Shakti 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Family looking for Harman-Suomya

Shakti 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malika hear people gossip about two lovers. He tells Malika that two dead bodies were found from the lake, they couldn’t be recognized. Police put them to cremation. Malika comes to the bridge where the bodies had been burnt already.
There at home, Ravi cries missing Harman and says it’s the first Rakhi that he isn’t here. She recalls how she used to pray for him early morning and received her gift. Once when Harman had placed his shoe into her hand as Rakhi gift. She sat in a corner annoyed after attempting to chase him. Harman presented her with a necklace. Ravi cries in front of Jeet. Jeet brings Ravi outside where Varun claims to be her brother and offers her to tie Rakhi to him. Ravi agrees to tie Rakhi to him and Harman both, only if he brings Harman. Shanno curtly thinks they won’t be able to find Harman anymore.
In the temple, Ravi prays for Harman’s safety.
Harak Singh and Preeto came to a man looking for the shop they sold woods at. Preeta was sure Harman must have sold woods to earn money as well. There, Malika cried in the corner of bridge. Harak Singh comes to the wood vendor who recognizes Harman and Suomya’s photo and says they came two days ago. Preeto thinks they must have left the city with the money they earned.
Shanno serves Veeran and Varun with Pakoras. Varun advices Shanno to live like queens in the house now. Veeran sends Shanno to get a glass of water, they discuss how Harman and Suomya’s love story has been washed off like Romeo Juliet and Heer Ranjha. In the kitchen, Shanno has a confrontation with Ravi. Ravi questions Shanno’s worth in the house, Shanno was ready to push her out of the house. Veeran comes to slap Shanno and shouts at her for misbehaving with Ravi. He sends Ravi away and questions if Shanno has lost her mind? Shanno wished to throw them out of the house as soon as possible. Veeran advices her to show some patience, they will do it at the right time.
At Kinner’s house, Malika was crying. Preeto and Harak Singh reach there. Preeto asks Malika whose death she is crying for. Malika shares her fears of the two lovers. They were sure Harman and Suomya will be fine. Malika cries hugging Preeto. Harak Singh curses the kinners for crying. Malika assures Preeto they will soon find Harman and Suomya.
Jeet was worried about where to find Harman and Suomya. Police comes asking about Harman Singh. Preeto and Harak Singh had also reached. The police says they found a car after Harman’s name in Amritsar, they wonders where Harman is and why he left the car there? Harak Singh and Preeto hurry to look for them in Amritsar.
In the room, Varun assures Veeran that no one in the house will remember if they left house on foot or through car.
In Amritsar, Harak Singh and Preeto look inside the car. Preeto takes Harak Singh along.
In the City Hospital, some men carried Harman on the stretcher having found him two days ago. He was hurried into operation theatre.

PRECAP: The doctor asks Suomya about her recognition and whereabouts but she couldn’t remember anything. She looks on the bed beside her, Harman lay there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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