Shakti 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman takes Soumya to factory

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Shakti 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that she can’t sleep on bed with him. Harman says ok and sleeps. Next morning, he looks at her sleeping and frees her hands. Soumya says it is not needed and tells that he is not responsible person who doesn’t know how to handle his responsibilities. Harman looks on. Soumya tells Preeto that she asked Harman to let her go out of room and asks him to tie her anywhere, but he didn’t listen. She says she wants to go away from this house. Ravi tells Preeto that Balwinder is going for work. Shanno asks what is the need for him to work. Ravi says she is not like Soumya who tied her husband with her Pallu. Chintu asks Harman if there is something wrong with this family. Balwinder says he wants to stand on his feet and do something on his own. Raavi feels proud of him. Shanno says it is good that he has realized his responsibilities and hopes Harman gets freed from Soumya and become responsible. Harman comes and asks Shanno to make tea for Soumya and him. Shanno asks what? If she shall make tea for Servant. Preeto says she is just Harman’s servant and not ours.

A woman comes to Saya and says she couldn’t fight with her husband and society anymore, says atleast she would be alive here. She cries. Girl also cries. Saya takes girl and asks Chameli to take her inside. She asks when did you get strength to fight with your society and asks why you are so weak, just burn your society. We have been fighting with your society for our identity. She recalls Harman telling that Soumya is his ghulam. Woman tells Saya that she is leaving her world with her.

Viren tells Harak singh that he is going for meeting and asks him to come. Harak Singh says he don’t want to come and asks him to go. Viren gets happy and thinks to steal 20-25 percent profit. Harman thinks about Soumya’s words and thinks he will go to factory with Soumya. He says he will go to factory and do meeting. Viren asks him to come surely. He comes to room and laughs asking himself to see the drama. Shanno says he will ruin our hard work in few mins. Viren says Harman don’t have the sense of meeting and it will end in mins. Shanno says we will ask Harak Singh to ask Harman and laughs.

Harman asks Soumya to get ready as they will be going to factory. Soumya says what I will do there. He tries to wear his bracelet. Soumya offers help. Harman says only his wife can make him wear it and goes. Chameli tries to cheer up the little girl. Girl gets angry. Saya says let her cry, if she cries then she will learn to fight with the world. Chameli asks what happened? Kareena says she has become helpless mum now. Saya says she is helpless and that’s why wants to make Soumya strong so that she can do her own fight.

Harman asks Soumya to sit in the office. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Harman went to factory with Soumya so that their misunderstandings will be cleared and they stay close. Varun comes there. Preeto asks did you pack your bags. Surbhi comes there. Preeto says if she came to say bye. Surbhi says she came to tell her that they are not going anywhere.She says you can’t do anything as Harman will support us and will not let us leave. She says now face to face enmity will happen, and congratulates her for first day.

Surbhi comes to Soumya and Harman and tells that Varun has beaten her. Harman slaps Varun. Varun tells him that he wants to take her to Delhi, but she don’t want to go. Harman tells that Surbhi will stay with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. team, H Hasan and all the other writers n readers please vote for Vivian in ITA 2017 and make him win,

  2. Yes, I am sure that trp will decrease not because of surbhi or family drama rather it will decrease because of boring Haya drama. Why Harman is running after this foolish kinner. Since 1 year they are showing this same thing . Don’t he have any self respect. Please stop this. And I know very well that if incase the trp decreased the Haya fans will begin to blame side characters. Please first go and see other daily soaps,there intense drama and strong track which brings the trp and not any aage main piche tu wala long running boring chapter.

    1. I am Haya fan and I half agree, but half do not agree with you.
      First, other serials are stupid and there are just hatred, revenge, hatred, revenge… Like Udaan, Naamkarann…
      Secondly, Shakti is for me special serial. It has drama and great emotions in it. I love this track a lot.
      Thirdly, I agree with you that Harman is running after a kinnar and it shows like he doesn’t have self-respect. He is a rich and a famous man in the village, but he is not showing that because of Soumya/Gulabo.
      I totally agree with Preeto, Harak Singh and others who thing that it is crazy to fell in love with kinnar. They want a heir and also, they fell are losing Harman and self-respect because of Saumya.
      I think Saya love is special and will always be.

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