Shakti 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Maninder takes Surbhi to his house

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Shakti 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi about to fall down on the road, Soumya holds her on time and saves her baby. She finds thread and card on the road and asks who has thrown this. She scolds the people on road. Varun says if this baby is not mine then it will be of nobody else. Surbhi and Soumya return home. Soumya says Doctor said that both mother and baby are fine and shows prescription and do and don’t list which she wrote. She asks Surbhi to sit and says she will make juice for her. Maninder and Beeji come there. Maninder asks Surbhi why she didn’t tell him that she came. Surbhi says you knows well why I didn’t call you. Beeji asks her to forget the past and come with them. Soumya says Surbhi will not have any problem here. Harman comes and says who can take care of her better than Soumya. Beeji thinks they won’t let us take Surbhi easily. Shanno is cleaning the floor. Beeji asks Raavi why Shanno is doing this. Raavi says she is paying for her sins. Harman says I will tell you and tells everything.

Meanwhile, Maninder goes behind Soumya to her room. Soumya says Papa…you are here. Maninder says not until now, but if you don’t agree then something bad will happen. He says baby can become kinnar with your effect and says you don’t realize this, but I do. He asks do you want Surbhi’s baby to be born as kinnar. Soumya says she don’t want this happen. Maninder says baby gets affected by the people around it. Soumya says I am her sister and wants to take care of her. Maninder says if you want Surbhi to have a normal child then let me take Surbhi from here and folds his hands infront of Soumya. Soumya cries. Beeji asks her to come with her and stay peacefully. Surbhi gets Varun’s call and she picks the call. Varun asks if she is fine and says I heard that you have fallen on road. He says I would have held you if I was with me, and taunts Soumya. Surbhi says she is happy that he is not with her and says she is not scared of anyone. Beeji tells Surbhi that they will leave. Soumya comes and asks Surbhi to go with Papa and Dadi, and tells that her first child shall be born in her mayka. Harman says this is also her mayka. Soumya says mayka is parents’ home. Surbhi refuses to go with them. Soumya says Dadi and Papa want you to stay with them. Beeji says house is near, Soumya can come and meet you.

Soumya gives medicine and prescription and the note of do’s and don’t’s, She tells that Surbhi needs to eat fruits and vegetables. Maninder says you don’t worry about her, old age woman knows how to take care of pregnant women. Surbhi asks her to keep list with herself and call her. Soumya also asks her to call her. They leave. Harman asks Soumya why did you let surbhi go? Soumya says Papa and Dadi had come to take her. Harman says you always think of others. He asks her to serve the food. She thinks of Maninder’s words and cries. Preeto comes to kitchen and sees Soumya crying. She asks why did you ask Surbhi to go? Soumya says Papa said that I am a kinnar and with my bad affect, Surbhi’s baby can be born as kinnar. She says how can Papa say this, why will I want this happen with my sister’s child and says I just want to take care of choti. She asks do you also think that my affect was bad on Surbhi. Preeto says if I was old Preeto then would have said this, but not now. She says his thinking is bad and asks her to forget it. She says they will make saunt laddo and asks her to give to Surbhi. She tells her that she knows much thing, and tells that she can’t see tears in her eyes.

Harak Singh gives the papers to Harman which Veeran made him signed and asks him to give half share to Veeran. Harman thinks partition will happen as he decides. Preeto comes out of kitchen and sees Harak Singh getting upset smelling the smell coming from the kitchen. Preeto recalls making laddo and Harak Singh coming to kitchen, preeto telling that only pregnant mums can have it, Harak Singh asks why can’t a father? She comes to Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks if Soumya is making laddo for Surbhi’s baby. Preeto nods her head. Harak Singh says he had wished that his bahu makes laddoo for her baby. Preeto asks him to accept the truth that they can’t become grand parents. Harman hears them and thinks Soumya is his wife and no other woman can come in his life. He thinks he will give them a heir.

Soumya feels the baby kicking keeping hand on Surbhi’s tummy and gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    WHAR ROT ARE HINDI SERIALS SHOWING NOW A DAYS. The hero Harman is uneducated, does no work and behaves like a goonda criminal. All is justified in name of love as if he owns the heroine. The hero of r serial Krishna chali LONDON IS 9TH CLASS fail behaves like a goonda It is justified he loves his wife.Te children and teenagers are watching these serials You are teaching them wrong things do not study or work for their living, behave like a goonda . All this for TRP Serials should be censored for their contents.

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