Shakti 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh’s lie separate Harman and Soumya, Sameer reenters

Shakti 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and Soumya getting ready for the festival. Harman looks at Soumya and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Dinesh brings Prasad. Harman gives to Soumya. Soumya eats. Saloni comes and says you are looking like us and says lets take selfie. Soumya and Harman take selfie with her. Dinesh and Swati go to see the puja arrangements. Harman tells Soumya that she is looking like his Gulabo. Soumya asks did you remember her face? Harman says I am sure that she is very beautiful, even you are beautiful, but you have brought a storm in my life, and I have washed cars also. Soumya says this is happening because of your Gulabo, you can’t stay without fighting. She says I am here because of your Gulabo and you are taunting me. Harman asks her to listen and asks if she will do all acts

today itself. He says you look more beautiful in anger, just like my Gulabo. Soumya smiles. She looks at him. Dil kyun teri ore chala re…plays…

Maninder comes home. Bebe asks what happened? Maninder tells that he is suffering losses in business. Nani tells him that you have kicked Soumya’s out of the life who was lucky for you and asks him to curse her. She taunts him for hating Soumya. Varun comes there and asks them to tell if he found anything about Surbhi. Maninder asks I will tell where did Surbhi go? He calls neighbors and says he is asking me where is she? Neighbor says Surbhi’s life has become hell because of you and beats him along with other neighbors.

Amruta’s dance is announced. Harman tells Soumya that she is looking very beautiful. Preeto tells that Harman is coming and she will go out to welcome them. Veeran says they have to do their planning else this drama will continues. Amruta dances on the song in the neighborhood for the festival celebration. Amruta thanks the guests and says she gets happiness. Veeran tells guests that Harak Singh went to a Gurudwara for the mannat and tells that Harman and Soumya are not in this world. Pandit tells neighbors that Harman’s ghost will trouble family members one by one and they have to do his shraddh. Varun says we shall do the arrangements. Chameli and other kinnars hear them. Chameli calls Saya and informs her. Saya says I will come there. Soumya dances in the celebrations while jhingaat song plays. A man takes Harman to stage.

Harak Singh comes there and looks for Harman. He finally sees Harman dancing with Soumya and immediately runs to stage. He stands infront of Harman and asks Soumya to move back. He calls him Harman and says I can’t believe. He hugs him happily. Harman doesn’t remember him. Harak Singh cries and says Harman. Harman asks him to move back. He asks who are you? Harak Singh says I am your father. Harman is surprised and looks at Soumya. Saya comes to Harak Singh’s house and calls Veeran, Shanno and Preeto. Veeran asks why is she shouting? Saya says I heard that you are doing shradh of Harman. Veeran says yes and asks her to leave. Saya says this is my daughter’s sasural and I will interfere. Preeto says no Shradh will happen. Shanno says I will show her value today and pushes Saya asking her to leave. Saya pushes her and Shanno falls on floor.

Veeran helps Shanno get up. Saya sits down on the sofa and says I will see how you do shraddh. Raavi tells Saya that whose life is long, they don’t die with Shraddh and asks Saya to go. Saya and other kinnars leave. Harak Singh says his son acts since childhood. He says your mother’s name is Preeto. He has his family in Gurdaspur. Dinesh says how to believe that you are saying truth. Harman asks for proof. Harak Singh shows the photos in his mobile. He shows pics to everyone present there. Harman gets happy and hugs Harak Singh happily. He asks where is Gulabo in the pic. Soumya says Harman’s Gulabo is not in the pic. Harak Singh is surprised and thinks to take advantage of the situation. He thinks they don’t remember each other. Harak Singh says she is in the house and crying. Swati asks do you know Khushi? Harak Singh thinks of Preeto and says no, I don’t know her. He says I will pray to God that she find her family soon. Dinesh says I am happy that you got your family. Harak Singh asks Harman to come.

Harman holds Soumya’s hand and asks her to come. Harak Singh says where she will come. Harman says she will stay in our house until she finds her family. Sameer comes there and says I have come, her would be husband. Harman asks who are you? Sameer says I am Sameer, her would be husband and she is my would be wife Roshni. Harman is still holding Soumya’s hand. Sameer makes Harman leave her hand and asks Soumya to come. Harman asks how to believe you and asks for proofs. Sameer shows Soumya and his pic. Soumya smiles. Harman sees the pic. Sameer shows the pic to everyone. Soumya says you must be knowing my mummy papa and asks where are they? Sameer says I came just as I came to know about you and asks her to come. He asks her to come. Doctor and his wife come there and say you are lying.

Harak Singh asks Harman to come and says we are getting late. Sameer holds Soumya’s hand, while Harak Singh holds Harman’s hand and they leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow what an amazing twist sameer has returned to take soumya! I thought he was great friends with harman n soumya I guess he really loved soumya and can’t forget about her! The show has started getting interesting with this twist! Loving it!

  2. 😨😨😨sameer😡😡

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