Shakti 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant misses Soumya and calls her

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Shakti 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that when he met with an accident, he was asking what he did in the party. Harman asks if I did everything as I was drunk. Soumya says yes, it is like that. Harman gets upset and asks if she don’t know him. He throws the flower which she brought. Preeto goes behind Soumya and asks why you don’t you leave Harman for forever. Soumya asks why she is not thinking that she came to meet Harman like a visitor and says you also don’t change your hatred. Preeto says I hate you very much, but I loved you so much, then you made me realize that you are inauspicious for us. Soumya says the Soumya which used to love you all is dead and now she is Tarana. Preeto asks her to leave from their life and pushes her. Harman comes and holds Soumya, asks Preeto why she is trying to make her realize that she is closer to them. Preeto asks where are you going? Harman says I hurt myself loving a selfish person and says he will find his own medicine. Jag begana….He walks out of the hospital. Nurse asks about Harman. Soumya says he went. Nurse says he is not discharged yet. Harman comes home with Preeto. Harak Singh and others look on surprisingly. Ward boy throws the flower out which she brought for Harman. Soumya pickso it. Jag begana…song plays…..

Mr. Bansal tells Vedant that Soumya had told him about his head ache. Vedant asks what is the salary you used to give to her. Mr.Bansal says 40000 Rs. Vedant says why he is wasting so much money? Bansal says Soumya handles you like your mum used to handle your misbehaviors. Vedant thinks Soumya notices his small problem which even Dad didn’t notice yet. He thinks there is something in her for sure. Soumya comes back home. Saya asks Soumya about the happenings. Kareena says why you want to work and going in their work. Soumya says she is working so that kinnars get some money to do their business. Vedant calls her, but Soumya ignores his call. He calls her again and asks her about the tablet. Soumya says it is kept there and tells that she has left his job. Vedant says he is not finding and tells that he will make her video call and asks her to tell. He ends the call and thinks he got a chance to see her. Saya asks Soumya to let Vedant be independent as she is not working in his house anymore. Vedant calls her again, but she doesn’t pick his call. She calls bansal and asks him to give medicine to Vedant. Vedant says I got the medicine.

Next morning, Soumya comes home and keeps the flowers. She asks him to have tablet. Vedant says I was waiting for you to make me eat medicine. Soumya says yesterday you asked me not to come and says it is strange that you are asking me to give medicine. Vedant says his medicine will work if she gives him. It is his imagination. Bansal asks her to eat the medicine and says Soumya will not come. Vedant thinks if Soumya left me for Harman and thinks what is their relation? Soumya and other kinnar talk about the upcoming show. She goes out. Vedant comes to kinnars house and tells that Soumya left job to see Harman in hospital. Chameli says Harman Singh is Soumya’s and is about to tell about him being her husband, but Saya stops her and tells that Harman is your employee. She says Soumya left job at your house. Saya recalls Soumya asking her not to tell Vedant about Harman and her relation as she don’t want him to increase troubles for Harman. She asks them not to tell anyone about Harman. Harman gets up thinking about Soumya and gets angry.

Precap: Harman calls Soumya and tells that it is better for them to die rather than fighting. They aim gun at each other. He says we will leave this world smiling looking at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. She wlll shoot harman but not herself. Nowadays she became irritating character. If she dont want harman attention. Then y he would come to hospital with a rose. Attention seeking stupid she is such a selfish. She neednt want to resignher job from vedabt house.go and make love with him for kinner community. And idiotic logic how a clan ll start busineess with a salary of a one member.

  2. This show is about giving kinnars independence but so far, 3 men will be after one kinnar. Are they trying to show that kinnars are so beautiful that they have men falling all over them or is it just this one character because of the actress looks. Aren’t Kinners and transgender the same? In the western world transgender are born one way and do surgery to change their gender from male to female and visa versa. Therefore, Soumya would be considered to be a man who changed gender to woman but as a child she was a girl, I think. Anyways, it’s okay if she got married but now they are making this show about her looks and men falling for her.

    The have lost the initial story of fight for kinners right to be equal in daily life and focused on how many lovers Soumya can find.

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