Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman says he had food fully and says Soumya must have eaten it too. Preeto says she forgot to serve food to Soumya and serves food in plate. Harman asks her to give salt. Raavi gives him salt. Maninder asks Abhishek to have food. Abhishek asks why did he beg infront of him when his daughter is not reluctant to marry. He goes far and signs Surbhi smilingly. Maninder thinks Surbhi will kill her. Raavi asks Preeto what is in that bottle? If there was poison in it. Preeto says she is not mad to lose Harman’s trust and says she will separate them. Soumya talks to Surbhi and tells about Preeto’s changed behavior. Surbhi tells Soumya that Abhishek came today and refused to marriage. She says I will bring you back soon. Soumya says no, I will stay here. Harman brings the food plate and asks Surbhi not to take tension. He says we will talk to you later and ends the call. He asks Soumya to sit. Soumya asks why you are looking at me like this. Harman says if Mummy ji fed you food like my Preeto, then you would have been fat. He asks her to have food. Soumya takes plate and have food. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……….

Maninder is furious and takes his gun out. Bebe asks what is this madness and asks him to drop it. Maninder says I didn’t bring it to kill myself, but to kill Soumya. He says Soumya is the reason of all problems. He says if Soumya comes here, then I will not hesitate to shoot her. Surbhi says I will see what you will do. Maninder says I was silent before, but not anymore. He goes to his room and closes the door. Surbhi says if a father targets gun on a daughter, then this daughter will not hesitate to target gun on you. Bebe looks on shocked.

Harman takes the food plate. Preeto and Raavi looks on. He comes back to Soumya. Soumya tells him that she is having extreme head ache. Harman asks her to sit. Meanwhile Preeto and Raavi hides the tablets in the former’s room. Harman massages Soumya’s head, and asks if she is relieved now. Soumya says no. Harman says I will bring medicines and goes to Preeto’s room. Raavi starts acting seeing Harman coming there. He asks her to give headache medicine. Preeto says I will massage your head. Harman asks her to give headache tablet. Preeto asks Raavi to give box and checks it, she says medicine is over. Harman asks Raavi to give medicine. She says she didn’t have. Shanno comes there. Harman asks her to give medicine. Shanno looks at Preeto and says even she doesn’t have. Harman says I will send Varun to buy it. Preeto says Varun went for Harak Singh’s work. Harman says okay, I will go and bring it. Shanno tells Preeto that she has understood her plan and helped her.

Preeto comes to Soumya’s room. Soumya gets scared seeing her. Preeto asks her not to fear and says she searched in her almari and found a tablet. She gives tablet to her, and says you will be relieved. She says every mum will adjust to her child’s wish, if Harman wants you to stay here then I will let you stay, but you have to make him go away from your life. Soumya says even I don’t want to come in between your family’s happiness and says I want his happiness. She says he is doing so much for me, whatever I do will be less for him. Preeto asks will you agree to my sayings. Soumya says I will do whatever you says, but please give me small place in your house and folds her hands. Preeto looks on. Preeto tells her something which is muted. Soumya is shocked.

Surbhi tells Beeji that Harman don’t want to send Soumya here, and even she don’t want to come. Beeji prays to God to bring stability in Soumya’s life. Harman comes back home and goes to his room. He calls Soumya and says I brought medicine for you. He couldn’t see her and thinks to ask Preeto about Soumya’s whereabouts. Just then he hears noise coming from guestroom. He goes there and sees Soumya cleaning the room. He tells her that one should take rest and have tablet, and don’t clean the room. Soumya says I am cleaning my room, and says I will stay here and you will stay in your room. Harman says Preeto sent me out to do this drama and calls Preeto. Preeto comes there along with other family members. Harman tells Soumya to leave cleaning the room and says you will stay in my room. Soumya says mummy ji didn’t tell me anything, I am staying here with my wish. Harman says I know you and Preeto, both. This is done by Preeto. Tu Hi Mera Khuda music plays………

Harman holds Soumya’s hand and asks her to come. Soumya refuses to come with him and says she will stay there itself. Later Harman tells Varun that he wants to see her again and again. Varun asks him did he forget that she is a kinnar and not a woman. Harman gets up and holds his collar angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cant she go for surgery like Micheal Jackson has changed gender for 9 times through surgeries , cant sowmya go for one surgery?

    1. Lolllll kanna!! But you’re right, why have they not had Soumya checked by a doctor to see if she really is a hermaphrodite

  2. Harman when u will find ur mums evil tricks. Plz writers don’t seperate haya.I like Abhishek very much he is too nice and cute when he smiles.

  3. Harman love u so much.somu is very lucky having husband like u.what a caring towards soumya.but, preeto separate somu from ur room.i didn’t like that.abhishek is perfect jodi for,makers pls tie d knot for surbhi and abhishek.superb episode. Our whole family watch dis serial daily.

  4. Kanna sowmya not a kinnar.. This truth will reveal quickly… Harman rocks…

  5. Hi karthika eppadi irukinga . Neenga Tamila comment pannatha paathu romba santhosha patten. Neenga entha ooru nu nan therinjikalama? If u don’t mind .naan Chennai. Eager to see more fans from tamilnadu.

  6. Its confirmed ah ? That somu is not a kinner. If its so then iam the first to be very happy.

  7. Sabrina

    Suppose Somu get pregnant like Mary lol

  8. I want to see Harmon will support soumiya always in this way….he will not give importance to anyone in his life……love only matters…. gender doesn’t matter…so Harmon can except her as his wife… they can live happily…and will adopt a child…

  9. Just loving Harman

  10. Harman rocked as always

  11. Hope harman rock and smart to realise that soumya was threatened by Preeto’s trick … the maker should give the right message that who do wrong thing will be punished and get a lesson.

  12. Sorry for late comment,abhishek superb. Soumo is so lucky that have a husband like Harman

  13. Naaanum tamil thaan somu pls konjam boldaa kaatunga sema pair haya

  14. I am a Tamil girl I am seeing shakthi serial regularly and now only we fans can feel the love and now only Harman is feels his love and Harman is the hero of the serial but he is very restless all the time he believes is mother preeto blindly and now preeto his planning to separate Harman and sowmya paramently and she is using sowmya for her master plan and this time Harman dint find the truth of preeto now also then he is not fit to be hero .we fans want Harman and sowmya love story back this time Harman should prove his love to preeto and save sowmya from preeto and accept her as his wife .harman and sowmya are looks like made for each other and they look like real pair and Harman and sowmya are very cute .

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