Shakti 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya proves Kinnars’ innocence and frees them from lock up

Shakti 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman apologizing to Nani. Nani says if I get upset then I have to get upset all life. Shanno thinks if baby talks ends then the matter will never be raised again. She thinks she is having letter also now. Nani asks Harman to handle the factory. Jeet gets a call for an interview. Raavi comes and asks with whom he is talking to. Jeet tells about the interview call. Harak Singh says he is a lafandar and can’t handle. Nani says this business is his and asks Harak Singh to let him handle. She sends Veeran on the pretext of getting tulsi leave. Preeto and Surbhi go. Nani tells Harak Singh that she will handle everything, but now Harman is angry. Shanno burns the letter and laughs. Jeet gets a job in a company. Balwinder and Kishan Lal see him. Balwinder says you will be ruined now. Boss recalls balwinder and kishan lal asking him to give job to Jeet. They come to Boss and asks him to ruin Jeet, else he will be ruined.

Harman tells Soumya that Harak Singh can’t be trusted and will throw him out of factory again. Soumya says he is your Papa ji and will not do that. Harman says from where did she get a big heart and tells that he loves her. He gets romantic. Soumya pushes him and asks him to call the staff members. She tells the staff members that whatever toys they will made in the factory, they will make an entry for half of toys and they will sell the other half by their names. She says whoever has objection can leave. Harman is surprised and asks them to continue working in their factory. Soumya asks Harman to come. They see a worker talking to Harak Singh and telling about Soumya’s plan. Harman comes there and catches him. Soumya asks the worker to come to Police station and accept his crime of keeping drugs in the factory.

A thief tells that he wants a separate lock up for himself. Constable refuses and locks him with kinnars. Police Inspector tells that even a small time thief doesn’t want to stay with you and scolds them for dreaming to work in Harman’s factory. Soumya and Harman come there with the worker. He accepts his crime. Inspector frees Kinnars and asks Worker to be there for sometime, and assures to close his case. Surbhi tells Nani that she wants to go home as dadi is unwell. Varun refuses to let her go. Nani asks Surbhi to go and take care of her child. Shanno comes to Nani and asks about her health. Nani says she does yoga and is fit. She says she spends most of the time in kitchen. Nani asks her tell clearly. Shanno tells Nani that Soumya goes to kitchen 30 days and do puja for 30 days. Nani says she will ask Preeto. Shanno asks her to ask Soumya.

Kinnars thank Soumya. Soumya sya syou have supported me in all troiubles. She tells that they have started working in factory and partition line is wiped out. Saya tells that they will bless them. Chameli says we can do that.

Harman tells Harak Singh that he will shout and tell everyone that his wife is kinnar and can’t give a baby, but can give motherly love. He doesn’t regret even if people kill them. He asks Harak Singh not to stoop low.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jasjeet kaur

    Lovely serial.we are waiting when will it be k own that Soumya is not a kinnar it’s a great serial love watching it.

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