Shakti 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya rescues Harman in the nick of time

Shakti 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling that he will not come down until Soumya comes there. Preeto asks the people on road to help her and says he is my only son. Harman asks Preeto to go and bring her bahu. He tells that his wife went away because of his mum and asks her to shout on TV or radio or call her. Preeto says I didn’t know where is she? Man asks him to stop. Harman pours kerosene oil on his clothes. Preeto faints. Soumya makes coffee. Manager asks her to serve it. People sprinkle water on Preeto and makes her gain conscious. Harman gets tensed about her. Preeto asks people to call media, cameraman, police and ministers so that they cover his story and her bahu watches on TV. The people call Police, media etc. Police comes there and asks Harman to get down. Harman says he will light fire to

himself. Media also comes there asking Harman to get down. Someone asks Manager to put on the TV. Manager switches on TV. Harman says my Soumya, Gulabo and My Khushi, please come to me else I will burn myself. Soumya watches on the news channel. Harman says it seems I have to die. Media reporter asks Harman’s wife to come to him. Someone asks Preeto to show the pic. Preeto shows Harman and Soumya’s pic. Everyone in the restaurant sees the pic and look at Soumya. Manager asks Soumya to go and tells that she is lucky to have such a husband. The people in the restaurant ask her to go.

Harman tells that he will light himself on fire and jump. Preeto worries thinking Harman is not acting. The staff member asks Soumya to go. Soumya recalls Preeto calling her Soumya, her bahu. Soumya runs out of the restaurant to reach the place. Harman is about to light the match stick. Preeto asks Harman to stop. Harman is about to burn himself and says I love you, when Soumya comes there and asks him to come down. Harman gets happy and says I know you will definitely come. He comes down. Preeto hugs Soumya. Before Harman could come to her, Soumya runs. Harman shouts Soumya and runs to search her. Preeto thanks everyone and tells that they will solve their problem. Media and Police go. Harman follows Soumya. Preeto also follows her.

Harak Singh calls neighbors and tells that he made this house with his hard earned money, and tells that his brother backstabbed him and kicked him out of the house. Neighbors say we don’t hope this from him. Police comes out with Veeran. Neighbors tell that Veeran and his family can’t kick Harak Singh out. Police says they have court papers. Shanno says this house is ours legally. Harak Singh says I was worried about my son and my brother got my signatures while I was drunk. Inspector says you have to prove this in court. Neighbor scolds Veeran and asks why is he doing this? Veeran asks him to go. Inspector threatens the neighbor. Harak Singh says these neighbors are my family and tells that he wants his house back. Neighbor tells that they can’t do anything as the papers are on Veeran’s name. Inspector asks Constable to be there and inform him if Harak Singh or others do anything. Shanno asks Veeran and others to come. They get inside and close the door. Harak Singh tells neighbors that they are his only hopes. Neighbors tell that we can’t help you. Harak Singh says everyone is selfish, I will see everyone. Raavi asks him not to worry and says we will find a way. Harak Singh tells that he has seen today that the family members betrayed him and blames himself for giving them liberty to betray him. He promotes the new show tantra. Raavi says we will get our house back and says I will pray that Khanna family will know about the tantra trap.

Soumya comes to the restaurant back. Manager asks if everyone is fine between them. Soumya nods. She starts working. Preeto also comes outside the restaurant. Harman and Preeto see Soumya working in the restaurant and serving coffee to customers. Preeto says Soumya is changed and is very bold now. Harman says lets go and bring your bahu. Raavi calls Preeto and tells her about Veeran and others conspiracy. Preeto is shocked. She tells Harman that she will go now, and asks him to convince Soumya and bring her home.

Harman comes inside the restaurant and asks Soumya why she ran from there. Soumya says I don’t want to make any drama. She asks him to go. Harman asks her to come out and talk and throws the crockery. He brings her out and tells her that he wants to make her remember their relation. He says you are Soumya and I am Harman. Soumya says we have no relation between us.

Harman sings tune mujhe pehchana nahi…and plays guitar in the restaurant. Soumya serves coffee to the customers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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