Shakti 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat insults Heer to save her from his family

Shakti 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer asking if a girl comes out at night then if her values gets bad or her character. Virat comes and says yes. He says good house’ girls don’t come out late in night. Heer is shocked and asks what are you saying? Virat says I am saying right. He says first you befriended me and then proposed me and came here. Heer says why are you saying all this? what they will think about me? He recalls Parmeet coming infront of him. a fb is shown. Virat says dad is insulting her and asks her to stop Dad. Parmeet says she will drag the girl to Harak Singh’s house and then will insult them badly. Virat says you will not do this? Parmeet asks him to do as she says. Fb ends. Virat asks Heer to go home and says nobody will think anything. Daljeet asks what is in the bag? Heer says some misunderstanding of the past. She unloads the bags and puts teddy, dupatta and rose on the ground. Dadu looks at them from window and gets teary eyed. Heer walks away. Sant Baksh and Daljeet go away from there. Virat sits down and picks the rose, teddy and dupatta. He recalls all the moments they have shared. He puts them all in the bag.

Dadu tells Sant Baksh that children are always children. Sant Baksh says he is not in a mood to listen his lecture. Dadu tells him that his children have grown up now and reminds that he is his father. Sant baksh says yes, but what did I get from you? Everyone knows you as my father and with my name. He tells that he don’t want his kids to work hard like he had worked and he wanted to leave Virasat/inheritance for them. Virat comes inside and goes to his room. He unloads his bag and takes out wine from the cupboard. He drinks it. Gurwinder comes there and asks him to open the door once. Virat opens the door. Gurwinder takes the food tray inside and sees the wine bottle there. She asks him to have food. Virat refuses and tells that he don’t want to have anything. He asks how you are bearing their torture since so many years. Gurwinder says you will get unwell. Virat says nobody cares about me, says he don’t want to have food. Heer thinks she will have food and will not be hungry for him. She thinks he has insulted her infront of all. She talks to Soumya’s photo and asks her to come back. She starts eating the food and says Virat singh, I don’t care about you, do whatever you want, play DJ, hang out with girls etc. She says go to hell. I will not care and will have food.

Virat is drunk and comes out of room. He says congratulations….where is everyone, today is my engagement. Everyone comes there. Virat says I will do the arrangement. He plays loud music and dances, falls down. Sant Baksh comes there. Virat dances again and turns to Sant Baksh. He salutes him, pulls Parmeet’s cheeks and hugs Dadu. Main sharabi song plays….Virat falls down and faints. Parmeet calls his name. Sant Baksh says let him be here tonight and asks everyone to go to their rooms. Dadu brings blanket from his room and covers him. He thinks I couldn’t do anything for you. He also sleeps on sofa. In the morning, Dadu wakes up and finds Virat still sleeping. He wakes him up. Virat asks how did I come here? Dadu says I will tell, come. Virat gets up. Daljeet talks to someone and tells that decoration stuff shall be good and according to our status. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come there. Gurwinder gives them tea. Sant baksh asks them to make the arrangements nicely. Parmeet asks Sant Baksh if D.I.G will does his promotion after marriage. Sant Baksh says yes and tells that Virat’s marriage shall happen and Daljeet shall have a child then their family will be completed.

Gurwinder asks Daljeet, shall I go to hospital today. She asks him to tell Parmeet that she is going to her mayka for 3-4 hours. Daljeet gets angry and then permits her to go. Parmeet asks her to take her permission and not husband’s permission.

Preeto does the aarti while everyone is standing. Heer prays to God to bless her so that she studies well and writes all entrance exams well. She asks Harak Singh to get forms for her. Preeto asks are you fine? Heer says yes and tells that she wants to go to college. Shanno comes to Heer. Heer tells Shanno that she don’t need any advice as she has understood that she can’t trust anyone now, else she will be pained.

Sant Baksh and Daljeet come to DIG’s house. Jharna is seen boxing with DIG. Sant Baksh comes inside and says good morning Sir. Jharna smiles.

Precap: Heer asks Virat to reply her else she will jump off from the terrace. Virat shouts Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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