Shakti 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya missed their meeting

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Shakti 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer snatching the gun from goon’s hand and aims at him. He then comes to Gill and aims the gun at him. All goons shout. Gill signs them to stop. Sameer says this matter is not about your rent, but it is about my love and obsession and says I will kill everyone and you can’t do anything. Gill claps and says this guy’s love is true. Sameer’s mum says I have seen love in your eyes but didn’t see the determination to get her. She says Gill Saheb told that Soumya’s family is very dangerous and says Soumya will become my bahu. Gill says you will continue to get our support. Sameer asks did you lock Harman and his wife in the room? He says until when Soumya will remember him and he will search her.

Surbhi tells Maninder that Harman was right, this conspiracy is done by a father, either his or mine. She says we shall go home. Maninder says we will not go until my problem is solved. Nani says we shall go home. Shanno thinks to call Varun and inform him. Varun thinks where did they go and where is Sumit? Shanno calls him and tells that Maninder came with his family to their house. Varun is shocked.

Raavi calls Jeet and apologizes to him for disconnecting the call. She says Balwinder came at that time. Jeet says your pati don’t deserve to be called as Chai Pati and asks her to leave him. She says even she wants to leave him, but she is in a big problem now. She says she needs 45000 Rs. Jeet asks her to come and take the money and tells that he had seen her 2 days back. Raavi promises to meet him. She sees Shanno and asks her how she will make arrangement for money? Shanno says she will arrange the money and asks her not to become her saas. She says you got someone who gives you money and credit card. Raavi asks her not to act as her jethani.

Two men come to Sameer’s house and tell Soumya that they want to give bulk order for their toys. Soumya asks him to tell about their order. They tell that they will come with the order in 1-2 days. Sameer’s mum comes. Soumya tells her about getting the bulk order. Sameer’s mum gets happy, calls her auspicious and says she will visit the temple.
Bebe comes to Harman and says I need to talk to you about something important. She says she doesn’t want to clear him about Maninder as she knows he will not listen to her. She tells that Varun is troubling them a lot and asks him to talk to him. Preeto says Harman is very stressed, I will talk to Varun. Harman asks Preeto to make Varun understand else he will not leave him. Harman asks Jasleen to come with him and says he is feeling suffocated.

Sameer likes the kheer made by Soumya and asks where you would have gone if we were not here. Soumya says don’t know, but I would have gone somewhere. Sameer’s mum says wherever she goes, she will find someone who will give her shelter. She asks him to think about himself and says if she had not met you then you would have hit mosquito in the shop. Soumya says it is not right and tells that if I haven’t come then someone else would have come. Sameer says you have come in our life, it is enough, we don’t care for someone else. Doorbell rings. Sameer opens the door and finds Harman standing. Harman says this is your address. Sameer’s mum sees Harman and thinks she has to do something. She asks Soumya to keep utensils in the kitchen. Soumya’s pallu gets stuck in the chair and she tries to look at Harman. Sameer’s mum throws the jug on the ground to divert her attention. Soumya thinks she is hurt and takes her inside.

Harman tells Sameer that you have given me hope and tells that wind is saying that Soumya is near me and I will soon find her. Sameer makes an angry face. Soumya applies ointment to Sameer’s mum’s feet and asks how is she feeling? Sameer’s mum says she is feeling good. Soumya gets up to close the window and reminisces about Harman and her romantic moments. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…..She gets sad and feels his presence, thinks why she is getting his smell. Sameer tells that he is sensing bad smell here and tells Harman that they shall go out and talk. Harman says ok. Sameer looks the door and leaves. Soumya closes the window.

Sameer apologizes to Harman and says you might be thinking me mannerless and tells that his mum has a sleep problem. Harman says we need your help. Sameer says we shall search her in every house. Harman says your idea is good. Sameer thinks when an idea is mine, you will not doubt me.

Harman hugs Soumya and asks her to return back. Soumya says their love is like time, which ones move ahead, can’t be returned back. Harman looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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