Shakti 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat takes Jharna for shopping

Shakti 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jharna praying to Mata Rani and tells that she loves Virat, but couldn’t tell him. Now directly she will marry him. Nutan meets Heer. Heer says I have understood that Virat Singh’s truth. He was acting to be good until now. She asks her to take care and leaves. Nutan thinks there might be a reason behind Virat’s behavior, I can’t believe. Heer comes to the college and hears a friend talking to Virat. She takes the call and asks him not to come to college and scolds him for insulting her. The friends laugh and tells that this Virat is someone else and not your Virat. Heer asks if he is my husband and I am his wife, asks them not to call him as her Virat.

Virat is practicing boxing. Jharna calls him. Virat asks who is she? Jharna says she is his would be wife and tells that uncle came and fixed their engagement date. She says she is very excited. She asks him to come and pick her, tells that they will shop for matching clothes. Virat asks her to do her own shopping and tells that he will shop for himself. He turns and sees Parmeet standing. Parmeet asks why you have talked to Jharna like this. Virat says you are the only mother seeing whom your son will get tensed. Parmeet threatens to call the reporter and tell them that….Simran comes and tells that she will tell that Harak Singh’s grand daughter came here at night. They blackmail him to take Jharna to shopping. Virat calls Jharna and asks her to get ready, says they will go on a shopping. Jharna gets happy. Her father tells that Virat is a shy person. Jharna says he is a tubelight. Sant baksh comes home with Daljeet and tells that marriage is fixed. Daljeet tells that the girl was doing boxing. Sant Baksh tells that they will change her after marriage and will handover belan in her hand. Parmeet and Daljeet smiles. Virat comes to car and sits. Nutan is waiting for him and runs behind his car. Virat sits and drives off. He stops his car and is about to get hit by the car. The guy in the car comes out and he asks Virat who was the girl for whom he has become Devdas.

Virat tells that a girl used to love him and proposed him, but he refused and now thinking about her. The guy gives him suggested. Virat asks him not to let his lover go. The guy says we will meet if destiny wants. Gurwinder comes to the hospital and fills her details. Harak Singh and Preeto come there to the hospital. Preeto leaves her purse at the reception. Gurwinder returns her purse to Preeto. Preeto asks about her. Gurwinder tells that she is a woman and her inlaws slapped her with the defects which she don’t have. She says if my inlaws come to know that I came to the hospital then they will think that their reputation will be ruined. Preeto tells her that she will give her a doctor’s address and asks her to visit with her husband. Gurwinder says he will not come and feels humiliated. Nurse comes there and asks if she is Sant Baksh’s bahu.

Nurse takes her with her. Preeto hears her and recalls Parmeet boosting about her family. Harak singh comes to Preeto. Nutan sees Virat coming to Jharna’s pics and picking her for shopping. She calls Soham and asks him to the ganesh temple. Soham tells Heer that the girl called him.

Heer tells Soham that the girl will not run away seeing her and asks him to wait there, till she comes back. She comes to Nutan. Nutan tells about Virat taking a girl to the shopping. Heer says she will get their shopping done. She reaches the shopping centre and looks at them.

Precap: Virat comes to the holi function at Harak Singh’s house and applies holi to Heer. Heer also applies holi color to Virat. Harak Singh, Preeto, Rohan and Soham are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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