Shakti 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena blackmailing Harak Singh to expose all their black doings. Saya comes and asks what she is talking about? She says dance is our professional to make people happy and not to scare them. She says when I said that I will talk, then can’t you have some patience. Neighbors ask what you are hiding? Saya says if your wife went to mayka angrily. Neighbor says yes. Saya says we don’t have any mayka and we think your homes as our mayka. Whenever there is a happy environment at your house, we come, dance and ask something. She says when people like Harak Singh doesn’t give us good nek then we do this. Neighbors asks if his bahu is pregnant. Saya says no and tells that Harak Singh’s grand son came here and that’s why we are asking for nek. Neighbors asks for party. Saya asks Kareena to come from there silently, and says bye to Harak Singh. Viren gives money and asks her to take. Saya takes money. Viren asks her to make Kareena understand well. They leave. Neighbors also leave.

Soumya cries and tells Surbhi that only Kareena was her friend and wanted to see her happy, tried all possible things to send her back. She says why did she do this today? Surbhi tries to console her. Soumya says I have less relations with me, people who love and understand me are less. Surbhi says may be she is having some helplessness. I will talk to her.

Preeto tells that it was good that Mallika/Saya called them else their respect would have ruined. Saya asks her to open back door. Preeto opens back door. Saya comes inside. Fb ends. Preeto says why did they come suddenly. Harak Singh says magnet is sitting here as a kinnar here. He says their society will come here to take her. Shanno says we can’t throw her or can’t let her stay here. Harman comes and hears her. He asks what is the new Siyappa? He gives toys and clothes to Chinty and Raavi. He asks what is the matter? Harak Singh says he shall know and tells that if your intelligence is damaged. Saya tells Kareena that she is freeing her as she was Soumya’s friend before. She asks her not to make her think her as rani and raveena. Harak Singh tells that his respect is getting ruined because of kinnar. He says how can we stay in the house with a kinnar.

Varun recalls provoking Kareena against Soumya and thinks thank god, she didn’t take my name. Harman asks if this is the problem and calls Gulabo…Soumya and Surbhi come there. Soumya says you are afraid of society, respect, kinnars etc. He says I will take Gulabo to terrace, and will shout aloud that my Gulabo is a kinnar. Soumya and everyone is shocked. Harman asks him to kick them out of house, and says then we will leave from here, and make our new world, you will get your respect and I will get my Gulabo. Everyone is shocked. He is going to terrace with Soumya. Preeto and others try to stop him. Harman says I will end this siyappa today. I have loved a person and don’t care if she is a kinnar. He asks Soumya to come.

Just then Harak Singh shoots with his gun. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh asks Harman not to spoil his family respect else he will kill everyone. He says but today I am saying, I will not kill everyone for you. I will kill myself and keeps gun on his head. He asks him to smash his respect under his feet and go, and says when you return, you will see my dead body. Preeto is also shocked and tries to stop him. Harak Singh asks them not to come near him. Harman looks unaffected. Harak Singh says today you have proved that we have no relation. He says I will shoot myself. Preeto holds her hands and asks him to keep gun down. Soumya asks Harman to leave her hand. Harman says he is acting and had done this before also. Soumya says even if he is doing acting, think that he is helpless to do. She asks him to go to Harak Singh. She frees her hand and runs to outhouse room. Harman is forced to stop Harak singh but goes to his room. Preeto shouts Harman. Harak Singh keeps the gun down. Everyone go from there. Harak Singh sits down helpless. Preeto hugs him and cries.

Kareena tells Chameli that nobody ever scolded her in this house, but today Mallika slapped her without touching her, and blames Soumya. She says she was with us and saw our tears and sorrows. Chameli asks her to accept that Soumya is having good fate and is accepted by her family. Kareena says no and determines to ruin Soumya and bring her back to kinnar world. She says nobody can come in my way now. If needed, I will make everyone leave my way. Chameli is shocked to hear Kareena’s evil plans.

