Shakti 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Bebe shocks Maninder with Heer’s truth

Shakti 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun telling Shanno that Soham is doing as they thought. Bebe calls Shanno and tells that she is Soumya’s Dadi and wants Varun’s address. Shanno asks why you need his address. Bebe says I am on your side. Shanno says I will message you. Varun asks Shanno why bebe wants to meet her grand daughter’s murderer. Shanno tells that bebe hates Soumya so much that she can forgive Surbhi’s murderer to get rid of Soumya. She asks him to go home and asks him to be careful from Rohan and Heer. Heer comes back home and throws the toys on the floor. Shakti song plays….Preeto asks what happened to you. Rohan calls Heer. Heer throws the toys and kicks it. Preeto asks her to calm down and asks what happened? Heer asks what does he think of himself, if he don’t want to talk then I also don’t want to talk to him. Rohan says she is talking about Soham. Sindhu says Soham met them in school and refused to identify them. Heer tears the drawing made by Soham. Rohan asks where is Soham? Preeto says we will bring him. Heer says she don’t want to talk to him and goes to her room. Preeto recalls Heer and Harman’s striking resemblance and anger. She thinks even Harman used to break the things and then leave.

Varun brings toys for Soham. Soham gets happy and asks if it is for him. Varun says yes. Soham plays with his toys and recalls Heer asking him to let her play with Dog, but Soham refuses to let her play. A fb is shown, Soham refuses to let Heer play. Heer cries. Rohan tells Heer that both of them want to play with Dog. Soumya comes and tells that Heer is younger than him. She asks him to play with other toy till then. She tries to make him understand that Heer is small than him and he shall let her play. Fb ends. Soham gets upset and goes. Varun calls him.

Heer calls Gayatri and asks her to make her talk to Reet. Gayatri calls Reet and asks her to talk to Heer. Reet takes the call and asks Heer if Soham is found. Heer cries and tells that Soham met them today in school and said that he is not our brother. Sindhu comes there and asks Heer not to cry. She asks her to say bye to Reet and talk to her later. Reet ends the call and cries too. Sindhu pacifies Heer. Heer misses Soumya. Bebe comes to Varun’s house and thinks to inform him that heer is a kinnar. She rings the bell. Varun opens the door, but couldn’t see anyone. He thinks kids might have rang the bell and goes inside. Maninder hides with Bebe and keeps hand on her mouth. He asks why do you come here, to inform him about Soumya so that Varun can kill her. He keeps his hand on her neck and says I can go to any length to save Soumya. Bebe says why you changed so much and tells that Soumya is a kinnar.

Maninder says you will not go out of house from now on. Reet comes to Soumya and tells her that Heer is very troubled, as her brother refused to identify her. She asks her to tell how to help Heer. Soumya feels movement in her body. Gayatri comes there and asks Reet to hold her hand. She takes injection. Reet says I couldn’t hold her hand and asks Maninder to help Mamma. Gayatri asks Reet to go and says she will handle alone and gives injection to Soumya. Soumya opens her eyes. Gayatri asks her if she can see her or hear her. Maninder goes. Gayatri asks Soumya to give her some sign. Soumya blinks her eyes. Gayatri takes another injection and gives to Soumya. She is about to go, when Soumya holds her hand.

Gayatri tells Soumya that she understood everything and says you can hear us and can understand too. She asks her to get well soon, as her saas and daughter Heer need her. She asks her to be fine soon. Maninder is standing outside. Gayatri tells him that Soumya will be fine soon and goes out. Reet and Maninder look at Soumya. Maninder recalls his hatred for Soumya and thinks he has understood Nimmi’s way to keep her safe and will do the same thing now. He brings a dupatta and asks Reet to tie one side of dupatta to Soumya’s hand. Reet asks what will happen with this? Maninder says this will protect her. Reet ties one side of dupatta to Soumya’s hand.

Varun calls bebe and asks why you wanted to meet me. Bebe says to make you understand to leave Soham. He says he will not. She asks him not to call her. Maninder comes there and tells that he will keep eye on her for 24 hours. Bebe says it is better for Soumya to die and tells that Nimmi, Nani and Harman died while trying to save her. Maninder says what worst could happen than my death. Bebe asks him to understand and tells that Soumya made all the arrangement for their humiliation and tells that there are two kinnars now, one is Soumya and other is Heer. Maninder is shocked.

Precap: Heer asks Gulabo to get up for her. Soumya gets up and calls Heer. Heer runs to her and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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