Shakti 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Varun attempts to kill Surbhi’s baby

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Shakti 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi seeing beheaded toy and gets shocked. Varun calls her and asks if she is scared. He says did you think that bomb will explode and says I am very bad, but a good father. He says what do you think that I will put your or my baby’s life in danger. Surbhi says father? She says animal is much better than you. Varun says I did this to bring your closer. Balwinder and Veeran looks at him. Surbhi thinks she can’t inform this to Soumya and Harman and fixes the toy head with its body. She says I can’t see my baby like this, and says even a father don’t want to see bad with his child. Harman wakes up in the morning and thinks to kiss on her forehead and wish her. Soumya also thinks the same. Both of them get up from bed and is about to kiss each other. Harman asks what she wanted to do. Soumya says nothing and asks what he wanted to do. Harman says I asked first. Soumya says I will not tell you. Harman pulls her closer and kisses on her forehead, says good morning and happy new year. Soumya kisses on his forehead and says goodmorning and happy new year and says even I want to do the same. Harman says if you look at me like this then I will not get tea and times will pass like this. He reminds her of their Christian wedding vows. Soumya says I will make tea now. Harman gets romantic. Soumya throws pillow on him and goes. Harman says his day will be good.

Soumya comes out and tells Surbhi that they will go to doctor as she wants to know the do’s and dont’s. Surbhi says she knows and will tell. Soumya says she wants to know from the doctor and says she will get ready. Harman comes down and hears them. Preeto asks them to go. Soumya takes money from Harman and asks Surbhi to come. Preeto says Soumya is very happy for her sister, and says her own life is incomplete. Harman says they will fill her life with happiness and love. He asks Preeto to make tea for him as Soumya forgot to make it. Harak Singh comes and makes Preeto wear gajra. He asks her to ask something from him like always. Preeto says she wants a promise and asks him not to conspire anything against Soumya or don’t try to kill her. Harak Singh goes without promising him.

Nani comes home. Beeji asks where did she go? Nani says to temple for sadsang. Varun comes and says lying in this age. Maninder asks him not to step inside. Varun asks Beeji to ask Nani where she went last night. Beeji asks her. Nani says I went to Harman and Soumya’s remarriage. Beeji says you went again. Nani asks why are you making an issue. Varun says Surbhi returned. Maninder asks what nonsense? Varun says Surbhi returned and is having my child in her womb. He says I want to remarry Surbhi and give her all the happiness. He apologizes and asks for a chance. Beeji asks why you didn’t inform us that Surbhi came. Nani says Surbhi told that she will tell herself. Maninder asks Varun to leave else he will beat him with chappal. Neighbors gather there. Varun asks neighbors to make Maninder understand and says he needs a chance to live with Surbhi. Maninder refuses. Neighbors leave. Varun says he is pleading now and will fight if needed. Beeji tells Maninder that they shall go and bring Surbhi here, and don’t want to keep her in Soumya’s shelter.

Soumya and Surbhi are in the hospital. Soumya asks if she wants son or daughter. Surbhi says she wants her child to be healthy. Doctor comes. Soumya asks Doctor to check her sister and tells that she is 8th month pregnant. Doctor asks Surbhi to come inside. Soumya admires the baby pics. Doctor comes out with Surbhi. Soumya asks if baby is there in the womb like this. Doctor says yes. Soumya asks her to give written prescription about food items to be eaten. Doctor says you are her elder sister, so must be having children. Doctor asks her to do as she did in her pregnancy. Surbhi says actually di. Doctor asks her to visit her clinic sometime later to get treatment. Nurse shows the medicine and tonics to Surbhi and Soumya. She tells about the tonic for baby’s strength. Soumya says she will give 4 spoons. Nurse says no. They leave. On the way to home, Soumya asks Surbhi to sit in car and goes to buy vegetable. Surbhi misses Nimmi and thinks even Di is taking care of her like she would have. She gets down from the car and tells Soumya that they shall have orange juice. Varun plans to make Surbhi plan and pulls the string when Surbhi keeps her foot on the paper. Soumya tries to hold her.

Maninder comes to Soumya and asks her to let him take Surbhi with him if she don’t want her daughter to be a kinnar. Soumya cries. Maninder pleads infront of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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