Shakti 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh gets angry on Virat

Shakti 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto informing Heer about her identity of a kinnar. It turns out to be Shanno’s dream. Heer asks Preeto to tell why she wants to accept this marriage. Harak Singh says it is enough. Heer says I have full right to know why you don’t accept my marriage. Harak Singh asks rohan to lock her in the room. Heer says whenever you don’t have the answer, you lock me in the room. She says everyone are liar. Rohan asks Heer not to say this and asks her to come to room. Heer says you are my elder brother then why you are not supporting me. Rohan recalls promising Preeto and takes her to room, thinks one day you will know that whatever we are doing are for your betterment. He locks her in the room. Heer shouts and tells that her Virat will come breaking all the doors. Preeto cries. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She says there is no such door which can separate us, and asks everyone will hear. She asks Preeto to kill her and asks Harak Singh to shoot her. She knocks on the door and says how can you do this, everyone left my support. She shouts calling Soham and says you protect me in college and asks if he is not feeling pity on her condition. She talks to Soumya’s pic and says why did you leave me. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She thinks nobody understands me here, if you would have been with me, then my Virat would have been with me. Driver asks Virat where to drop him.

Virat asks him to do one work. Sant Baksh asks Dadu to come with him to block all his credit and debit cards and tells that nobody shall talk to him. he says if he stays hungry then he will come back on track. He opens the door and finds Virat’s message on the chart that he loves Heer immensely. Dadu says it is good that you had thrown him out of house, now whenever we will open the door, we will see this love message. He says lets go. Virat breaks his cards and says when you couldn’t give me my Heer, then what I will do this cards. He then checks the money in his wallet and gives the money loaded wallet to the Baba sitting there. Saint baba checks the wallet and finds the money. He ties the black cloth on his hand and says all your wishes will be fulfilled. Kinnars see that shockingly. Virat thinks I am coming there Heer. Kinnar goes to tell Mallika.

Saya throws Nutan’s stuff out and asks her to leave and never to show her face to them. Nutan claps and says I will not show my face to you, but if you come in between Heer and her happiness, then I will return and will stand against you. Shakti song plays……She takes the dhol and plays it.

Harak Singh calls the doctor at home. Doctor gives him sleeping pills and asks why you need it. harak Singh says my friend’s grand daughter is going abroad and if she takes this medicine then she will sleep in flight. Virat comes there and tells that he is lying, he is not taking this medicine for his friend’s daughter, but for his own grand daughter. Rohan asks him to leave immediately. Virat says I came to take my wife? Rohan asks him to leave. Virat signs no and walks inside. He asks Doctor if he has any medicine with which hatred virus can end in them. Doctor says no. Virat asks him to leave and warns him not to give any medicines to his Heer. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Harak Singh asks Virat if he don’t understand his words and says if you will understand when I shoot you. He says I will not leave you again, just go from here today. Virat says sasur ji, when damad comes home for the first time, he is welcomed with love and you are showing eyes. He says I came to take my wife. Harak Singh shouts. Soham says Dadu. Rohan stops Soham. Virat shouts Heer’s name and says I have left my house, family and everything for you. I have come to take you very far from here. Heer gets happy hearing him and shouts Virat. She says Virat came to take her, and left everything for her, she knows that he will come to take her. Harak Singh, Rohan and Veeran walk towards Virat. Virat throws the things. Heer looks on.

Precap: Harak Singh shoots at Virat. Heer gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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