Shakti 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya have a memory loss

Shakti 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman was in the operation theatre being operated.
The kinners pray for Harman and Suomya’s safety.
Ravi asks Veeran for some money. Shanno calls all this a drama which she doesn’t want to continue. Ravi goes inside and brings some money from Jeet. She asks the Pandit to pray for safe return of Harman and Suomya. Jeet consoles a crying Ravi. Varun smirks as he watch them.
Harman and Preeta arrive at the same tree Suomya had prayed for Harak Singh to accept her as his daughter in law. Preeta and Harak Singh pray there.
Harman had been successfully operated upon and shifted to a ward. On the bed beside him lay Suomya.
Krishanlal as determined and promises Ballu to see his magic now. He calls Veeran and demands money urgently. Veeran was angry at Krishanlal and cuts the call. Krishanlal boasts in front of Ballu that Veeran will surely call him back in a minute. They laugh together. Veeran gets a video of Harman and Suomya being beaten by Veeran and his men. He calls Krishanlal out of panic, and asks if Krishanlal has lost his mind, why he made a video. Krishanlal boasts that his mind works right at the right time, it was necessary to keep his mind in place. He demands the money to be transferred into his account as soon as possible. Ballu takes the cell phone demanding Ravi as soon as possible. Varun comes there. Veeran was tensed; Varun was determined to even kill them.
In the hospital, the senior doctor asks his fellow to continue observing Suomya, she must have been conscious by now. Suomya holds the doctor’s hand and tries to remove her oxygen mask. They help her sit. Suomya opens her eyes and looks around. The doctor tries to inquire about her name, residence and phone number? Suomya doesn’t reply. The doctor suggests a reduce in sedation dose. They inquire about Suomya’s husband. She looked around worried and notices Harman on the bed beside him. She tells the doctor she doesn’t remember anything, even her hand bangs badly. She asks who brought her here, is there anyone with her? The doctor assures Suomya everything will be fine, and asks her to take rest.
Preeto insists to wait for Harman and Suomya in their new house. Harak Singh instead takes her home.
A nurse brings the doctor outside to speak to him. She tells the doctor that she got the girl changed, she is a kinner not a girl. Fuming, the doctor comes to the ward and shouts at Suomya to leave the hospital. Suomya asks if someone came to take her, she doesn’t know anything; where she would go? The doctor holds her hand to force her out. Harman wakes up and comes out of the bed, he demands the doctor to leave Suomya. Both Harman and Suomya look at each other. Harman asks why they are pushing her out of the hospital. The senior doctor comes to the ward and asks Harman if he knows her? Harman questions who is he, how he came here? The doctor calls it strange that two people have a memory loss at a time. He calms Harman and offers him a glass of water. He asks Harman he must stress his mind, does he remember anything. What’s his name, his residence, if there is someone he feels close to? Harman recalls Gulabo! Suomya at once turns around.

PRECAP: Harman suggests Suomya to leave the hospital, they are giving them false medicine. Suomya doesn’t trust him and hides herself under the blanket. He wears a saree and turns to leave but the paramedical staff had reached the ward already.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Thanks for updates.

  2. I think it would be nice if at hospital Soumya papers would be changed with another person’s papers by mistake and getting an operation to be a normal woman . we saw harman’s love for soumya even if she was a kinar but it will be nice to see a new start a new identity of soumya as a complete woman,wife, mom etc. Then they could have an true love story,a complete relation without no wall between them.

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