Soumya thinks Papa ji took this big step because of me and thinks what to do to make everything fine. Preeto says I will tell you, and says you would have brought some poison before coming to our house. She takes out her anger on her and says our son is mad about you. She says if your truth is out, then society will kick you out, then Harman will follow you and what we will get then. She says if my husband have died then what would have happened? She says Surbhi shall give us heir soon and acts to pray. Soumya says Surbhi knows about the conditions of marriage and she will make everything fine.

Harman is looking at his phone. Surbhi comes and says I want to say you something. She says whenever something happens at home, you always stood at di’s are so good. Harman sees her wiping her face with his towel and gets up. He asks her not to use his towel or his bathroom again. If anyone ask you, then tell them I asked you not to use it. Surbhi says you are forgetting something..She says I am your wife and have right on this room except this bed. She says we are married and I have atleast this much right. Harman picks a glass and throws it. Raavi hears them. Harman says what right…I am married to Soumya and not you, and I can do anything for her, and can kick you out also for her.

Preeto holds Soumya’s hand and takes her to Harman’s room. They see Surbhi and Harman sleeping at different places. Soumya asks Surbhi to give heir to family and asks her to get closer to him. Surbhi feels helpless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi frds, I hate preeto .no mum will see son’s bedroom like this . Shameless women. I thought after chintu’s arrival the track will go nice but we r seeing the same pteeto’s drama. I have one doubt y Harman is unaware of varun and preeto’s evil plan. Not showing chintu and somu together.

  2. Hi karthi, yenna aachu exam ah ? Y no comments.

    Hi raji, hw r u? Any gud news frm spoiler? Plz do comment.

    Hi kopz, neenga Chennai la which place ma?

    Hi uthaya, y no comments? Plz come back soon.

    1. Hi ammu akka oneweek ah fever ippo tan konjam paracale Adan cmnt pannala

  3. Ammu yesterday comment panni irukkean parunga but late

  4. I don’t think that preeto is a mother in any way :/
    I was hoping too that the track with chinto will be refreshing from all the preeto, sorbhi and kasam head ache , but noooo the cv’s are bent to kill us all by high p.b before the show ends 🙁

  5. Peyar thaan shakthi but romba weak comments la. Paavam yaaraavathu tonic koduthu boost pannunga ma.

  6. Hi raji,ippa thaan unga comment paathen but intha writers nammla aasai kaati mosam seivaanga pa yenna athula vara paathu news fake thaan. Hope for better track.

  7. Where is Tanvi and bunny ? Till now no comments. U both r true fans of sakthi serial becoz u both of them give comments first and second respectively. Today I got ur place. Iam the first ? becoz iam vetti here. I miss u both.

  8. evry time harman stands by soumya bt she has become too helpless under the pressure of preeto…. no prt of somya nd chintu together…..
    may be nw surbhi tries 2 get close to harman

  9. Stop this stupid drama and do not lead us to watch harman sleep eirh surbi for somia that is non sence respect us

  10. I have no words to express about today episode.soumya nd Harman gave powerpacked performance.OMG both r rocks d show.i hate Preeto, surbhi veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.instead of supporting her sister she is trying to snatch her sister’s husband.waste fellow of d world is surbhi.pls remove that useless character.precap is disgusting.hasan pls update fast. I agree with your comments Ammu byeeee3.

  11. H HASAN update faster…. And I am fed up of both sisters One wants her sister to romance with jeeja and the other wants wife ‘s right from Jeeju… I pity Harman but loving the way that he always supports the right…

  12. Hi guys..i m frm ambattur ammu ma..somya itself makng surbi 2 get closer to harman.i hate varun.raavi could do fr haya..

  13. 1 gud nws to all ..harman turns somya savior agnst kareena’s evil..and he finally finds varun cheap tricks..

  14. I feel vry shame of preeto.kudh apne beta k zndagi karaab kar rhi hai.jitne vo somya se door karthe utne hrman kareeb ha

  15. Harman and soumya r best couple and I hate surbhi alot…….

  16. Always preeto plays with harman feelings.I don’t think preeto really loves Harman as son

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