Shakti 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat supports Heer to get justice for Gitu

Shakti 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh asking Heer to tell who is responsible for Gitu’s state. Heer says you shall ask the one who is showing the happy picture of the family.Gitu cries. Parmeet asks what do you want to say? Heer says Daljeet Bhaiyya is responsible for Gitu condition. She says he has forced Gitu. Daljeet says I had gone out with Gurwinder for shopping. Parmeet asks Heer, how is she blaming Daljeet when he had gone out with Gurwinder. Gurwinder tells that Daljeet was with her all day and when she fainted, he took her to hospital. She says driver told me that he was with me all the time. Gitu says she is not lying. Heer tells Sant Baksh that if not Daljeet then someone has done wrong with her and they shall find out. Parmeet asks what is the proof you have against him? She asks Virat to see that Heer is supporting an outsider and going against the family. She asks if you had supported her, if this thing had happened in her mayka. Heer says I am supporting the truth and wants to help her. Parmeet says if you want to get against us. Heer says let Gitu’s test happen and the truth will be out. She asks Virat if he wants to support his family rather then her, then she will not have any complains with him. Heer asks Gitu to come. Virat stops her and hold her hand. He says nothing is important than a girl’s respect, this family has taught me this and asks her to do what she thinks right, says he is always with her. He says I am standing with you, as your support. Parmeet asks what are you saying? Virat says I am not saying anything, my brother is the accused now. He says I know that Heer will not support wrong, let the medical test happen and all the truth will be out.

Parmeet asks Heer what she wants to do by doing Gitu’s check up that Daljeet has done wrong with her and says my son can never do wrong. She says so many workers and Servants have come, may be she is having affair with someone. Gitu cries and says no. Heer asks her not to cry and tells that just like Gitu has no proof, even you have no proof, says once the test is done, truth will be out. Daljeet says Gitu is a Servant and she wants to malign my image. He says I know such Servants, who can go to any length to get money. Gitu says I don’t want money and tells Heer that she had lied to her that day, and says I should have said truth to you. Heer asks what did you lie to me? Gitu cries.

Balwinder comes home and sees Raavi and Soumya smiling and bringing snacks and tea for the family from kitchen. Harman asks Balwinder to come and have tea. Balwinder thinks to win Raavi’s trust, he has to first win Soumya and Harman’s trust. He comes to Harman and says he wants to talk to him something. He tells that he saw many bills and when he matched it with the entry, nothing is matching. He shows the ledger. Harman says you said right and says I am not checking accounts since a long time. Balwinder thinks he has done the fraud to win Harman’s trust. Harman calls the accountant and fires him. He asks Balwinder to handle their accounts. Balwinder says this is a big responsibility, please think again. Harman says I have thought and decided. Raavi smiles. Balwinder takes the accounts file and drinks tea, smiles with hidden intention.

Heer asks Gitu to tell what did she lie that day? Gitu says when I called you home, I told you that milk is curdled, but that was not truth. Heer asks Gitu to tell the truth then. Gitu says and a fb is shown. Gitu goes to Daljeet and says you have asked for ice, take it. Daljeet asks her to put it in the glass. He holds her hand forcibly while she tries to resist him. She slaps him and runs away. Fb ends. She says I should have told you truth. Heer says you should have told me truth then. Daljeet says she didn’t think of this story then and tells that he didn’t go out of room nor she came inside. He tells that he has done nothing wrong and plead infront of Gitu not to take his name. Gitu says you have done the same thing and acted that day too. She says after ending call, Daljeet came to me and pleaded infront of me, not to tell anything to anyone, and offered money which she refused. Daljeet emotionally blackmails her and asks her not to tell anyone for his family’s sake. Gitu says I saw broken families and that’s why didn’t want this family to break, but I didn’t know that I will be punished this way. Daljeet says this girl is trapping me, I don’t know why she is taking my name. Heer asks Gitu why did she lie before? Virat asks Heer to handle herself. Gitu cries. Heer hugs her.

Precap: Virat and Heer take Gitu to a hospital for medical examination. Virat tells Heer that his love can never be wrong, he is always with her. Later, a police officer brings the medical report to Virat’s home. Virat reads it and says according to that report, Daljeet is innocent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    HAYA waale Case mein PREETO pariwaar koi zyaada TOXIC nahi Thaa, Lekin VIHEER mein PARMEET PARIWAAR WHOLLY SHITTY TOXIC🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


  2. Kiya zarorat thi Getu ki .. Balwindar ki bhi koye zarorat nae hai .kiya zarorat hai daljeet .. police family kam criminal family zeyada hai .. Makers ne khud Achai khasai show ka Satanass kardiya.. Rohan or simran better hai en Saab se

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