Shakti 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya get refuge in the hospital

Shakti 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman only remember Gulabo’s name but couldn’t recall his relation with her. The doctor assures them that they are their responsibility until here. The junior doctor takes him outside and asks how they can treat a kinner. The senior doctor was insistent that for a doctor, patients are patients. He forbids him to share the news with anyone else as well.
Harman eyes Suomya as she lay in her bed.
Mr. Kaushal comes to his office, he discuss with Mrs. Kaushal that they don’t remember anything at all. He takes a bracelet from drawer, she decides to go to the patients which they found near them. In the ward, Mrs. Kaushal introduces herself as Devika. She hands a ring to Harman and the bracelet to Suomya. Both can’t remember anything. Suomya was tensed for not remembering anything. Dr. Kaushal suggests about speaking anything else. He tries to inquire from Harman about his name, residence, his school or way to school. He continue his efforts. Similarly, Mrs. Kaushal tries to remind Suomya of her past. Harman clutches the collar of Dr. Kaushal furiously. Devika attempts to withdraw Harman’s hand. Suomya place her hand over Harman’s arm and insists on him to leave it. Harman was moved by her touch.
Varun brings Missing Person Harman’s pamphlets. Harak Singh approves it. Preeto asks to see the pamphlet, Harak Singh was reluctant. Preeto was angry to see Suomya’s photo was missing and orders Jeet to get posters with both Harman and Suomya’s photo.
Varun comes to Surbhi’s place and calls from outside. He shows the posters to the family and demands meeting his wife. Nani tells Varun that Surbhi has left home. Varun checks inside. Maninder tells him if he is relieved now, get lost.
It was late at night. Harak Singh wakes up and doesn’t find Preeto in bed. He comes to the hall worried, then finds the outer door open. He goes behind her wonder if she has gone to find Harman. Preeto says she can’t sleep without finding Harman. She recognizes another guy as Harman. Harak Singh forces her towards home.
In the hospital ward, Harman wakes Suomya up and forcibly shut her mouth. He whispers to Suomya that he is running away from the hospital, will she accompany him? Suomya lay under the bed covers. Harman drapes himself untidily under Suomya’s saree. Suomya gets a chance to ring the bell, the paramedical staff breaks into the ward. They force Harman into the bed again while he resisted. The nurse thanks Suomya for helping them. Harman eyes Suomya furiously. The paramedical staff warns Harman not to move from here. When they have left, Harman asks Suomya if she is crazy, why she doesn’t let him leave this hospital. Suomya asks why he wore her saree to run away. She wouldn’t have got him if he hadn’t worn it. Harman struggles to get out of the saree. Suomya comes to help him. Harman boasts about running without her saree next time. He will kill her if she interferes again.

PRECAP: Harman stood in front of temple and bangs his head over the wall in front of temple until he can’t recall his details. The paramedical call help. Suomya comes and slaps Harman.

Update Credit to: Sona

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