Shakti 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer misguides Harman, Kishan Lal puts blame on Maninder

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Shakti 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Soumya not to go out for some days and says I will handle shop. He says People are searching you. Soumya goes inside. Sameer tells his mother that they have to be careful as Police is involved now. Varun wakes up and thinks he couldn’t get tea without any drama in the morning. He says if damad has respect or not. He calls Surbhi, old people’s party and thinks if they all left the house. Maninder comes to Harak Singh’s house with Nani, Surbhi and bebe. Harak Singh greets them. Preeto asks if everything is fine and asks where is Varun? Maninder says we came here troubled from him.

Harman meets Inspector and tells about the attack on him. Inspector says we will inquire. Maninder tells Harak Singh, how can you stay with that crazy man. Harak Singh says this is my house and not dharmshala, and asks what they want to say. Preeto says we shall call Varun and talk to him. Balwinder comes and says you people hears everyone and solve their problem, but nobody went to see my Papa in hospital who is unconscious since 2 days. Harman calls Sameer seeing him going on his bike and asks him to have breakfast. Sameer gets down from his bike and says I can have breakfast. Harman orders Paratha. Sameer asks did you find someone whom you are searching? Harman says no. Sameer says now we are friends and I will help you. Harman tells that he saw her in the temple with someone. Sameer asks why didn’t you stop her then?

Harman says we were locked in room. Sameer asks what is your relation with her? Harman says she is my wife. Sameer asks then who is she, referring to Jasleen. Harman looks on. Just then he sees women sellers coming there with toy basket in their hands. Harman comes near the women. Sameer gets tensed and thinks they might tell Harman about Soumya. They identify Sameer, but he covers it up saying they sell toys to him. Harman and Jasleen see toys and ask who made it. Sameer says they made it. Harman says no and tells that it can be made by Soumya only. Sameer tells women that Soumya taught them how to make toys and left. He says I tried to stop her, but she leaves. He asks women to go and assures Harman that he will search her. Preeto calls Harman and tells that Kishan lal gained consciousness. Harman tells Sameer that they have to go. Sameer thinks if Soumya is your wife then who is she?

Harak Singh asks Preeto to let Balwinder meet Kishan Lal. Balwinder says I want to meet Papa. Preeto refuses and says once the truth comes out then you can talk. Harak Singh says everything happened right in front of you all. Preeto says what do you think that I don’t understand how her enemies are born suddenly after she left this house. Harman knocks on the door. Preeto opens the door. Harman and Jasleen bring Kishan lal home. Balwinder asks why did you come here? Harman asks him to give him water and let him rest for sometime.

Sameer asks Soumya to stop making such toys? Soumya asks why? Sameer asks did you really don’t want to go home or tell us like that. Soumya says if she wanted then she would have gone home by now. Sameer says Harman can reach you with the help of these toys. He gets a call and is shocked. He says I will come and leaves.

Balwinder gives water to Kishan Lal. Harman comes and keeps gun on his head, and asks him to tell story. Balwinder says you can’t do this with me. Harak Singh says this is not right, Harman keeps his foot on his foot and asks him to say else he will shoot on his chest. Kishan lal tells that it was a plan to shoot Harak Singh so that you don’t go to search Soumya. He says Soumya is alive, I had kept her clothes and jewellery in the pond, as Mallika saw her last there. Harman asks him about the person’s name who asked him to do this. Harak Singh signs him not to take his name. Kishan lal takes Maninder’s name. Maninder says I didn’t do anything. Harak Singh says do you want any more proofs. Maninder says this is a lie, I came here to complain about Varun. Surbhi says Papa…? Maninder says I didn’t do anything. Harak Singh says how dare you to get me shot. Maninder says why I will do this. Harman says it is done by a father and says if it is done by Harak Singh, then also he can’t shoot him. He says maybe Maninder did this or Kishan Lal might be lying. He says Soumya is alive and he will bring her back. He says he will end his relations with the family members who have problem with Soumya.

Woman worker brings Roop to Soumya and says he likes toys made by you. Roop asks Soumya to teach him how to make toys. Soumya praises Roop for his unique thinking. She says we shall face the problems without accepting failure. She says your Papa will accept your roop. Soumya teaches him how to make toys.

Sameer comes to meet Gill and says you are getting money on time. Gill says I have relation with you due to your father and it is my responsibility to think about you. Sameer says I can take care of myself. Gill tells his mum that Sameer is in love with Soumya. Sameer says yes, I am in love with her. Gill says Soumya’s family is dangerous and will kill you. Sameer asks if my mum came to you to save my life and tells that he is capable of fighting for his love and himself.

Harman tells Preeto that Soumya was in front of me, but I couldn’t stop her. Preeto says someone will help you meet Soumya. Harman tells her about Sameer and says he knows that area and told me that he will search Soumya. Gill’s man aims the gun at Sameer. Sameer snatches the gun and aims at Gill. His goons shout at him.

Sameer asks Soumya where she would have gone if not here. Soumya says don’t know, but she would have gone somewhere. Harman comes there and rings the doorbell. Soumya gets up to go and looks at Harman. Harman might see Soumya also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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