Shakti 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeto and Parmeet ask Harman to bring Virat, Heer and Soumya safely

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The Episode starts with Angel and Daljeet are coming out of the storeroom and find Harman and his family standing infront of them. Daljeet gets shocked. Angel looks on uneffected. Preeto says Jai Mata di. Angel pushes Daljeet on Harak Singh and Veeran and runs towards outside. Veeran and Harak Singh hold Daljeet. Preeto looks at Angel running out and hits her with a frying pan. Angel falls down. Harman comes there and sees Angel on floor. He holds her neck and makes her sit. Everyone comes there. Harman makes Angel stand. Preeto comes to Angel and slaps her hard. She says you was playing this game under our nose and what do you think that we will not know. She asks Harman when did he come to know? Harman says Angel was sending me pics and messages of whatever happening in our house. He says Angel did such a conspiracy that first she trapped Parmeet and then Mahi. He says I doubted them, later I realized that Mahi is innocent. He says Virat called me then and told that he is running behind someone, who went to the storeroom. He says then my doubt gets sure that they are in the storeroom. He asks Angel to tell where is Soumya and Heer? He says you don’t know me, I don’t want to raise hand on you and asks her to tell where is his Soumya and Heer. Mahi looks on hearing his words. Harman asks her to tell else he will kill her. Angel asks him to leave them and think of Virat, who might be taking last breaths on the road somewhere. Everyone is shocked.

The goons run. Virat beats them. He asks the goon to tell where is Heer and Soumya. The other goons run away. Just then he hears Soumya asking for help. He leaves the goon there and runs inside. He calls Soumya and asks if she is inside. Soumya is tied and sitting on the chair. Virat asks if she is Soumya. Soumya says yes. Virat assures to take her out.

Sant Baksh and Parmeet come there. Sant Baksh gets angry seeing Daljeet with Angel and says I didn’t hope this from you. I can never think of this in my dreams, you didn’t leave me to show my face to anyone. He says this kinnar is not related to us, but you are our son. He asks how can he do this with his brother. Harman apologizes to Parmeet and says we knew that you was not with Angel, we couldn’t tell you. Parmeet gets angry. Sant baksh asks her to leave it and asks Harman if Daljeet and Angel opened their mouth. Harman says no sir. Preeto and Parmeet look at each other. Parmeet forwards her hand towards Preeto. Preeto holds her hand. Parmeet says when the matter is about our kids, how can we different? Preeto says two mothers can be enemies, but when the matter is about our kids, then we will unite. Parmeet says you don’t know about mothers’ power, your evil thought can’t win and you can’t harm our children.

Virat tries to break the door with the stone and calls Harman. Harman asks Angel to tell where is Soumya and Heer. Angel says she didn’t know, Daljeet must have known as he helped her. Daljeet nods no. Harman gets Virat’s call and shows her his call. Everyone relaxes. Virat tells Harman that Soumya is found and asks him to come there, tells that he has sent location to him. Harman says ok. Virat asks him to come there fast. Just then the goons put the net on Virat and hits on his head. The phone falls down from his hand. Harman shouts Virat. Parmeet asks if he is fine. The goons beat Virat. More goons come there. The waiter goon ends the call. They catch Virat in the net. Parmeet asks Angel to tell where is Virat? Angel smiles. Parmeet asks her to tell where is Virat? Angel says I feel pity on you, your one son is devil and other is going to die. She says I will not tell even if I die. She says she will take everyone before death. Sant Baksh says I will search my son, but will send you both to such a place, that you will not get even sunrays. His team comes and arrests Angel and Daljeet. Parmeet asks Harman to go and bring Virat, Heer and Soumya. Preeto asks Harman to go and bring their loves ones. Shakti song plays…Mahi stands upset. Harman runs.

Precap: Soumya asks Virat who he is. He says, your Heer’s Virat. A goon takes out a knife and Soumya gets scared. Harman enters and beats up the goons. Soumya hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Finally soumya is shown.

    1. Yes. Soumya is Back. Heer will also be Back Soon

  2. Yes thank god soumaya is back, hopefully heer recovers and comes back super soon.

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