Shakti 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that they will not understand motherly love and says you didn’t have anything since morning. Soumya says we will not go until they give our Aditya back to us. She says you have seen that Aditya needs us, and even we need him, and cries. Nasiba song plays….Saya goes. They recall their moments with the baby. Saya goes after Kaushalya and tells her that she wants to talk to her. She tells her that Soumya wasn’t aware that she is a kinnar before and asks her not to snatch her son from her. Next day Kaushalya tells Chaddha to rethink and says they are good people, nobody yearned for a baby like this and they are here all night. Chaddha asks her not to interfere in his decision. Kaushalya gets angry and tells him that she knows his honesty works and says may be you can become news in Gurdaspur. Gupta comes and threatens Chaddha and asks him to think, says he will become witness to this breaking news/to expose him. Chaddha agrees and asks them to send Harman and Soumya inside. Watchman tells Soumya and Harman not to come inside. Kaushalya asks watchman to let them come.

Harman and Soumya go inside. Saya thanks Kaushalya and says I will not forget your favour. Kaushalya says whatever you told me yesterday, it will melt even a stone, I am a woman afterall. Chaddha tells Harman and Soumya that he has decided to give baby back to them on Kaushalya and Gupta’s insistence, but there is a problem. Harman asks what? Chaddha says your family is against this adoption, if in future if they go against you then there will be a problem for your child and asks him to deposit 20 Lakhs rupees as surety in his account and make it FD on Aditya’s name. Harman agrees and says he will bring money. He tells Aditya is ours and leave.

At home, everyone is having food. Shanno tells Harman and Soumya are missing since night, may be they will bring other baby or kidnap someone else baby. Varun says Soumya will not take other baby or kidnap as she is more attached to baby. Raavi also gossip. Preeto asks them not to talk about Soumya and have food silently. She gets Chaddha’s call. Chaddha tells her that he has no option than to keep condition on Harman to show money in his account as surety for the baby and take baby home. She is shocked and goes inside. Harak Singh follows her. Kaushalya tells Soumya to go and says you will get your son. She asks her not to give anyone motherly’s promise as may be they have no child. She hugs Soumya. Harak Singh and preeto are shocked. Harman comes home and asks Harak Singh to give him 20 Lakhs rupees. Harak Singh is sitting with his lawyer. Shanno says you are asking 20 Lakhs and not 20 Rs. She asks what do you think that he will give you. Harman asks her to keep quiet and asks Harak Singh to give from his share.

Harak Singh returns the papers to Lawyer and asks him to read his will aloud. Lawyer reads his ‘will’ that until he and his wife are alive, his son have no right on the property and he dismisses Harman’s rights from his property. Harman breaks vase angrily. Harak Singh applauds for him and asks Lawyer to read his will fully. Preeto says for the first time, you have asked something and your mum refused. She says when you have ignored your responsibility then we have turned our face from our duty. Harman goes to his room. Surbhi gets Harman’s call and is shocked. Nani asks what happened? Surbhi tells Nani that Harman needs 20 lakhs rupees for surety. Saya asks her community to contribute. They contribute their money, jewellery etc. Saya thinks we will try our best to bring back Soumya’s baby. Nani also contributes and gives money and jewellery to Surbhi. Surbhi says lets go and give them. Preeto is tensed and thinks if Harman manages to get the money. She thinks he will, I won’t let that baby return. She calls Chaddha and tells him that Harman shall not get that baby. Chaddha says if they manage to get the money then he can’t do anything.

Harman comes to Simar’s house and accuses Piyush for Aditya’s kidnapping. Roshni covers Piyush and tells that her husband can’t do this. Harman tells the car’s number. Piyush is seen with the baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today also a bit late update…Shakti trps came today… We are on the 4th position…..

    1. Ohh ho…no comments about Harman today? Somebody is shying girls?. It’s ok if you don’t want to call him by his can call him darling or

      1. Whatever I comment here is about the show… It’s better that any third party should not interfere…

  2. Again a bit late update

    1. that you can comment first right?? Don’t you have any other work?

