Shakti 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder telling everyone that Soumya must have called from Surbhi’s number to make her insulted. Harman asks who asked you to interfere and says this is our house matter. Maninder says you said right, we are outsiders and can’t interfere. He greets Harak Singh and asks Bebe to come. Maninder, Bebe and Nani leave. Raavi asks Surbhi what did you get by doing this and asks what do you know about my son. Who has kidnapped him? Harman says I have kidnapped him. Everyone is shocked. Harman says what I had told you that I have a surprise for you. He holds her hand and asks Soumya to come. Everyone go to Soumya’s room. Soumya opens the drum and takes out Raavi’s son from it. Raavi gets happy and kisses her son. She frees his hand and hugs him. She thanks Harman and says I will not forget your favor for life and asks how did this happen. Harman asks her to thank Soumya. He says I would have been in lock up and your son would have been back to them. He says when Police came. Soumya asks why did they come? Harman whispers in her ears. Soumya says it is wrong. Harman asks her to tell later and asks her to go.

Soumya runs to his room and opens the cupboard. She takes out boy from cupboard and hides him in barrel. He tells Harak Singh that because of kinnar bahu, their respect is saved. He asks his chacha and chachi also to thank her. Surbhi smiles. Preeto is shocked. Harman says my family is thankless, and tells Soumya…you think them as your family. Raavi asks her son to come to her. Boy asks her to stay away from him and calls her Bhootni. He says I will make all of you hanged. Preeto says you need thank you for this boy and says his dad knows our secret, if he tells everyone about the respect then what we will do. Harak Singh says he did this for his sister. Preeto scolds him also and asks why did you blacken his face. Harak Singh asks Harman to send back boy.

Harman says you call yourself tiger and acting coward. He says what if Kishal Lal tells everyone about Soumya. Tell everyone that your son is mad about kinnar, and then I will handle. Harak Singh tells Preeto that he will call Kishan Lal and tell him everything. Raavi says no. Preeto asks him to call him, and then changes her mind and says Kishal Lal will not talk to you after whatever you have done with him. She says I will talk to him. She calls Kishan Lal from her phone and tells that they will search their grand son together. Kishal Lal thanks her. He scolds his son and asks him to go. He thinks Harak Singh is fooling him and thinks to ruin his respect one day.

Raavi’s son asks her not to get closer to him and says I will hit you. He calls her Suparnakha. Harak Singh asks him to talk to him and says I will give you many toys. Boy calls her old man and says I am good without nana like you. Surbhi. Surbhi calls him Chintu and says he is your Nana, come to me. Raavi asks her to stop her acting and says you have called Police knowing Harman brought him. Surbhi says I haven’t called Police, what I will get by calling police. Chintu asks them not to trouble him again else he will call Police again. Raavi is shocked and goes. Varun comes and says I know my Surbhi can’t do this. Surbhi asks him to do some work rather than roaming around his brother’s wife, else people will call him cheap.

Shanno asks Viren if this is a fashion. Three persons in a relationship, says like Harman, Soumya and Surbhi, it is strange. Surbhi brings tea for them and says our relation is special and we are tied by a door. She promotes the show Dil Se Dil Tak. Viren asks what is special about them. Surbhi says it is about love, respect and friendship.

Soumya tells Harman that he is a small boy and tells that Harak Singh said right. Harman says chintu talks so big and he is more big than Harak Singh. Soumya says he is a kid and we can’t force him. Harman says you couldn’t see Raavi’s happiness and thinking about Chintu only. Why didn’t you tell Police when they came here. Soumya says I am always with you as I know whatever you have done is for Raavi’s happiness, but your way is wrong. When someone is taken away from their world then it really hurts. A fb is shown. She recalls Saya taking her from his house. Harman apologizes to her and says I know only this way to deal with a problem, I don’t know what is wrong and what is right. I brought Raavi’s son here as I thought he should be with her. He says I don’t want to hurt you and says sorry. Soumya looks on. Harman says sorry…Please forgive me. Soumya looks on.

Kareena comes to Harak Singh’s house to take Soumya. Preeto says my bahu will give you nek today. Kareena says I came here to take your bahu Soumya, a kinnar from here. Soumya is shocked and says we were good friends. Kareena asks her to come to her world and question her, says we were friends, but not anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again late update…. Talking about the episode Harman was so good…!!

  2. I love harman because him interested to raavi he want sister happy but why prtoo care about harman kids and she don’t care for raavi

    1. Because Preeto is narrow minded…ahahab

  3. OMG I have no words to express my happiness. Yesterday episode nd today episode fully banged.i can’t able to forgot the HAYA dance.rubina is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful ND HAYA seen r really veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ausumnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.BEST PAIR IN THE WORLD Is VIV-INA???????????? or HAYA.

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