Shakti 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya’s arguments

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Preeto sat in the hall lost in thoughts. Shanno passes by and thinks about teasing her. She dials the landline number. Preeto attends the call restlessly, no one speaks from the other side. Preeto calls everyone to gather around. She says she is sure it must be Harman, he must have only wanted to hear her voice.
Suomya was awake late at night. She comes out of the hospital and sits on a bench playing with the bracelet. She thinks her life is like a raw paper, everything from her past has been wiped off. She wonders what she will do in future, when her memory would return. She watch a young girl and a man pass by her. She thinks her parents must be looking for her, she must do something by herself now. Harman holds her hand from behind and says he can’t let her go. He was mistrustful of her, she argues where she would go, she has no place to leave. Suomya insists on him to leave her hand else… Harman was stubborn. Suomya shouts for help, the police and crowd gather around. Harman dodge the police and run from the hospital. Suomya was pity of his stupidity. Harman reach the midst of a street, he thinks he has been trapped, where to go now?
Maninder was having dinner with ladies inside. Someone cut the electricity connection. Maninder comes outside to find villagers cut their supply. They deter not to let Maninder live peacefully. Maninder wonders if children are brought up for this day.
Harak Singh was praying to God for help, he has been left alone. Upstairs, Shanno, Veeran and Varun watched him tensed and were happy that their attempts to search Harman have been limited.
Harman returns to the ward and turns the light on. Suomya wakes up from sleep, she asks him to turn the lights off. Harman says he feels fearful and can’t sleep in dark. Suomya gets up to leave the ward, Harman doesn’t let her because he won’t be able to sleep that way. Suomya lay back waiting for Harman to sleep so that she can turn the lights off. Harman decides not to sleep at night.
The next morning, Mr and Mrs. Kaushal were walking across the hospital with Harman and Suomya. Dr. Kaushal say they need much rest for recovery of their memory. Harman deters to tell Dr. Kaushal about Suomya’s attempt to leave the hospital. Suomya blames Harman for harassment. Mr and Mrs. Kaushal take them to a hall for meditation.
The villagers come to Harak Singh, they tell Harak Singh in the hall and Preeto in the room that Harman might no more be alive. Harak Singh and Preeto were hysteric and charge over the villagers for such suspicions. After the villagers have left, Shanno murmurs to Veeran he must bring such people home after every few days. Harak Singh and Preeto must accept their son and daughter in law are dead.
Mr. Kaushal asks Harman to think he is rolling down a high peak mountain. His mother stands at the base with her arms open for him. Similarly, Mrs. Kaushal instructs Suomya with the same. Harman recalls shouting I love you Gulabo and says it louder. Suomya remembered the ringing of anklets. Harman asks if she was a dancer? Dr. Kaushal suggests she could be a dance teacher as well. Harman insists teachers have mind, she is out of her mind. Suomya was irritated and turns to leave the hall. Harman thanks Dr. Kaushal, atleast this meditation made him realize there is a girl in his life whom he loves dearly. Suomya says God save the girl whom he loves. Harman forbids her utter a single word against his Gulabo.

PRECAP: Suomya breaks into cry while a meditation exercise with Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal. She was worried that her parents and siblings must be looking for her, she needs to go to them. Harman walks towards her and wipes the tears off her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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