Shakti 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shanno’s entry ruins the celebration

Shakti 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Heer and Virat not to tell if they don’t want to, but she will go and tell the truth to them. She turns to go, when Simran comes and stands infront of her with folded hands. She says please give me 24 hours. Virat also folds his hands and says don’t say anything to anyone, else Simran will be caught in a big problem. Heer asks Preeto not to say anything to anyone and folds her hands too. Preeto goes from there. Everyone go behind her. Simran says my mom will kill her. They come to hall. Parmeet asks do you want to say anything? Preeto says Parmeet ji, I want to say that….I will come after 24 hours, I mean tomorrow. Parmeet says ok and smiles. Preeto leaves. Heer gets ready in her room and fills sindoor in her maang. She recalls how Parmeet got happy, Sant Baksh and others get happy. She thinks I want all this special feelings always. She thinks to practice to be pregnant and keeps pillow on her stomach, thinks it seems to be 18 months baby. She keeps smaller pillow and practice walking slowly as pregnant lady. She is about to fall, when Virat comes and holds her. Tu hi mera khuda plays……She asks how am I looking? Virat says very beautiful…and says when you become a mother…He then realizes and thinks neither I can see a fake dream nor can show the dream to her. He says this is a lie. Heer says but it will come true some day. Virat says I don’t want all this Heer. He throws the pillow on the bed. Simran comes there. Heer asks her to hold her hand while doing the puja as the puja will keep mother and baby safe, and this puja is actually for you. Simran says ok. Virat thinks he will make her experience motherly love somehow.

Saya informs Chameli and others that Heer is pregnant. Chameli asks how can this be possible. Saya says Heer’s inlaws invited us, we shall go there and find out the truth. She asks a kinnar to be with Shanno until they return home. Shanno hears them and thinks Heer can’t become a mother. She looks at herself in the mirror and thinks they made her as themselves. She thinks to go to Heer’s sasural and inform them that she is a kinnar, thinks they will forget how am I looking, in Heer’s reality shock. She goes to the bathroom and thinks she is coming to tell Heer’s truth.

Gurwinder and Sindhu dance on the song Solah shringar….Everyone dances. Parmeet and Sant Baksh sing and dance. Parmeet dances with Mahi. Mahi also dances. Parmeet takes Heer to dance. Heer takes Simran to dance and hugs her. Bua ji notices and thinks some khichdi is cooking. Pandit ji comes there. Parmeet says let’s start the puja. Shanno escapes from the window. Pandit ji starts the puja and plays shank. Shanno runs on the road. Pandit ji asks Heer to present pure ghee and batasha to the havan fire. Bua ji notices Simran holding Heer’s hand while she presents the things in the havan. She asks Simran, who is pregnant, Heer or you? Simran gets shocked. Bua ji asks Simran to get up. Heer tells that she is having pain in her hand, so that’s why asked Simran to help her. Parmeet says let it be, asks Simran to help Bhabhi and asks Heer to do whatever she wants, don’t get hurt. Heer says ok. Shanno continues to run. Saya , Chameli and Roma come there. Chameli and Roma dance. Preeto signs Saya at Simran. Saya understands. Bua ji thinks what is going on? Pandit ji asks Heer to recite the mantras by keeping hand on her tummy. Both Heer and Simran read the mantra and keep hand on their tummies.

Saya takes out evil sights off Heer and Simran’s heads. Shanno thinks it is enough, if I don’t take the revenge then my name is not Shanno. Pandit ji says Puja is completed. Shanno comes there in kinnar’s avatar shocking Parmeet, Heer, and others and looks revengeful with anger. Heer and Simran get up from their place. Bua ji thinks what is this new Siyappa? Parmeet says you are here in this condition. Shanno says yes, I can’t let this wrong thing happening. Bua ji asks what is the matter, we don’t understand your daily drama? Shanno asks her to stop it all and says she is …….

Precap: Shanno tells Bua, why Heer didn’t sit alone for puja. Bua asks her to tell. Later Bua tells tells Parmeet that Heer is not pregnant, but Simran is pregnant. Parmeet gets shocked. Parmeet tortures Heer and asks her to speak up the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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