Shakti 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat attempts to make Heer believe on his love

Shakti 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daljeet coming to Kinnars’ home with his Police constable. He asks Angel where is Virat? Angel says Virat has left from here and says he didn’t give her address. Daljeet asks her not to act smart and says you had taken money to separate them. Kinnars come there and tell Angel that Virat has kidnapped Apsara and took her forcibly in car. Daljeet informs Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh asks him to get Police check everywhere in the city and says he wants them back. Heer asks Virat where is he taking her? Virat drives the car fast. Heer asks him what is this madness and says you can’t do this. Angel tells that Apsara is born to stay here and asks kinnars to share her pic to everyone and search them. They all begin searching her. Heer tries to jump off, but he stops her. He continues driving. The Police check up is shown. Heer asks Virat to leave her hand. Chameli tells Saya that Virat has eloped with Heer, everyone is searching him.

A kinnar sees Heer in the car and informs someone. Heer tells Virat that he can’t do this with her. Virat sees Police check post and turns his car. The Police Inspector sees him and says he is the one. Kinnars’ informs Angel that someone saw Heer somewhere.

Virat brings Heer to the jungle area. She asks him to leave her hand. He keeps hand on her lips and asks why she is acting as if she don’t care for him. She says this is not acting, but truth. He says when I was leaving the shop, then why you was tensed and searching me. Heer asks how do you know? Virat says I was there only. He says I know why you are doing this drama and says if that flower vase haven’t fallen then truth would have come out infront of Angel. He says if this world is coming between us, then we will leave this world and set up our new world. Heer recalls Angel’s threat that she will get Virat killed. She says what do you want to say that I don’t care for you and was checking if you had been there. Virat tells that he will remind their love and their promises and if she don’t remember then he will go away from her life for ever. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Harak Singh and Preeto come to Sant Baksh’s house. Parmeet says Daljeet and his Police force went behind them. Preeto tells that they had tried to separate Heer and Virat and says now they shall unite them, says I am afraid that we will lose our grand daughter and you will lose your son. A thorn gets pierced in her foot. He removes the thorn, tears her dupatta and ties the cloth on her foot. He lifts her and starts walking.

Sant Baksh asks what are you saying? Parmeet says we are trying to separate us and you are saying that we shall unite them. Preeto says we shall make them believe that they are made for each other and they have the right to live. Parmeet says we have to separate them and not to unite them. Harak Singh says kinnars are not in our control, Angel believes you. He says we will make Heer believe that Virat is made for her and he is made for her and says once she comes in our confidence and comes out from kinnars’ home, then we will take Heer away from here, so that Virat can’t find her. Isha says yes, then Virat can’t search her and will forget her. She says you gave the right idea..Virat brings Heer to the temple. Heer is surprised to see their photos big boards. They recall their marriage in the temple. Tu hi mera khuda…..plays….Heer recalls their moments behind every photo. She looks at the temple and folds her hands. Virat also folds his hand and takes her to the photos. He shouts I love you…and tells the first proposal dialogue. He says your brother had beaten me and you had come to hospital to see me, then our bike rides etc. He asks her to tell that she don’t remember and asks her to remember that there was just love between them and not this world. He shows her marriage photo and asks her to tell if she don’t remember. He asks her to see the pic when he was unable to bear her truth. He says when I used to hurt you, then I used to feel more pain than you. He says then I realized that my love is more than your identity and then your truth didn’t effect me at all. Heer thinks how can you love me so much Virat, I can’t go away from you, even if I want. She thinks what to do.

Precap: Virat tells Heer that he was being hurt more when he was hurting her. He slowly started realizing that his love is a lot greater than her truth. He then didn’t care about her being a kinnar. If he doesn’t care, then it shouldn’t bother her either. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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