Shakti 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant wants to get Soumya anyhow

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Shakti 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman gaining consciousness and calls Preeto. She asks how are you? Harman tells her that Soumya made him drink water. Preeto talks against her. Harman asks her to stop Soumya. Preeto asks him to rest. Vedant drinks tea and tells that he wants tea made by Tarana and asks Servant to call her. Bansal comes home and tells that he went to see Harman who met with an accident last night. Vedant says I would have come with you if you had told. He thinks where is Tarana? Soumya comes to the temple to pray for Harman. Harak Singh comes there. Soumya gives him Prasad. Harak Singh says I thought that you will be here, and tells her that he didn’t tell bansal or his son that he knows her and asks her not to tell them about their relation. Soumya comes to Bansal’s house and gives Prasad to Vedant. Vedant asks for what? Soumya says she went to pray for someone. Vedant asks if she went to pray for Harman. Soumya says I came to know about him from uncle and goes. Vedant thinks Soumya has a soft corner for Harman and thinks to find out about her relation with Harman. He is about to throw the Prasad, but Soumya stops him and says it will be a curse which will be with him all life. She asks him not to throw prasad.

Harman asks Nurse to show the CCTV footage. She says it is private and they can’t show. Raavi comes and asks if he needs proof to find about Soumya. Harman says Maa needs proofs and tells that the fight is between Gurumaa and her. Raavi says she is your Gulabo. Soumya tells Bansal that she needs to go a bit early. Vedant thinks she must be going to meet Harman and thinks I will see who is more important to her. He thinks he won’t let her go. He calls Soumya and asks for tea. Soumya gives tea. Vedant throws it. Soumya says how did you know that it is not good. Vedant says I can say seeing the color. He asks her to bring another tea. She brings tea for him. Vedant says it is very sugary. Soumya brings sugar and tells that she didn’t add sugar in it. He asks her to iron her clothes. He makes her busy with work. She gives him medicine and asks him to rest. Vedant tells her that he needs to go out and asks her to come with him, says you will get extra money.

Vedant takes her to park and asks her to bring icecream for him. He thinks he will not do anything with her purse today. Soumya goes to bring icecream for him. Vedant hides and thinks I don’t want to become someone’s second priority. Soumya searches for Vedant and calls Bansal. Bansal comes there. Soumya tells him everything. Bansal asks her to stop crying and says he might be hiding here. He calls him. Vedant comes out and laughs. He says I was laughing seeing your helplessness. Soumya gets angry and scolds him for making fun of her and doing this intentionally. She says she will go. Vedant tells her that he knows she is going to meet Harman. Soumya says she don’t want to talk. Vedant says if you go now then you will be fired. Soumya says she has to reach somewhere and that is more important to her than this job. She leaves. Bansal tells Vedant that she has lost a good caretaker. Vedant says Tarana has to return, I am habitual to her now.

Soumya comes to see Harmna in the hospital and brings rose for him. She says fresh flower is the sign of good health and hopes he gets well soon. Tu hi mera khuda plays…. Harman holds her hand. Soumya gets tensed. He asks until when she will do drama and asks her to stay away from him. Preeto is sleeping there and wakes up. Soumya gets more tensed. Vedant plucks flower petals and says she will come, she will not come. He recalls seeing them together and thinks to find out what is their relation and why they lie from him. He thinks if there is no relation between them then it is good, else I will break that relation.

Precap: Preeto asks Soumya to stay away from Harman and end relation for forever. Harman asks Preeto why she is taking out her anger on her. vedant thinks there is something for sure in Tarana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good news guys makers have brought a fantastic twist in shakti.kinner tarana ki shaadi langde crow ke saath.langde ko finally kinner se pyaar ho gaya.harman ne sach kaha tha kinner ki acchi life ke liye surbhi,nani,nimmi ne apni jaan de di.ek pagal monkey sameer bhi pagal hua tha isi mental kinner ke last makers will show Harman also mad & he will also die one day.kinner ne Harman ko kaha ki who gurumaa bangayi aur uska ab us duniya ke logo se koi rishta nahin.but she will definetly marry that langda & makers will show that kinner have sacrificed for Harman to save him from his business loss. After showing her s*xy body show with saree & curl hairs she made that langdacrow also mad behind her.and if not marriage ,she will be his keep or care taker because for her ,he is disabled & more rich than Harman & he is more needy for a kinner care taker than for Harman.soham ko naya langda baap mil gaya “soham vedant bansal & mother tarana vedant bansal.surbhi ke bache ki zindagi kharab kar di is kinner ne.what a terrific twist by shakti makers.hats of for the unique story.and a bundle of negative people with langde crow ke saath (preeto,shanno,kareena,varun,sukha,his wife,varuns wife,sameer,jasleen,lavneet,mahi,maninder,dadi) might be many more.aur Harman ke saath misunderstand hona toh very simple.he will live his life in misunderstanding only.but atleast he must have given soham a better life by taking himaway from that kinner tarana.she does not deserve the name saumya.langda apne pair per khada ho jayega aur shayad blackmailing se kinner ke saath shaddi karega ya condition rakhega kinner se ki who Harman ko road pe layega ya barbad kardega.and makers wants to show a kinner sacrificing,so she will do the same. Aur waise bhi langde ka baap toh maha pagal hain.just because his ugly son is disabled he ignores & accept his all wrong things.he supports him blindly.this is what makers are.good going.all the best for shakti.

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