one who stood for her in all time after her mother. Writers have changed soumya as a senseless idiot. What u guys ll do for that without supporting her blindly. Watch the serial from the episode onwards then you ll understand who is good and who is sensless

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