Shakti 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant comes to know about Harman and Soumya’s relation

Shakti 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sindhu coming to Harman and seeing him taking out the bandage. She calls everyone. Harak Singh says your wound is fresh, you will feel pain. Harman says let it pain. Preeto says if anyone does this. Harman says yes, I do and tells that he loves her very much and wanted to be with her, but a storm separated them. Preeto says when I pushed her yesterday, you had said that she is not our family. Harman says I am hurting myself, not her. Preeto cries. Harak Singh says your love is love and our love is nothing, what do you mean that we did mistake by bringing you in this world. He asks him to calm down. Preeto goes from there. Harman sees his hand bleeding. Vedant thinks Tarana must have come by now that I went to her house and thinks she will not pick my call as she is having self respect. Raju comes and gives something to Vedant, says somebody gave for you. Vedant sees Harman and Soumya’s wedding pic and gets shocked. He reads a letter asking him to meet.

Sindhu calls Saya and asks for Soumya’s number. Saya says I can’t give. Sindhu asks her to give if she wants them to unite. Saya gives the number. Sindhu calls Soumya and asks her to unite with Harman and says if you stay away from him then your relation will die. Preeto comes and slaps Sindhu. She scolds her for calling Soumya and asks if she wants her brother to die. She takes the call and asks Soumya to handle her kinnar’s house.

Kareena meets Vedant behind the temple. Vedant says you was in Tarana’s house. Kareena says yes. She asks what is in Tarana that you reached her house. He asks why did she call him. Kareena says Tarana got all the things, husband, family and son. She says she should have become gurumaa. Vedant says you will get Gurumaa’s chair and asks her to tell about their relation. She tells that they have adopted Soumya’s sister son and tells about the court story. She shows newspaper in which Soumya and Harman’s news is published. Vedant is shocked. He thinks neither Harman nor Soumya told him. He thinks he was very worried for Tarana and she was of someone else. He thinks he likes her but she is Harman’s wife. He says Soumya will work with him and he will take revenge from Harman. He thinks Soumya is his habit and he won’t let Soumya go away from him.

Preeto slaps Kareena knowing she told Vedant about Soumya and Harman’s relation. Kareena says she wants to increase her troubles. Preeto says I want to ruin Soumya, but will not let anything happen to Harman. She says what Vedant will think that my son is married to a kinnar. Soumya is walking on the road thinking about Sindhu’s words. Vedant is following her and asks driver to stop the car. He gets down from his car and asks Soumya to come to his house. Soumya says I don’t want to work for you. He says sorry and says I will not misbehave with you anymore. He says I went to your house and came to know that you was bearing my misbehavior. He says dad told that he will not bring caretaker for me and says if she goes then he will think that his life is upset with him. He coughs. Soumya makes him have water. Varun asks her to come with him to see Harman and says dad has said that Harman went back home. He says if I don’t see him then it won’t be good as my image is already bad. Soumya asks him to go. Vedant insists her to come with him.

Harak Singh is going to meet bansal. Harman says I will come with you. Preeto says you won’t go anywhere. Door bell rings. Preeto opens the door and sees Vedant and Soumya. Vedant says we reached the right address finally. Harman asks why you came here? Vedant says dad told me about your accident so I asked her to take me here. He says Tarana is his caretaker and takes him wherever he wants. Everyone comes there. Vedant asks Soumya to come inside. She is about to step inside and stops. Harman asks her to come inside. Soumya comes inside and greets everyone. Vedant says Dad is right, your dad is very luxurious like a filmy haveli. He asks for Soumya’s opinion. Soumya says yes. Harak Singh asks Raavi to make arrangements for breakfast. Vedant asks him if he can sit on sofa leaving his wheel chair. Harman asks him to feel at home. Vedant asks Soumya to give her hand. Soumya helps him get up holding his hand. Shanno smirks. Vedant looks at Soumya and then looks at Harman’s reaction.

Precap: Harman calls Soumya and tells that everyone ended. They shall end everything and kill each other. They aim gun at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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