Shakti 28th April 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update

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Shakti 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya reminiscing Aditya. Harman asks her to sleep and says we will get him in the morning. Soumya says she can’t sleep without him. Harman says junior Harman will scold me if you don’t sleep. Soumya insists. Harman asks her to come. Piyush of SSK comes to Orphanage and kidnap Aditya. Soumya and Harman are seen seated and sleeping on the bench near the orphanage. Piyush goes. Soumya wakes up and calls Aditya. She tells Harman that Aditya is in danger. Harman says you might have seen dream. Soumya insists to see him once. Guard stops him. Harman gets inside and says nobody can stop me from meeting my son. Guard informs Chaddha. Piyush digs the land to bury the baby. Harman and Soumya see Aditya’s cradle empty. Chaddha comes and asks what you are doing here. Harman grabs his collar and asks where is Aditya. Chaddha says I didn’t know. Kaushalya says when we come here on round, he was here. Soumya sees CCTV camera and says they shall check. Piyush takes Aditya in his lap. Harman and others sees the CCTV footage and see a man kidnapping Aditya. Chaddha says it is unclear because of darkness. Harman asks him to shut up. He asks him to zoom on the car’s no. plate and gets it. Chaddha thinks to inform preeto. Harman says car is of Delhi. Soumya says did he take Aditya to Delhi.

Shanno says why only Aditya is kidnapped. Preeto asks her to go and sleep. Simar finds baby outside her house and wonders whose baby it is. Mata ji takes him inside. Simar says we shall inform Police. Harman and Soumya come to Simar’s house. Soumya asks are you sure? Harman says car owner is Piyush Bharadwaj. They get inside the house and asks about Piyush. Piyush says he is piyush Bharadwaj. Harman slaps him hard and asks how dare you to kidnap my son, I will not leave you. Piyush says what the hell?

Harman is about to hit Piyush with rod, but Roshni comes inbetween them and tells Harman that her husband can’t do this. Soumya hears Aditya’s voice and takes him. She shows Aditya to Harman. Mata Rani asks if this is your son. Harman nods and tells car number, and tells that his son was kidnapped in this car and on that basis, they came here. Piyush says his car is not working since 3 days. They call mechanic. Mechanic confirms. Piyush tells that he didn’t kidnap baby. Chaddha comes there with Police and Kaushalya and says we got our Aditya. Harman asks him not to move. Chaddha says I told you condition to fulfill as you can’t adopt baby as you are kinnar. Everyone looks on. Soumya kisses baby and says we will take you soon. Chaddha takes baby from her. Mata ji and Simar give her strength and motivates her, says this baby is born to be brought up by you.

She asks Harman and Soumya to stay in her house for tonight and promises to arrange money by morning. Chaddha calls Preeto and tells that they have managed to get the baby, but if Harman succeed to get the money then they can’t do anything. Preeto says he can’t manage. Soumya asks Harman to enquire about Aditya. Harman says he will call Kaushalya and asks about Aditya. Piyush comes to Soumya’s room holding knife and tries to stab Soumya. Soumya holds the knife and pushes him. Harman comes. Soumya tells that she saw Piyush trying to stab knife. Roshni says he is sleeping in room. Simar and Roshni go to his room and see him sleeping. Simar asks did you attack Soumya. Piyush refuses. She tells Harman that Piyush was in his room. Harman says Soumya is scared and goes.

Next morning, they do aarti altogether. Simar blesses them. Harman thanks Simar for helping them. Soumya is also thankful. Simar gives money. Harman says we can’t take, but takes it on mata ji’s insistence. Surbhi calls Harman and tells that they have managed to get 10 lakhs rupees, and even Saya have managed some money. Harman says we have 5 lakhs worth jewellery. Surbhi is happy. Harman tells Soumya that money is managed and refuses to take money from Simar. Soumya tells that Surbhi has managed to get money. Harman says we will leave and asks Piyush not to leave his wife in any circumstances and says your wife will never leave you. Harman asks Soumya to be happy as they are going to get their son.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why update so late?

  2. I don’t want any fights over my comments.. I am here only bcz of show… Do watch Colors Golden Petal Awards 2017 tomorrow at 9pm..

    1. You don’t seems to be a fan…I was just wondering…are you getting paid for commenting and promoting the show? I have noticed that you just mind your own business in promoting the show and don’t get along with the other fans of the show…I did try to distract you and was successful though ?

    2. See whatever anyone thinks of me that is NONE OF MY BUSINESS…

      1. You din’t answer my question though. Anyways i forgive you.. Whatever.. ?

  3. Oh no! I will can’t watch it tomorrow.????????? Shik can i see full show in internet? Plz somone tell me about that

    1. ? oh god.. so much drama..anyways you can watch the show on Voot app from play store.

  4. Very short updates. some scenes has missed, pls update seen by seen and some important dialogus. At last simar tells to soumya, I can’t understand. If Anyone knows convey in commads, but this maha episode is really nice.

  5. Hi i’m khavya i’m new to tis show pls accept me as ur frnd pls tel me kinnar meaning

    1. Kinnar in the sense means transgender

  6. Nice episode , l liked it , New events , no precap , why?

  7. There’s no expressions on Saumya’s face even when she’s crying ?.. I have a solution though. The director can put some itching powder on Saumya’s body during any crying scene. Then see the expressions on her face. It would be finally so real, ✌️ or she can even take loose motions tablet.

  8. You areare most Welcome kavya
    I am old Tamil fan of this show. Do u know Tamil? I miss my all Tamil friends. I accept your friendship.

  9. Jessica you are really something. Such words from a beautiful woman like you doesn’t suit you. Why are you pretending to be someone who you are not.

    1. Excuse me, mister…how to you know I’m beautiful…you don’t know a thing about me…how do you know I’m pretending??

      1. I have been reading your comments. By chance I came across you twitter account where you have copy pasted some of your comments from tellyupdates. Isn’t it interesting that the girl who spills venom on tellyupates does not post anything negative on twitter?

  10. who is d actress playing saumya. is she new.Her acting is worst.always dat monotonous expression n sulking n crying

  11. Amit nyone can copy n paste my comments anywhere. It can be a co-incidence. How can you be sure it’s me?

    1. The fact that you deleted your comments from twitter proves it all. I got to know you better from your account. Who would imagine that venomous girl on tellyupdates is a shy and breathtakingly beautiful girl. Just any man’s dream. I loved your pic in the pink saree. You are every bit a goddess. I can reveal your full name if you wish?

      1. NO.. I DON’T

      2. Don’t do it

      3. I can’t refuse a pretty woman like you. I’m not a bad person. Maybe we can be friends?

  12. Oh! jessica what happend you? Why are you silent.plz don’t refuse Amit request. I think he become good friends to you. ???????? Anyways thank you for your help for voot app.

    1. He’s a stalker?

    2. you’re welcome☺️

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