  3. How crual women? Actually someone can become crual this way? I want to kill Preeto and others.May be they women but they haven’t motherly love. How they do that? I can’t belive it.They santched adi from haya.They snatched their happiness.Sometime they think their sons hapiness. but i think they want to thier happines not others happiness. They are soooooooooooooo selfish people. They want to their heir and others respect. So they do any bad things for that. They are really really really selfish people and real demons.???????????????????????

    1. Arrey chill babes…drink some cool water…this will happen is every episode…no use of getting angry…enjoy the serial instead ?

  4. Actually harman is a real hero past, today and future. I like him very very very much. Like sky. Seriously he do a good job.I wish him success his life and win more awrds.?????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Hehe…lol omg do I see a love triangle ? He’s Tanvi’s love babes ? and now yours too..hehe..Hehehe. But Varun is mine ok.

    2. Actually now that you have commented on this, who knows Tanvi may also consider you as vulgar…can’t blame her.. It’s her cheap thinking.

  5. I don’t think Preeto doing wrong. She is right at her place..just think Harman and sowmya attached to that baby which they know from few days…but preeto attached to harman since childhood…..

  6. I don’t think Preeto doing wrong. She is right at her place..just think Harman and sowmya attached to that baby which they know from few days…but preeto attached to harman since childhood

    1. Really just. Because sowmys is a kinner preeto treats her badly
      U got to hell u are anti transgender for sure
      Preeto should die
      Hartman rocks
      # Hartman

  7. Harman always think about sowmya..his world revolves around her only he don’t care about anyone..when he expect something support from his parents means at least he should try to understand their feeling

  8. I think..there is no support of this condition in indian family but this serial really change our thoughts…there is no faultofkharak singh & preeto..
    Any parents behave like this if they know their only son loves a kinner…but i salute to writer who trying to change thinking of many people

  9. Hi Tanvi , Shanaya , I’m with you all the time , we are friends , this show should entertain us not to argue with others , l think Jessica crossed limits with you Tanvi , she made it personal not comment about show , I like harman too so much , he is my hero too, he played a good character, l wish all of men became as he ,

    1. I’ll not justify myself but Tanvi is just overreacting.

  10. What a cruel and selfish mother you are Preeto , look to the kinnars’s behavior , they are not mothers but they are acting as mothers , they give them property to help your son and look at you , you don’t deserve to be a mother , you have no excuse not anymore , please , preeto has to stop right now , it’s nonsense , respects us please show makers , it’s enough , we are suffering from this bad behaviors from a mother

  11. Hi guys, like I have said earlier, we are all friends in his forum even though our opinions do not match. Kindly do not be too sentimental on anything that I post. I may be a bit harsh and direct and but obviously funny but nothing that I comment has to be taken personally. Learn to identify a joke, get along with other people and not be like a sulking b*t*h. I don’t know or care what you’ll think about me but for me, everyone who comments on this forum is my friend (yes you too Tanvi).

  12. HI dalia you are right. actually we not known directly. But we have relation with our hearts.????we are good friends??????

  13. HI Bunny how are you? I really agree your 26 April comment.its a superb. I try to understand her but she not redy to what i do? I think her brain want to clean up. Are you read other comments past days?Then you can understand how her post undecent comments

    1. Dekho dekho yeh dusro logon ko kaise bhadka rehi hai aur khud badi sati savitri banti hai. Chudail kahiin ki. ?

  14. Hi Jessica , yes it’s serial and we have to enjoy it , who are taking about die ? I don’t mean die as we knew but preeto is finishing all of good feelings , good manors , good thinking , any human with out all of this has no being he lives yes but without soul , I meant that

    1. It’s ok dalia…no need to give justification. You could have commented in a better way.

  15. Wow preeto… Amazing work…but this much pain is just not enough for Saumya…she deserves more…common preeto you can do better✌️

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